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UFO was the name of two robots that competed in Series 6 and Series 7 of Robot Wars with very different designs for each series. The Series 6 version was a compact two wheeled invertible box-shaped robot with a spike that was intended to draw other robots into its claw, very similar to the original version of The Executioner, but the weapon was only effective when the robot was the right way up.

The Series 7 version was also two wheeled but was also a traditional wedge shape with a front-hinged flipper, a similar design to Cassius 2. However, the flipper failed to work in its first battle, and the team only got it working just before the second round.

UFO was the only robot to entered by completely different team members from the same team in its two appearances.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 6Edit


Series 6 appearance

"It's a big lifty-uppy spikey-thing, designed to cut into the bladey thing above it, and we also have a couple of bright lighty shiny things at the front, and some plucky spikey things at the back"
— Pete Withers, describing UFO's components
UFO vs The Stag

UFO pushes The Stag into the pit.

In the first round of Series 6, UFO was put up against The Stag, Vader and the 9th seeds Wild Thing. UFO found it quite difficult to get underneath the other robots with its arm, let alone flip them. Regardless, it was active throughout the fight, regularly prodding Vader. When UFO pressed the pit release, its arm was wedged underneath the button, until Vader used its disc to violently free it. UFO continued to try and push its opponents, but with little effect. The Stag meanwhile, had been counted out by Refbot, so UFO finished it off by pushing it into the pit, almost spinning into the pit itself. With three robots still active, it went to a Judges' decision, who chose to eliminate UFO.

Series 7Edit

UFO had a rocky start in Series 7 when the team couldn't get UFO's flipper to work, and ended up having to fight the first round without a weapon. In Round 1, UFO went up against Crushtacean, the 10th seeds Behemoth and Dutch entrants Tartarus. UFO couldn't do much in this battle besides wedge under Crushtacean and pin it against the wall. However, Behemoth had flipped over Tartarus, and then decided to flip Crushtacean out of the arena, allowing UFO a free pass to the second round. Despite this, UFO continued to pressure Behemoth, getting underneath it twice and even overturning it using simply its wedge before Behemoth was finally able to flip it over.

JS3 flips UFO

Judge Shred 3 flips UFO

Judge Shred 3 vs UFO

Refbot counts out UFO

Before their second round battle, the team was able to get the flipper working, which was fortunate because UFO's next opponent was Judge Shred 3. Indeed, Judge Shred flipped UFO over, but UFO easily self-righted with its flipper. UFO then flipped Judge Shred up against the wall, but couldn't get it out of the arena, or keep it upturned. UFO was flipped by Judge Shred again, and in a cruel twist of fate, landed on its side, meaning it couldn't use its flipper to self right. It was promptly counted out and pitted by Mr Psycho.

"The aliens have landed and unfortunately, they've landed in the pit of oblivion"
— Craig Charles after UFO's demise from the Seventh wars


Series 6
The Sixth Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 1
Heat E, Round 1 vs. Wild Thing (9), The Stag, Vader Eliminated
Series 7
The Seventh Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 2
Heat L, Round 1 vs. Crushtacean, Tartarus, Behemoth (10) Qualified
Heat L, Round 2 vs. Judge Shred 3 Lost



Team 51 with 51

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2

Series RecordEdit

  • Series 1-5: Did not enter
  • Series 6: Heat, Round 1
  • Series 7: Heat, Round 2
  • 2016 Series: Did not enter

Outside Robot WarsEdit

  • Team 51's other robot 51, at Newark Kit Car Show 2003
  • The other model of 51, at Robot Crusade 2003
  • The longer model of 51 in Techno Games
  • UFO as Taurus after Robot Wars
  • UFO today at a Robots Live event
  • UFO in 2014

Team 51 was also seen at various live events with another robot called 51, which was not entered into Robot Wars. This version looked similar to the original UFO, but was armed with a small lifter. There were two models of this version, one was more hexagonal, the other was longer. The longer model of 51 entered the Assault Course of Techno Games 2003 where it reached round 2 at least after completing the course in 34.90 seconds, 0.19 seconds faster than Brutal Beetle but lost in the following round to Mighty Mouse. It also lost to V-Bot in round 1 of the Sumo. Team Captain Pete Withers, like in Series 7 of Robot Wars, was once again unavailable for filming, and Mark Hamilton stood in as deputy captain.

After Robot Wars, the Series 7 version of UFO was sold to friends of Team UFO: Alan Young of Team BlazerBotics, who rebuilt the robot's internals to compete in the main circuit again, with a red paint scheme and under the new name of Taurus. Taurus fought in the 2005 UK Championships Winter Tour, reaching the finals before losing to Merlin, another robot from its new team. After this, UFO reverted to its old name, and was seeded 10th for the following year, but fell in the heats.

Since then, UFO has appeared at odd live events right up to 2013, but Team BlazerBotics primarily fight with Merlin and Apollo.

In July 2014, Alan stated that it might be time to build a new UFO. The front hinged flipper will be kept if a new UFO is built.

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