"Anyone who knows me knows I don't do off the peg robots, I tend to look at an object like say a microwave oven (robot 1) or a plastic dustbin/dodgem car (robot 3) and take it from there."
— Colin Scott on designing his robots

Team Death was a team from Robot Wars. They fought in four wars with four heavyweight robots; Piece De Resistance which fought in the Second Wars, Death Warmed Up in the Third Wars, Immortalis in the Fifth Wars, and Metalis in the Seventh Wars. The team also failed to qualify for the Sixth Wars with Immortalis.

Despite fighting in four series, none of Team Death's entries made it past the first round, apart from Piece De Resistance which then went out in the Trial.

The team have retired, and have not entered the rebooted series, although Colin Scott's robot Chimera has been rebuilt and entered into the Series 8 by a new team, who also competed in Series 9 with Chimera2.

The TeamEdit


The original Team Death with Piece De Resistance

The team captain was Colin Scott, a market stall worker from West Yorkshire, who was the only team member present in all of the teams appearances. He was originally joined by his sister Julie and Bryan Newcombe. Together, they entered Piece De Resistance. However, after deciding not to enter Series 4, Colin Scott was joined by Stephen Keating and his son, who were on the teams for Immortalis and Metalis' appearances.


  • Piece De Resistance
  • Death Warmed Up
  • Immortalis in Series 5
  • Metalis
  • Immortalis as Celestial Terror at Techno Games
  • Team Death's new robot in 2017
  • Team Death's new robot, from above
  • Team member Adam with the newest robot during an early stage of build
Name Weight Class Series
Piece De Resistance Heavyweight Series 2
Death Warmed Up Heavyweight Series 3
Immortalis Heavyweight Series 5
Metalis Heavyweight Series 7


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 3

NOTE: Piece de Resistance's Trial elimination is not considered a loss

Series RecordEdit

Series Team Death Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Heat, Trial with Piece De Resistance
The Third Wars Heat, Round 1 with Death Warmed Up
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Heat, Round 1 with Immortalis
The Sixth Wars Failed to qualify with Immortalis and Devil Rider
The Seventh Wars Heat, Round 1 with Metalis
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter

Although Team Death did not enter Series 8, Colin Scott's creation, Chimera, competed under ownership of a new team, having been rebuilt. A new version, Chimera2, also competed in Series 9

Outside Robot WarsEdit


Devil Rider, the team's Techno Games Sumo Entry

The team also entered Techno Games, entering a disarmed Immortalis as Celestial Terror in the Football tournament, and a robot named Devil Rider in the Sumo tournament, which lost its only match to Hellbent.


Chimera in 2011

After Robot Wars, team captain Colin Scott built a robot called Chimera, a thwackbot similar to Stinger which he entered in FRA competitions. Scott originally retired the robot around 2006, but he restored Chimera several years later and competed in the 2011 UK Championships at The O2 Arena, losing in Round 1 to Thor and Tiberius 4. In March 2012, Chimera was sold on to Tony Smith of Team Scar, who also own Robot Wars veterans Scar and Eric.

In 2015, Chimera was sold to Team 53 and rebuilt by team captain Jordan Mann. Chimera would later compete in Series 8 and 9.

In 2017, Colin Scott announced he was planning to build a new robot. The build has begun and is currently in progress.

"I have been out of the Robot combat scene for 6 years now but you know how it is, its hard to get robot fighting out of the blood and the latest series of Robot Wars on tv has revised my interest. I'm not a stranger to building heavyweights, I have built 6 before with my last Robot Chimera taking part in the Roaming Robots uk Championships in 2011. ... my starting point for my latest creation is a ride on lawnmower grass blower and a propane gas cylinder (deactivated) and wheelbarrow wheels.....the build Diary begins."
— Colin Scott on the FRA forum

Colin Scott proceeded to become an active member of the featherweight community. Alongside young team member Adam, Team Death entered two robots at the Robodojo Autumn Featherweight Championship in November 2018, including an industrial thwackbot design, and a large HDPE wedge armed with a spatula.