For the unrelated robot that failed to qualify for Series 3 and 4, see Typhoon (Series 3).
"Dances like Fred Astaire."
— Jonathan Pearce on Typhoon

Typhoon was a middleweight robot, predecessor to Typhoon 2. It was entered in the Middleweight Championship in both series of Extreme and Series 7, winning the championship on all three occasions, making it an undefeated robot. However, Typhoon's victory in the Seventh Wars cost its brother robot Typhoon 2, as it had used up the last of the batteries used to power the machines, forcing the heavyweight robot to withdraw from the Third World Championship.


Typhoon in the pits

Typhoon in the pits

Following the uniform design of all Typhoon machines to follow, Typhoon was a cone-shaped full-body spinner, resembling the logo of the RAF. Its outer shell could spin at 70mph in its first appearance and the weapon was classed as a "circular steel pipe" but in all subsequent appearances it was upgraded to spin at just over 100mph. This was easily the most powerful weapon seen on a middleweight robot in the TV show, though this was at the expense of a self-righting mechanism.

Robot HistoryEdit

Extreme 1Edit

Typhoon Doom Mammoth

Typhoon obliterates Mammoth and Doom

In its very first battle, Typhoon started strongly, immediately hitting both Genesis and Zap, causing some damage in the process. Doom started to cower behind Typhoon who then destroyed Mammoth's legs and weapons and then hit Hard Cheese, crippling it. Genesis was then counted out and flung by the floor flipper, having broken down from Typhoon's attacks. Doom was then hit by Typhoon, immobilising it. Zap and Mammoth, without being counted out were then flung by the arena flipper as well, shortly followed by Doom and Hard Cheese, who slowly ran out of steam.

Typhoon had single-handedly defeated all of its opponents, becoming the Robot Wars Extreme Series 1 Middleweight Champion, and even ripped a fibreglass tusk away from Matilda[1], not shown on television.

Extreme 2Edit

Typhoon burns

Typhoon burns in its opening melee

Typhoon faced Malc 1.5, Broadsword and Steel Sandwich in its first round fight and initially stayed out of the action to get its weapon working. It made contact with Malc, knocking it into the arena wall. Malc would eventually lose a wheel, while Typhoon fought Broadsword privately. When Broadsword missed on a charge, it drove into the cutters of Typhoon, which dealt the knockout blow. With two robots immobile, Typhoon was pushed by Steel Sandwich, and also caught fire internally after driving onto the flame pit, but regardless qualified as one of the two mobile robots left.

Middleweight Final

Typhoon throws 259 over


A trio of Typhoons swarm Steel Sandwich

Typhoon also had to face fellow Team Typhoon entry, Typhoon Twins, in this final, alongside 259, and Steel Sandwich again. It hit 259, before striking the Sandwich twice, and forcing 259 to be overturned. The three Typhoon robots then staged hits on Steel Sandwich, immobilising it. The three Typhoon machines then held off, dancing in the centre of the arena without attacking each other, causing controversy amongst fans. Typhoon won the Judges' decision and the Middleweight Championship.

"They haven't gone for the twins, they've gone for the big daddy!"
Craig Charles

Series 7Edit

Typhoon vs Phoenix

Typhoon knocks out Phoenix

Typhoon vs Steel Sandwich

Typhoon pushes Steel Sandwich into the pit

Typhoon began by attacking Steel Sandwich, neither robot appearing to take damage. The robots clashed again, Typhoon appearing to hit Steel Sandwich's wheel. After hitting into the arena wall which its big brother Typhoon 2 would later destroy, Typhoon had to spin up to speed again. Once it had and Refbot had activated the pit, Typhoon smashed into Phoenix, knocking it into Growler's CPZ and immobilising it. This left Typhoon and Steel Sandwich. Steel Sandwich had lost the drive in one of its wheels, and was eventually pitted by the Scottish robot, so Typhoon won the Middleweight Championship for the third time in a row.


Extreme Series 1
Middleweight Championship
Middleweight Championship vs. Zap, Mammoth
Genesis, Hard Cheese, Doom
Extreme Series 2
Middleweight Championship
Round 1 vs. Broadsword, Malc 1.5
Steel Sandwich
Final vs. Steel Sandwich
Typhoon Twins, 259
Series 7
Middleweight Championship
Middleweight Final vs. Phoenix, Steel Sandwich Won


  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 0

Series RecordEdit

Typhoon at Techno-games

Typhoon as Typhoon 870 in Techno-Games

Main Series Typhoon Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Failed to qualify with Typhoon 2
The Seventh Wars Entered with Typhoon 2
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Middleweight Champion
Series 2 Middleweight Champion
Entered with Typhoon 2, Typhoon Twins and Typhoon Thunder

Although Team Typhoon did not enter Series 8-10, driver Gary Cairns participated in Series 8-9 with his own team, PP3D Robotics and their robot, PP3D.

Outside Robot WarsEdit

Typhoon and rover.jpg

Typhoon 870 with Typhoon Rover

Team Typhoon entered several of their robots into Techno Games, with Typhoon in particular being converted into Typhoon 870, which functioned as the goalkeeper in Team Typhoon's football campaign, which led to a bronze medal.


  • Along with Razer, Tornado and PulverizeR, Typhoon is one of four robots to have fought and defeated both a clusterbot (Typhoon Twins) and a walkerbot (Mammoth), and is the only non-heavyweight to do so.
  • Typhoon held its title for three years, from Extreme 1 until the end of Robot Wars, amassing four wins placing it on the list of only 16 robots never to have lost a battle.
  • Typhoon, like Chaos 2 and Panzer Mk, successfully defended its title, is the only robot to defend its title twice and the only non-heavyweight to defend its title.
  • Typhoon is one of just two robots to compete in both series of Extreme and be undefeated in both, the other being Bulldog Breed - this counts Typhoon Thunder's loss while it formed half of the Typhoon Twins.




Undefeated Robot (4 wins)
Only robot to immobilise 5 opponents in a melee