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"Apparently this is the X-Factor that everyone's been looking for"
— Philippa Forrester during Series 6

X-Terminator was a robot which competed in Series 3 through 7 of Robot Wars, also entering in both series of Robot Wars Extreme. It was originally armed with an axe, which was sometimes interchanged with a flipping arm, but was later redesigned with a destructive vertical flywheel.

X-Terminator's best result was fourth place in Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars. It also reached the semi-finals of Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars, whilst additionally managing to stay on the sumo platform for 60 seconds in the Sumo Basho competition, although it ultimately lost the competition to Panic Attack.

Versions of X-TerminatorEdit

X-Terminator (Series 3)Edit

X-Terminator series 3

The original X-Terminator

X-Terminator's weapons were originally a spiked axe to impale and a front scoop to trap opponents. It also had a pneumatic spike on each side to assist in self-righting and was armoured in 25mm thick aluminium sheet and was powered by hatchback car starter motors to drive it up to 20 mph. The original X-Terminator was painted red, and was four-wheel driven, but lacked a baseplate, so its drive chains were completely exposed, leading Jonathan Pearce to believe X-Terminator ran on tracks.

X-Terminator 2Edit


X-Terminator 2 armed with its axe


X-Terminator 2 armed with its improved flipper and roll bar in the Semi-Finals

The team returned in Series 4 with X-Terminator 2, where its colour scheme switched to silver, with blue line decals. The robot was speedier at 25 mph and used scrapyard materials. The self righting spikes were intentionally misaligned. The robot was larger, but still lacked a baseplate. X-Terminator 2 had interchangeable weaponry, swapping between a new bladed axe, and a lifting arm. The axe was little more than a wire and shrapnel combination in Series 4, a weapon even the team members held contempt for.

"The axe? I don't even want to talk about it!"
— Summary of Series 4 on the X-Terminator website[1]

The lifting arm was decidedly more effective, and its wedge blade was enlarged for the semi finals. The robot also had modified side skirts and an optional top-mounted rollbar.

X-Terminator (Extreme 1)Edit

X terminator extreme

The first Extreme 1 model

X-Terminator Spike

The first model fitted with a spike for the fight with Panic Attack

A version of X-Terminator much like X-Terminator 2 was briefly used in Extreme 1, but was a brand new build, weighing 99kg. As with Napalm and Pussycat, the team used two version across Series 5 and Extreme 1. The first was similar to the Series 4 version, but much larger, with a bigger axe, and a new baseplate. However, it lacked the scoop bucket.

This version was used in the All-Stars competition and the Vengeance battle with Panic Attack, where in the latter, it competed with a long static spike. This proved to be an Achilles heel, stopping X-Terminator from being able to self-right.

X-Terminator (Series 5-6, Extreme 1-2)Edit

X-Terminator S5

The second Extreme 1 model, also used for Series 5, with a slanted top.

Although X-Terminator had reverted to its original name, a logo reading 'XT2' remained on the side of the machine until Series 6, when the robot was given a new silver and black colour scheme and was upgraded to four-wheel drive with scuff-steering. The Extreme 1 model had a lower centre of gravity and a stronger base, still at 25 mph which made it uncontrollable at times. The axe was upgraded to a more powerful pneumatic, "dilithium-coated axe-tip" weapon, and X-Terminator's front scoop was now an active weapon. Together, its axe and base weighed 37kg.


X-Terminator as it looked in Series 6

For Series 5 and 6, the axe was enlarged, and the self-righting spikes were replaced with small arms, similar to Behemoth's. Its speed was toned down to 18 mph for greater control, driven by a 24V motor, but had 1 cm ground clearance, and it ran low on battery power in Series 5. The Series 6 version used a darker colour-scheme.

X-Terminator (Series 7)Edit

X-terminator 7 arena

X-Terminator in the arena in Series 7

For Series 7, the original X-Terminator was sold on eBay and a newer, more pyramid-shaped blue and silver model was built, with two horn-shaped spikes on the sides and again four-wheel driven with four-wheel steering. The axe was replaced with an extremely destructive vertical flywheel with enough power to fling opponents out of the arena. X-Terminator's scoop returned to being a static weapon, now split into two halves, giving the robot a very low ground clearance. However, this model could not self-right from its top end, and was slow at 9 mph. Regardless, it was by far the most successful X-Terminator machine.


Panic AttackEdit

"Well, I just can't work out what they've got against us, the first year they took us out in the Heat Final, second year then they managed to pull out their way through Sumo and beat us, and then they burst a pipe on Killalot's hydraulics just before we went in, so we were sliding everywhere..."
— Marlon Pritchard in Extreme 1

The two rivals clash for the first time

In the early stages of X-Terminator's Robot Wars career, the team held a grudge against Team Panic and Panic Attack. The grudge started in X-Terminator's debut, in Heat K of the Third Wars, after both robots easily made their way to the Heat Final, X-Terminator dominated the battle initially until Panic Attack slammed it into the arena wall, rupturing its gas canister and leaving it unable to self-right once it was finally flipped.

In the Fourth Wars, although they didn't fight each other directly, both robots entered the Sumo Basho competition. Despite X-Terminator going to the top of the leaderboard (equal with Behemoth) by surviving the full minute, Panic Attack then managed to defeat Shunt by knocking it off in just over 21 seconds, even though it then fell off itself. Also when both robots had reached the semi-finals of the main competition, Panic Attack in their battle burst a hydraulic pipe on Sir Killalot, the X-Terminator team who fought in the next fight blamed the Panic Attack team for their attack on the house robot which they believe affected their performance.

This all led to a grudge match in the first series of Extreme, which Panic Attack then won again. This grudge was clearly light-hearted, as the team were also willing to help out one another. Michael Davies of the Panic Attack team even joined Marlon Pritchard in the control pod for X-Terminator's Mayhem battle in Extreme 1 and their heat semi final against Corkscrew, as the rest of the X-Terminator team was absent, and another person was required to operate the weapons. Nonetheless, the X-Terminator team still desired to face Panic Attack again after Extreme 1, as revealed after winning its heat in Series 7.

Craig Charles: "Any scores you want to settle...?"
Marlon Pritchard: "Yeah, we've got some scores, we'd like Panic Attack and rip them to pieces"
— Series 7 Interview, after X-Terminator's heat final battle

However, the two robots didn't fight again, meaning X-Terminator would never get vengeance.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 3Edit

X-Terminator's opponent in the first round of its first Robot Wars appearance was fellow newcomers Hefty. In the battle, X-Terminator cornered Hefty in the CPZ, and stuck it with its axe. While retracting it, Hefty was pulled over and immobilised as it was without a srimech. This put X-Terminator through to the next round of the heat.

Judge Shred on pit

Judge Shred on the edge of the pit

X-Terminator then fought fellow newcomers Judge Shred in the second round. In this battle, X-Terminator once again displayed its speed and power, charging Judge Shred around the arena, and eventually pushing it into the pit for the win.

"EXTERMINATE. EXTERMINATE. Judge Shred pushed towards the pit! Judge Shred! P-S-I, C-O-2, K.O., T-T-F-N, ta ta for now! Judge Shred, over and out!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Judge Shred is pitted
X-Terminator on side

X-Terminator is toppled by Panic Attack

In the Heat Final, the newcomers X-Terminator were up against the reigning champions, Panic Attack. The fight was going in X-Terminator's favour, but then during the battle, X-Terminator's gas canister suddenly blew, and it lost its ability to self-right. Panic Attack then slammed X-Terminator into the arena side wall and then eventually rolled X-Terminator over for the win, and X-Terminator was out of the third wars.

"The fight was going in XT's favour until the gas canister became loose...XT was a sitting duck for Panic Attack's forks"
— Marlon Pritchard on the X-Terminator website[2]

Series 4Edit


X-Terminator 2 axes Judge Shred 2.

X-Terminator 2 was seeded number 22 for Series 4. In its first round fight, X-Terminator 2 was up against the walkerbot Millennium Bug and Judge Shred 2, a robot that X-Terminator defeated in the last wars. The battle had a slow start to it, X-Terminator attacked Judge Shred 2 with both robots using their axes. Judge Shred 2 then tried to flip Millennium Bug, and some of its armour came off. X-Terminator and Judge Shred 2 attacked each other again, but X-Terminator's axe had no effect. The robots then ganged up on Millennium Bug, with a result of the 4 mph walkerbot being toppled over and flipped by the floor flipper. This put Judge Shred 2 and X-Terminator 2 through to the second round of the heat.

"The second fight...XT was all over them, pushing them around throughout the fight. XT also proved how useless the axe was this year"
— Marlon Pritchard on the X-Terminator website

This was another close battle, as the 22nd seeds went up against Arnold, Arnold Terminegger. X-Terminator 2 rammed Arnold, Arnold Terminegger into the arena wall twice with its scoop, but it used its axe to absolutely no effect. Team EyeEye's machine then flipped X-Terminator 2, which self-righted with its side rams. It pushed Arnold, Arnold Terminegger into the arena wall again, and the robots dodged around until the end of the fight, meaning that it went to a judges' decision, where the judges gave the win to X-Terminator 2.

X-Terminator 2 used a flipping arm instead of an axe in the Heat Final against the 6th seeds Behemoth and it was also fitted with side skirts.

X-Terminator lifts Behemoth.

X-Terminator lifts Behemoth

Behemoth flipped X-Terminator 2, which self-righted but seemed to stop. The same thing happened twice again. The robots rammed each other, with X-Terminator 2 lifting, but not flipping Behemoth. However, Behemoth was moving very sluggishly towards the end (something that might of happened during the Southern Annihilator). Once again, the judges decided the outcome, and they put the lower seed X-Terminator 2 through to the Series Semi-Finals.

The X-Terminator team met the Adams family and the number 11 seeds Wild Thing in the first round of the Series Semi-Finals.

"XT was at a serious disadvantage due to Sir Killalot breaking a hydraulic pipe...XT was sliding everywhere with its small, thin wheels, whilst Wild Thing with large wheels seemed to cope a lot better"
— Marlon Pritchard on the X-Terminator website
Wild thing and x-terminator

Wild Thing rams X-Terminator 2

X-Terminator 2 pushed Wild Thing into Sir Killalot's CPZ. Wild Thing then pushed X-Terminator 2 into Shunt and Dead Metal's corner patrol zones. Wild Thing then flipped X-Terminator 2 on its side and bent one of its self-righting spikes in the process, preventing it from turning itself back over. The house robots then sawed and axed it before Sir Killalot dumped X-Terminator 2 into the Pit of Oblivion, eliminating X-Terminator 2 from the competition.

X-Terminator also competed in the Tag Team Terror competition and Sumo Basho competitions in the Fourth Wars. It was the first robot to hold off Shunt in the Sumo trial, wedging its scoop below Shunt and maintaining a stationary position for the full minute, finishing joint second overall along with Behemoth, however, it lost out to Panic Attack.

X-Terminator vs 101

101 rams X-Terminator 2

X-terminator vs King B3

King B3 on X-Terminator's front

In the Tag Team Terror competition, it was paired up with Invertabrat. In the first round, it fought 101 and King B3. After the initial clash, Inverterbrat tagged out for X-Terminator, and it charged into 101, with its axe doing absolutely nothing once again. King B3 switched out and pushed into X-Terminator. However, despite being the most aggressive, it was let down by its partner, who had broken down.

Plunderbird x-terminator bigger brother

Bigger Brother assails X-Terminator 2, whilst the motionless Plunderbird sits

X-terminator pit

X-Terminator takes the plunge

In the playoff, it fought Bigger Brother and Plunderbird 4. X-Terminator 2 had equipped its lifter instead which proved a better choice as it flipped Bigger Brother. X-Terminator was wedged underneath by Bigger Brother, until Inverterbrat came out and helped out. Plunderbird 4 had broken down, leaving X-Terminator 2 and Inverterbrat with strength in numbers. It lifted Bigger Brother again, but the smaller robot escaped. As X-Terminator 2 attempted to pit Plunderbird 4, Bigger Brother pushed it away, and X-Terminator 2 drove down the pit, giving Bigger Brother and Plunderbird 4 the win, with Invertabrat having also broken down in this fight.

Extreme 1Edit

"XT was modified once again for Extreme - wheelbase shortened to try and improve manouverbility. It didn't work that well..."
— Marlon Pritchard on the X-Terminator website[3]
Chaos 2 vs x-terminator

X-Terminator gets flipped by Chaos 2

X-Terminator fought in a variety of appearances in the first series of Extreme, and just like Napalm, fought with two different models.

This version of the robot fought in the All-Stars competition, and fought well against its first round opponents Chaos 2, putting its axe through the lid and successfully self-righting when flipped. The cameras did not show the damage X-Terminator had inflicted. However, Chaos 2 flipped over X-Terminator again and a CO2 pipe blew off, so X-Terminator could not self-right, eliminating it from the competition.


Panic Attack pits X-Terminator

X-Terminator's next battle was described by the team as its worst ever fight. It fought Panic Attack in a vengeance battle, but the team made the mistake of adding a large spike on the front. This prevented X-Terminator from self-righting after it was overturned almost immediately by Panic Attack, carried over to the pit of oblivion, and soon put down the pit by the Series 2 champions.

— Jonathan Pearce
X-Terminator vs Panzer Wraith

X-Terminator pits Panzer Wraith


X-Terminator and Shunt axe Cataclysmic Variabot.

X-Terminator later fought with the Series 5 model in Extreme Series 1, reasserted itself in its convincing win in the Mayhem qualifier for a right to fight in the first annihilator of the series. In this battle, X-Terminator went up against newcomers Cataclysmic Variabot and the mildly experienced Panzer Wraith. There was an axe attack between Cataclysmic Variabot and X-Terminator in the beginning, but Panzer Wraith slammed into Catalysmic Variabot and knocked out their removable link. Panzer Wraith then ran away as X-Terminator then dragged the immobilised Cataclysmic Variabot with its axe into Shunt's CPZ. Then Shunt and X-Terminator both used their axes to drag out the beaten machine into the arena centre to be counted out. X-Terminator then left to fight Panzer Wraith. The Series 4 Semi-Finalist axed a hole in Panzer Wraith's rubber track, immobilising Panzer Wraith on one side, before pressing the pit release button and pushing it down the pit, progressing through to the Annihilator.

In the Annihilator that followed, X-Terminator was originally up against Splinter, Hypno-Disc, Thermidor 2, Arnold A. Terminegger and Pussycat. It was decided at the start that the team would try to take on Hypno-Disc. Throughout the first round battle, it persisted its attack on Hypno-Disc as it managed to pull it away from the main action and constantly axe down on the robot, particularly on the disc. Hypno-Disc struggled to retaliate as it was suffering mechanically right from the start. X-Terminator was occasionally helped out in its attacks by Splinter and Arnold A. Terminegger. X-Terminator managed to go through to the second round mainly due to Thermidor 2 fully breaking down after attacks from Splinter.

X-Terminator vs Hypno-Disc

X-Terminator targets Hypno-Disc throughout


X-Terminator being counted out of the Annihilator

In the second round of the Annihilator, X-Terminator continued to attack Hypno-Disc, however the Series 3 runner-up was more alert and could get away easier, forcing X-Terminator to chase it down. X-Terminator soon found itself right in the middle of the action and was forced to take on an incoming Pussycat. X-Terminator axed down on the cat for a while with Hypno-Disc ramming its rear. With not long to go, it looked like the battle would go to a judges' decision and that X-Terminator would survive to the third round, but suddenly Pussycat's blade weapon came in on X-Terminator and cut out the safety link of the silver machine. X-Terminator was counted out by Refbot, and Sir Killalot then pushed X-Terminator onto the arena floor flipper. X-Terminator 2 was thrown into the air, and went out of the annihilator in the process.

Series 5Edit

Immortalis x-terminator

X-Terminator turns itself over

For reaching the Series Semi-Finals of the last wars, X-Terminator was seeded 14th for the Fifth Wars, which can be considered relatively low for what it achieved in the last two wars. In the first round of its Heat, it was drawn up against Immortalis, the new machine from Team Death.

X-Terminator was immediately thrown into danger, as after attacking Immortalis with its axe, the axe became stuck. When X-Terminator tried to withdraw its weapon, it instead heaved its entire body over. Refbot was required to move in, separating the two and allowing X-Terminator to self-right. In spite of Refbot's help, X-Terminator began to ignore Immortalis and attack the Refbot instead, which it was able to do without punishment. While X-Terminator focussed on Refbot, Immortalis wandered over to house robot Shunt, which did not reward Immortalis for bravery, and immobilised it with several axe blows. Immortalis was placed down the pit of oblivion, meaning X-Terminator then went through to the Heat semi-final.

X-terminator vs corkscrew

X-Terminator and Corkscrew do battle

The X-Terminator team removed the front scoop for the second round battle, where it went up against Corkscrew.

"Fight two was the end of the line for XT in Series 5. Due to a battery failure, XT was a sitting duck..."
— Marlon Pritchard on the X-Terminator website[4]
X-terminator shunt

X-Terminator is burnt over the flame pit.

This was considered a close battle. Corkscrew's weapon wasn't working, and X-Terminator used the axe to penetrate the corkscrew handle on top of Corkscrew. But X-Terminator suffered from a battery failure towards the end of the battle, so Corkscrew caused damage to X-Terminator, one of the drives broke, and X-Terminator was unable to do anything but reverse. A battery failure (X-Terminator had been forced to swap for smaller, shorter life batteries in order to fit the weight constraints) caused it to lose momentum. Despite this, X-Terminator did survive to a judges' decision, however the judges' decision went in favour of the newcomers Corkscrew, eliminating the number 14 seeds from the competition, making this X-Terminator's worst performance in the wars.

Series 6Edit

Barbaric response x-terminator

X-Terminator pits Barbaric Response

"...this time, really watch out for the axe"
— Jonathan Pearce

An unseeded X-Terminator machine returned for the Sixth Wars, it fought in Heat B. The X-Terminator team boasted a dilithium coated axe tip for this series, which team member Simon Baldwin claimed would go through anything. X-Terminator showed good promise in its first round battle against Robochicken, Barbaric Response and Spirit of Scorpion. X-Terminator battered at Barbaric Response and Robochicken early on in the battle. It then ran beneath Robochicken and use its axe handle to flip Robochicken over and into the CPZ occupied by house robot Dead Metal. It then drove away and pushed at the seemingly immobile Spirit of Scorpion and Barbaric Response, pushing the overturned Robochicken aside and eventually pitting Barbaric Response, but the Barber family machine was already declared through to the next round for being the most mobile of the other three machines excluding X-Terminator. X-Terminator went through along with Barbaric Response for being the only mobile robot left in the battle. Robochicken and Spirit of Scorpion were eliminated.

X-terminator mega hurts2

Mega Hurts lifts X-Terminator

"Computers have messed me around all my life, so we've made sure the axe is especially sharp"
— Marlon Pritchard before its fight with Mega Hurts 2

X-Terminator then went up against the experienced Mega Hurts 2 in the second round of the Heat. X-Terminator slid beneath Mega Hurts 2, axing the computer based machine and pulling the 'face' of the monitor of Mega Hurts 2 off. X-Terminator then smashed the computer monitor with its axe weapon. Mega Hurts 2 was then ripped apart by the House Robots whenever it came close to them as it constantly neared the CPZs thanks to the shoves from X-Terminator. Despite all of this, Mega Hurts 2 valiantly held on for a judges' decision, which was clearly against it. The judges decided that X-Terminator would go through to the Heat Final.

X-terminator firestorm

Firestorm props X-Terminator against the wall

In the Heat Final, X-Terminator fought the number 3 seeds Firestorm 4, and went in as the underdogs, despite their progress in the Heat so far. It was clear that X-Terminator was having axe troubles as none of the opportunities to use the axe during the battle were taken, and Firestorm 4 soon flipped it against the arena side wall with little resistance from X-Terminator. With the axe not working at all, X-Terminator was unable to right itself from the arena side wall. As the robot eventually fell on its back, it was declared immobilised and was counted out by Refbot, being eliminated from the competition. Meanwhile, Firestorm 4 attacked Shunt and flipped him over as well.

Extreme 2Edit

SMIDSY Sumpthing X-Terminator

X-Terminator hits S.M.I.D.S.Y with its axe

X-Terminator also competed in Extreme Series 2, singularly competing in the Tag Team Terror tournament. Paired up with Mini Morg, it performed much better than its previous attempt in the Tag Team Terror. The pair fought an old team, S.M.I.D.S.Y. and Sumpthing in the first round of the competition. The original match up was X-Terminator against S.M.I.D.S.Y. and this was a very slow opening with both machines swerving and dodging each other with little contact. Soon, X-Terminator landed an axe blow on S.M.I.D.S.Y. before pushing it into the CPZ. Soon all four machines were out of their corners and fighting. X-Terminator axed S.M.I.D.S.Y. again and pushed it into the CPZ, where Dead Metal came in and caused damage itself. The axe of X-Terminator was then bent to a great degree. Sumpthing then came in attacked X-Terminator, but X-Terminator returned the attack by slamming it into the corner of the now unoccupied CPZ. Sumpthing was immobilised as a result of this, and was counted out just moments before cease was called. The match ultimately went to a judges' decision, with X-Terminator and Mini Morg winning as their team still had both robots still mobile.

X-terminator dead metal

X-Terminator is attacked by Dead Metal

However, the team lost their semi-final battle, where they went up against Hydra and Barbaric Response. X-Terminator had been flipped into Dead Metal's CPZ by Hydra in the opening seconds of the fight, before leaving Mini Morg alone to fight for a little while. After Mini Morg broke down, it was counted out by Refbot and put down the pit just before cease was called. X-Terminator made a few desperate last attacks against Barbaric Response and Hydra, but, for the second time, it lost in the Tag Team Terror because of an unreliable partner.

This was X-Terminator's last fight with its axe weapon, changing to the flywheel weapon from then on.

Series 7Edit

X-Terminator vs Diabolus

X-Terminator guts Diabolus's spinning disc

After four wars of fighting with a pick axe, X-Terminator returned with a new weapon - an extremely powerful vertical spinner. X-Terminator was seeded 11th for the Seventh Wars. In the first round battle, X-Terminator went up against German runners-up Tsunami, and two robots from the Isle of Sheppey, Diabolus and Major Tom 3. After a ponderous start, X-Terminator attacked Major Tom 3 side-on, flipping it right over itself thanks to its flywheel, however Major Tom 3 then used its invertible ability to scurry away, as X-Terminator then went on to attack Diabolus. Whilst Tsunami then tossed Major Tom 3 out of the arena, X-Terminator's new destructive power was first properly unleashed on Diabolus - both the weapon and armour of Diabolus were demolished, and Tsunami then took over X-Terminator's attack and flipped out Diabolus too. This put X-Terminator through to the next round along with Tsunami.

X-Terminator Killer Carrot 2

X-Terminator turns Killer Carrot 2 over

X-Terminator vs Killer Carrot 2

X-Terminator flings Killer Carrot 2 out.

In the second round of the heat, the seeded X-Terminator faced the experienced Killer Carrot 2. X-Terminator dominated the battle, it used its flywheel weapon to toss Killer Carrot 2 right over several times, also ripping off side panels in the process. Despite the external damage, Killer Carrot 2 just kept coming back for more, not making much impression on X-Terminator. Eventually, the seeded machine brought the slowly decomposing Killer Carrot 2 over to the arena side wall, where it then tossed Killer Carrot 2 out of the arena using the flywheel.
X-Terminator Tsunami

X-Terminator is turned over

Tsunami's fatal mistake

X-Terminator narrowly stays in the arena

X-Terminator vs Tsunami 1

X-Terminator starts a comeback

X-Terminator finishes Tsunami

X-Terminator knocks out the German runner-up.

This put X-Terminator through to its fourth Heat Final, where it fought Tsunami for the second time in the Heat. The Heat Final appeared to be lost for X-Terminator - as its opponent, after taking a few hits from the spinning disc of the seed, flipped X-Terminator over, the still moving flywheel sent X-Terminator traveling over to the arena side wall. Tsunami then flipped it up and onto the arena side wall. But in trying to toss it out of the arena, Tsunami accidentally brought it back on its wheels. X-Terminator then came back on the attack, and with no more flips left, Tsunami was a sitting duck as X-Terminator pursued it around the arena, hitting it with the disc all the while, until eventually flipping it over with the flywheel, and sending it out of the arena. This put X-Terminator through to the Series Semi-Finals for just the second time, and for the first time since the Fourth Wars.

St. Agro vs X-Terminator

A heavily damaged St. Agro is tossed against the arena wall by X-Terminator.

In the Series Semi-Finals, X-Terminator encountered the Cornish machine St. Agro in the first round. X-Terminator made quick work of the Cornish robot, first taking a chunk out of one of its exposed wheels, then buckling the front of both of the flippers, and eventually immobilising it completely with its sheer destructive power. St. Agro was counted out and X-Terminator was then through to the next round.

Bulldog Breed vs X-Terminator

X-Terminator attacks Bulldog Breed for the last time.

In the second round of the Semi-Finals, X-Terminator went up against the 12th seeds Bulldog Breed, a robot with just as much experience. Bulldog Breed went in a similar fashion to St. Agro - first the flipper was buckled and bent by the flywheel weapon of the higher seed, so Bulldog Breed couldn't get in underneath and flip X-Terminator, and the bulldog was then completely destroyed, mercilessly, as it could not work up its own offensive attack to defend itself. With Bulldog Breed immobilised and later counted out, X-Terminator was declared the winner and moved on to the Grand Final for the first time in its history.

"Big Respect to Bulldog Breed, we have always felt bad for what we did to this robot, real heat of the moment stuff and not really realising how much damage we were inflicting while trying to fly them out of the arena. Since this fight I try and give other peoples work a bit more respect."
— Marlon Pritchard
XTerminator Typhoon 2 1

Typhoon 2 comes in with a shattering attack

Typhoon 2 vs x-terminator

X-Terminator, immobilised after being attacked by Typhoon 2.

However, things went badly wrong for X-Terminator, when it went up against the newcomers to the main competition Typhoon 2 in the Grand Final eliminator round - X-Terminator's sluggish movement meant it couldn't catch Typhoon 2 in time before the Scottish machine got up to its maximum spinning speed, and it was X-Terminator's turn to be ripped to shreds - the power of Typhoon 2 disabling X-Terminator's spinning disc weapon fairly early on. The fight had to be stopped because Typhoon 2 destroyed the arena side wall, but on re-Activate the first hit from Typhoon 2 knocked X-Terminator out completely, it was declared immobilised and eliminated from the competition.

Tornado vs x-terminator

Tornado shoves the battered X-Terminator

Xterminator aftermath s7

X-Terminator after its battle against Typhoon 2

However, it had one more fight against the number 1 seeds Tornado in the play-offs, whose reign as champion had ended in the previous battle, but it was too severely damaged from its fight with Typhoon 2 to do much in the way of attacking, therefore Tornado dominated the entire fight. X-Terminator took a few hits from Matilda's flywheel, but managed to get revenge on the House Robots by taking a chunk out of Sir Killalot's armour. Soon afterwards however, X-Terminator broke down again, and it was counted out by Refbot, making it finish in fourth place overall.


Series 3
The Third Wars - UK Championship
Heat Final
Heat K, Round 1 vs. Hefty Won
Heat K, Round 2 vs. Judge Shred Won
Heat K, Final vs. Panic Attack Lost
Series 4
The Fourth Wars - UK Championship
22nd Seed, Semi-Finals, Round 1
Heat N, Eliminator vs. Judge Shred 2, Millennium Bug Qualified
Heat N, Semi-Final vs. Arnold, Arnold Terminegger Won
Heat N, Final vs. Behemoth (6) Won
Semi-Final 2, Round 1 vs. Wild Thing (11) Lost
Sumo Basho
Equal 2nd (with Behemoth)
Sumo 60.00 seconds 2nd
Tag Team Terror
with Inverterbrat, Fourth Place
Round 1 vs. 101 & King B3 Lost
Playoff vs. Bigger Brother & Plunderbird 4 Lost
Extreme Series 1
All Stars
Round 1
Round 1 vs. Chaos 2 Lost
Other Battles
Vengeance vs. Panic Attack Lost
Extreme Series 1
Mayhem & Annihilator
5th in First Annihilator
Mayhem Qualifier vs. Cataclysmic Variabot, Panzer Wraith Won
Annihilator 1, Round 1 vs. Arnold A. Terminegger, Hypno-Disc,
Splinter, Pussycat, Thermidor 2
Annihilator 1, Round 2 vs. Arnold A. Terminegger, Hypno-Disc,
Splinter, Pussycat
Series 5
The Fifth Wars - UK Championship
14th Seed, Heat Semi-Final
Heat F, Eliminator vs. Immortalis Won
Heat F, Semi Final vs. Corkscrew Lost
Series 6
The Sixth Wars - UK Championship
Heat Final
Heat B, Round 1 vs. Barbaric Response, Robochicken, Spirit of Scorpion Qualified
Heat B, Round 2 vs. Mega Hurts 2 Won
Heat B, Final vs. Firestorm 4 (3) Lost
Extreme Series 2
Tag Team Terror
with Mini Morg, Semi-Finals
Round 1 vs. S.M.I.D.S.Y. & Sumpthing Won
Round 2 vs. Barbaric Response & Hydra Lost
Series 7
The Seventh Wars - UK Championship
11th Seed, Fourth Place
Heat F, Round 1 vs. Diabolus, Major Tom 3, Tsunami Qualified
Heat F, Round 2 vs. Killer Carrot 2 Won
Heat F, Final vs. Tsunami Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 1 vs. St. Agro Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 2 vs. Bulldog Breed (12) Won
Grand Final, Eliminator vs. Typhoon 2 Lost
Grand Final, Playoff vs. Tornado (1) Lost


  • X-Terminator without its armour in the pits during Extreme 1
  • Official profile photo of X-Terminator in Series 5
  • X-Terminator in the pits in Series 7
  • Wins: 16
  • Losses: 12

Series RecordEdit

Main Series X-Terminator Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Heat Final
The Fourth Wars Semi-Finals, Round 1
The Fifth Wars Heat, Round 2
The Sixth Wars Heat Final
The Seventh Wars Fourth Place
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered
Series 2 Entered

Robot Wars Live EventsEdit

The Series 6 X-Terminator was due to compete in the competition 2013 Robot Wars event in Guildford, but was forced to withdraw from its first round battle against Spitfire, Titan & Toon Raider, likely due to technical issues in the pits. It was also used as a static display at the Newport event in 2013. In December 2014, John Findlay of Team Roaming Robots acquired X-Terminator, and was in the process of restoring it to fighting condition. Most recently in 2015 in Portsmouth, the Series 6 version X-Terminator was seen competing in a melee. As of 2015, X-Terminator has been reserved for Retro battles only, along with other old robots like Stinger, Schumey 2 & Bulldog Breed as well as its former teammates The Steel Avenger & Mr Nasty.

Outside Robot WarsEdit

  • Dave the Tortoise the petrol engined walker robot
  • X-Terminator after Robot Wars
  • X-Terminator, when it was sold to Team Enigma
  • X-Terminator in 2015
  • The internals of X-Terminator in 2015

The X-Terminator team entered Techno Games 2001 with a Internal Combustion Sprint competitor called Dave the Tortoise, but it lost its heat after going around in circles.

After Robot Wars ended, the Series 7 model of X-Terminator continued to compete on the live circuit, ending its career on a high note by winning the Cosford Robot Crusade in 2004-5, defeating Terrorhurtz in the final.

From November 2011, After being sold on eBay, The model of X-Terminator used for Series 6 & Extreme 2 was in the possession of Team ENGIMA who also owned Mr Nasty & The Steel Avenger with the intention of restoring it for the live event circuit. It was with the team for 3 years before being acquired by John Findlay in December 2014.

Appearances in MerchandiseEdit



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