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"Are you scared yet?"
— The team's introduction

Tiger Cat was a loanerbot that appeared twice in Season 1 of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors having lost both times.

"Some of the 'bots were really having trouble getting assembled. One in particular, "The Wife", was a horrifically complex assemblage of pneumatics/hydraulics that looked like a dressmaker's dummy that had been assimilated by the Borg. The team worked on this for days, but eventually had to give up when their fail-safes wouldn't work. The poor thing looked more than a bit fragile and would likely not have survived the first combat round even if it had been running."
Team Amoks Extreme Warriors Season 1.0 report

The Dynamic Duo, the team who drove Tiger Cat, had intended to enter the competition with The Wife, a robot with large rotating scissor-like claws as its main weapon. Upon arrival to the UK, however, The Wife was prohibited from entering as its radio control systems did not meet the legal requirements. So that the team could compete, Tiger Cat was lent to them. As a loanerbot, it was only due to compete in the Civil War side event, but after Conquering Clown pulled out of the US championship, Tiger Cat was brought in as a reserve.

"This thing was useless"
— David Sandel on Tiger Cat

Unsatisfied with the robot they were now controlling, the Dynamic Duo (along with Team Manta) doused Tiger Cat in WD-40 whilst the producers weren't looking, with the intention to "'at least go out with a bang'".


Tigercat was a wedge shaped machine with an axe, much like Tomahawk. It covered in flammable fur, which (along with the WD-40 that was doused on it) saw it get set alight when it was destroyed in its Civil War battle.

Robot HistoryEdit

Season 1Edit

In the US Championship of Season 1, Tiger Cat replaced Conquering Clown. It initially drove around, avoiding trouble then attacked Mad Cow. Later, it showed more good aggression by shoving Rosie The Riveter into a CPZ. At the end, Tiger Cat drove over a flame jet, but survived for a judges decision, which went in Manta's favour.

Tigercatvsmanta RWEW

Tiger Cat catches fire with most of its fur ripped off.

Tiger Cat appeared in the Civil War event, representing the Union, and met Manta in the first round. Immediately Manta came in for the attack, damaging the side panel of Tiger Cat. Tiger Cat's front panel flew away on the next impact with Manta's disc, leaving the electronics exposed. Tiger Cat reversed onto a flame jet, setting the fur covering its armour on fire. Tiger Cat ran away before Manta came in again, doing yet more damage. Refbot unsuccessfully tried to extinguish the flames on Tiger Cat before it was thrown by the floor flipper and the mangled mess was pitted by the house robots.


Season 1
Civil War
Representing the Union, Round 1
Eliminator vs. Manta Lost
US Championship
Eliminated in Heats
Heat vs. Mad Cow, Close Enough, Rippa Raptor, Manta, Rosie The Riveter Eliminated


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2

Seires RecordEdit

Main Series Tiger Cat Record
Season 1 Heat (Round 1)
Season 2 Did not enter

Outside Robot WarsEdit

The Dynamic Duo also entered four robots (lightweight Yellow Jacket, middleweight Killer Wasp, The Wife as heavyweight Bumble Bee and super heavyweight Queen Bee) into Season 4.0 of BattleBots, but every single one of them forfeited their first matches. The team returned for Season 5.0 with the lightweight Overwhelming Force-59, but once again were forced to forfeit.



The team's original entrant, The Wife.

  • Tiger Cat was one of only three loanerbots, alongside Hard and Hoot, to compete in the domestic championship, although its role was only as a reserve robot.

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