The Drop Zone was an arena hazard introduced in the UK and international series of Robot Wars filmed around 2002. Immobilised robots would be placed on a black square with a yellow cross and red border placed roughly in the centre of the arena, close to the Pit, where heavy objects including ovens, washing machines, ocean buoys and assortments of balls would be dropped on them. The Drop Zone square was initially seen in Series 5 and the first series of Robot Wars Extreme, but did not serve any clear purpose at the time.

The Drop Zone was first used in the second season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors, with the first robot to have an object dropped onto it being Unibite 2.0 in the Heat C Final. It made its UK debut in Series 6, being first used on Robochicken in the first round of Heat B, and was accompanied by a thunderclap sound effect in Series 7 which played whenever an object was dropped. For Nickelodeon Robot Wars, less serious objects such as scrap metal and sports equipment were predominantly used, while at one point during the Grand Final of German Robot Wars, previously-defeated competitor Golem was used as an item after it withdrew prior to the Losers Melee for fifth place. The last competitor to have an object dropped onto it was Hard in the first round of the Third World Championship, broadcast as part of Series 7. When Robot Wars returned in 2016, the Drop Zone did not feature in the new arena, and has effectively been retired as an arena hazard.

The Drop Zone was originally intended to have a button which competitors and House Robots could press to activate it, in a similar way to how the Pit and Disc of Doom were activated. However, this idea was not implemented.Citation?

Uses of the Drop ZoneEdit

Robochicken drop zone

Robochicken hit with a washing machine

Series 6Edit


Granny's Revenge 2 is flattened by an oven

Battle Robot Object Dropped
Heat B, Round 1 Robochicken Washing machine
Heat F, Round 1 Demolition Man Rubbish bin
Heat I, Heat Final Panic Attack Washing machine
Heat K, Round 1 Granny's Revenge 2 Oven
Heat L, Round 1 Major Tom Assortment of balls

Extreme 2Edit

Niterider TV

Niterider spikes the television sent by the Drop Zone


Mad Dog, after having balls dropped on it

Battle Robot Object Dropped
Annihilator Round 4 Major Tom Oven
Minor Meltdown, Round 1 Saw Point Assortment of car parts
New Blood Heat A, Round 1 Niterider Television
New Blood Heat A, Round 2 Maximus Oven
New Blood Heat B, Round 1 RT81 Oven
New Blood Heat B, Round 2 Hell's Teeth Assortment of balls
New Blood Heat C, Round 1 Mad Dog Assortment of balls
New Blood Heat C, Final ICU Assortment of balls
New Blood Heat D, Semi-Final Fatal Traction Assortment of car parts

Series 7Edit


Tomahawk, badly damaged by the ocean buoy

Hard Drop Zone

Hard after having computer parts smashed onto it

Battle Robot Object Dropped
Heat C, Round 1 Tomahawk Ocean buoy
Heat D, Round 1 The Alien Ocean buoy
Heat G, Round 1 Cygnus X-1 Television
Heat H, Round 2 Scraptosaur Ocean buoy
Heat H, Round 2 Revolution 3 Television
Heat J, Round 1 Cobra & Pinser Television
Heat K, Round 2 Hard Oven
Heat M, Round 1 B.O.D. Bowling balls
Heat M, Round 2 Mega Morg Washing machine
Heat N, Round 2 R.O.C.S. Washing machine
Heat O, Round 2 Hammerhead 2 Train track
Heat O, Heat Final Iron-Awe 2.1 Oven
Semi-Final 2, Round 1 Thermidor 2 Washing machine
Third World Championship, Battle 1 Hard Computer parts
Featherweight Championship, Round 1 Mammoth Oven

Dutch Series 2Edit

Battle Robot Object Dropped
Heat A, Round 1 Project Two: Hex'em Oven
Heat B, Round 1 The Black Beast Oven
Heat C Round 1 Slamtilt Bowling balls
Heat C, Round 2 Flepser Assortment of wheels
Heat D, Round 1 Tough as Nails Two Barrels
Heat E, Round 1 Vortex Inducer Oven
Grand Final, Round 1 Lizzard Two Barrels

Extreme Warriors Series 2Edit


Unibite 2.0 becomes the Drop Zone's first ever victim

Nightstalkerdrop rwews2

A washing machine falls on a beaten Night Stalker

Battle Robot Object Dropped
Heat C, Heat Final Unibite 2.0 Washing machine
Robot Rebellion, Round 1 Night Stalker Washing machine
Robot Rebellion, Final Snookums Organ

Nickelodeon Robot WarsEdit


Joker has scrap metal dropped on it

Battle Robot Object Dropped
US Championship Bonus Battle Phantasm Sports equipment
Mayhem Diskotek & Rigby Assortment of balls
Vengeance Joker Scrap metal
House Robot Rebellion Humdrum Scrap metal

German Robot WarsEdit


Golem as a Drop Zone item

Battle Robot Object Dropped
Heat A, Heat Final Junkyard Queen Spare parts
Heat A, Heat Final Golem Assortment of balls
Grand Final, Losers Melee Junkyard Queen Golem



The Drop Zone as an accessory for the Minibot arena

  • In the PC/Xbox version of Extreme Destruction, items are dropped on mobile robots who stay on the cross for a certain length of time, and multiple items can be dropped in one fight.
  • The Featherweight Mammoth was the only non-heavyweight to have a Drop Zone item dropped on it.
  • Major Tom, Hard and Junkyard Queen were the only robots to be hit twice with a Drop Zone item.
  • Panic Attack was the only former champion ever to be hit with a Drop Zone item.
  • In Series 7, Zorro managed to escape the Drop Zone by driving away, having been dropped on the X after being counted out.
  • In Round 1 of the third All Stars tournament, a washing machine was dropped in an attempt to stop the competitors' attacks on the house robots, although it ultimately missed.
  • The Drop Zone was used in every episode of Dutch Series 2.
  • The barrels dropped in Dutch Series 2 were the same used in the pinball trial of Series 2.
  • Golem was used as a Drop Zone item for the German Robot Wars Grand Final, as the team could not fix it, so allowed this.

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