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For the UK Series competitor, see Revolution.
"The whole thing spins around with the tooth blade around the edge"
Stefan Frank on The Revolutionist in Nickelodeon

The Revolutionist was a competitor from the first and second seasons of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. It was a four-wheel driven, low cylindrical shaped robot which acted as a full body spinner with a set of steel cutting teeth around the outside. In testing, it ran at full speed into concrete with no damage sustained. It was decorated with the stars and stripes of the US flag and the team members wore matching costumes on the show.

The Revolutionist was runner-up in the first season of Extreme Warriors, but lost in its Heat Final in the second season. It also represented the United States of America in The Second World Championship, but lost to reigning World Champion and eventual winner Razer in the first round. The team also entered Spin Doctor in Season 2 and Nickelodeon (where it joined The Revolutionist in a Tag Team).

Robot HistoryEdit

Season 1Edit

In The US Championship, The Revolutionist faced Coffin-Bot, Bot-Ugly, Tricerabot, Unibite and Sobek in Heat Two. The Revolutionist got up to speed, but stopped spinning once pushed by Tricerabot. It pushed Sobek and Unibite around despite this handicap, and shoved Coffin-Bot into a CPZ, before it tried attacking Tricerabot.

"The Revolutionist seems to have gone through this whole thing unscathed."
— Stefan Frank at the end of the battle.

The judges' decision was given to The Revolutionist, who faced The Brute in Round 2. Straight from the start of this bout, The Revolutionist took chunks out of Brute's wheels. Brute then stopped working, and was pitted by the house robots. In the Final, The Revolutionist met Panzer Mk 2.

"We should make a nice shredding out of the sides of this robot."
— Brian Nave prior to the final.
Panzervsrevolutionist RWEWs1

The Revolutionist is flipped.

The Revolutionist tried to damage Panzer Mk 2, but was pushed into Sir Killalot. It managed to escape, but drove into a CPZ, and was pushed into Dead Metal, who sawed through its frame. The Revolutionist was then flipped by Panzer Mk 2, who won as a result. It was self-righted by Killalot, but was immobile for too long, and so was pitted by Dead Metal.

The Revolutionist represented the Confederacy in the USA Civil War, and faced Sobek, representing the Union.

"We're taking over the US again. It's a whole new revolution."
— Brain Nave

The Revolutionist easily shredded the sacrificial tyre put on Sobek, and pushed it, but Sobek grabbed it by the teeth and pushed into the arena wall. It stopped spinning, but Sobek was attacked by Sergeant Bash.

"Sergeant Bash gave him more assistance than he needed."
— Stefan Frank looks over the battle

The battle went to the judges, who decided to give Sobek the win.

2ndWCFight3 1

Razer pierces The Revolutionist

The Revolutionist also represented the US in the Second World Championship. This competition was also broadcast during Robot Wars Extreme: Series 1. In the first round, it faced UK Series regulars Razer (representing the UK) and Diotoir (representing the Republic of Ireland), along with Flensburger Power from Germany.
"We're going to smash them all, but right now I'm trying to decide, which would look better in the pit? Should I toss in Razer first or Diotoir? I just can't decide which would look better on camera"
— Pre-battle confidence from Brian Nave

It was chased by Razer, which crumpled it, before spinning and attacking the British robot, but it was grabbed hold of and pushed into a CPZ. Matilda separated The Revolutionist from Razer, but The Revolutionist was hardly seen again during the battle. Flensburger Power then suddenly stopped all together and was counted out, eliminating them from the judges' decision at the end of the battle. The Revolutionist survived to the decision but lost on points as the judges gave it to Razer, eliminating The Revolutionist and Diotoir.

Season 2Edit

The revolutionist team

The Revolutionist's team

The Revolutionist started with a first round match against Trackzilla and The Gap. Whilst The Revolutionist got up to speed, The Gap flipped Trackzilla. The Revolutionist then hit The Gap, stopping it from moving. The Revolutionist then drove into Sir Killalot and stopped moving. However, Trackzilla was the first robot immobilized and was eliminated.

In Round Two, The Revolutioist met Psycho Chicken. Psycho Chicken brought its egg into action, and the egg was destroyed. The Revolutionist hit Psycho Chicken twice, and rammed it so that one of the wheels fell off. The Revolutionist took advantage of this to tear off the Chicken's other wheel, and one of the castors underneath. Psycho Chicken was beaten, and the Revolutionist was through to face Propeller-Head in the Heat Final.

Both Robots hit each other with their blades, before Propeller-Head drove over a CO2 vent. The Revolutionist then tore off Propeller-Head's spinner.


Propeller-Head's surprise comeback victory.

"Look at that! Pulled the whole thing out, shafts and all!"
— Stefan Frank as The Revolutionist tears off Propeller-Head's overhead blade

The Revolutionist then pressed the pit trigger, but Propeller-Head drove away from the descending pit, before confronting The Revolutionist in a CPZ. The House Robots came in to attack, and in an unexpected turn of events, Propeller-Head pushed The Revolutionist into the pit to eliminate it.


The Revolutionist fought alongside Spin Doctor in the International Tag Team Terror competition. In its first round battle against Zanzara and Run Away, it stayed out of the action at first, but eventually immobilised both robots when tagged by Spin Doctor.

This put the team through to the final against UK team Ming 3 and Rick. When it was finally tagged in, it started strongly, deflecting Rick away, but then hit Ming 3 at an awkward angle, which made it "jump" into the air. This slowed its spinning body enough for Rick to safely get underneath and flip it over, putting it out of the fight. Revolutionist and Spin Doctor lost the resulting judges' decision.


The Revolutionist covered in ropes

The Revolutionist also fought in the Mayhem competition. In the first round, it fought Rigby and Diskotek. Diskotek was immobilized after hitting The Revolutionist but came back to life after it was flipped by the floor flipper. The Revolutionist hit Rigby several times with its spinning body, ripping up its armour. It then hit Diskotek, breaking its wheel guard. Rigby and Diskotek were then put on the Drop Zone where they had tennis balls, golf balls and bowling balls dropped on them.

The Revolutionist went through to the Ultimate Mayhem Final against Propeller-Head and Vert-I-Go. The team had put ropes on the top of the robot to tangle Propeller-Head's blade. But only a few seconds into the fight, The Revolutionist spun up and then crashed into Refbot, knocking out its power link and leaving it immobile. It was put onto the floor flipper and flipped before being pushed into the pit along with Vert-I-Go.


Season 1
Civil War
Representing the Confederacy, Eliminator
Eliminator vs. Sobek Lost
US Championship
Heat vs. Tricerabot, Coffin-Bot, Bot-Ugly, Unibite, Sobek Won
Semi-Final vs. The Brute Won
Final vs. Panzer Mk 2 Lost
The Second World Championship
Representing USA, Heat
NOTE: This competition was also broadcast during Extreme Series 1
Heat vs. Diotoir (IRE), Flensburger Power (GER), Razer (UK) Eliminated
Season 2
US Championship
Heat Final
Heat D, Round 1 vs. The Gap, Trackzilla Qualified
Heat D, Round 2 vs. Psycho Chicken Won
Heat D, Final vs. Propeller-Head Lost
Nickelodeon Robot Wars
International Tag Team Terror
Representing USA and competing with Spin Doctor, Runner-up
Eliminator vs. Zanzara & Run Away Won
Final vs. Rick & Ming 3 Lost
Ultimate Mayhem
Mayhem vs. Diskotek, Rigby Won
Ultimate Mayhem vs. Vert-I-Go, Propeller-Head Lost

The Revolutionist in the Pits


  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 6

Series RecordEdit

  • Season 1: Runner-up
  • Season 2: Heat Final and entered with Spin Doctor

Outside Robot WarsEdit


The Revolutionist as Phrizbee

The Revolutionist was entered into Seasons 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 of BattleBots under the name Phrizbee. It lost to KillerB in its first appearance, but won five battles over the course of the following two seasons. It was later entered into the Robot Fighting League under the name Shrederator. Shrederator is now going by the name Shiva and is owned by a different team.

The team entered into BattleBots a superheavyweight version of Phrizbee called Phrizbee-Ultimate which was renamed Shrederator Supreme after BattleBots ended. The team also competed in Robotica with a creation called Mechacidal Maniac.
Capshredder 2015

Captain Shrederator

In 2015, Team LOGICOM returned to the rebooted BattleBots with a heavyweight, under the name Captain Shrederator, or "Cpt. Shrederator" on some battleboards. It sported a paintjob very similar to The Revolutionist's. In the competition, it lost its first round fight against Stinger: The Killer Bee which was able to deflect Captain Shredarator multiple times with its wedge before overturning it. Cpt. Shrederator was not chosen for a wildcard.

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