Silver Box was a loanerbot which fought in the first season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. In the first Extreme Warriors, it was driven by Team Vicious, drivers of The Brute. Its only appearance in Season 1 was in the House Robot Rebellion where it made it to the final battle only to be thrown into the Pit by Sir Killalot, who then toppled over.

As Zanzara, it competed in the International Tag Team Terror competition in Nickelodeon Robot Wars. It fought alongside Run Away, and was driven by Team Run Amok's sister team Team Creative Steel, but lost in the first round, and lost the play-off to Bigger Brother.

"It was loaned to us when 'Propeller-Head' destroyed a drive gearbox on 'The Gap' and it could not be repaired."
— Mark Joerger[1]

Versions of Silver BoxEdit

Silver BoxEdit


Silver Box in the arena

It was a box-shaped robot armed with a large cutting disc at the front. Silver Box was invertible, and lived up to its name in terms of design. It featured prominent wheel guards to protect its main drive, and supporting wheels on top and bottom, keeping the disc off the surface of the floor.



Zanzara in the arena

Zanzara front

Zanzara's eyes

Zanzara was functionally the same robot as Silver Box, but was covered in purple fur with long stalky eyes and wings, and had the top two wheels removed, meaning it was now vulnerable to flippers in addition to being flammable. The name Zanzara is Latin for 'mosquito'.

Robot HistoryEdit

Season 1Edit

Silver Box swiftly closed the gap and cut into Close Enough, who had not moved off the arena wall. Shunt shoved it out, and Silver Box kept cutting away at the exposed frame of Close Enough. By now, it became clear that Close Enough was not going to move. Close Enough was counted out swiftly by Refbot, putting Silver Box through with fellow loanerbot Tut Tut, as well as the two machines of Team Juggerbot.

Silver box vs matilda

Silver Box rips into Matilda's shell sending fiberglass shards flying

Killalot picks up silverbox

Silver Box is grabbed by Killalot

It started out with Silver Box getting rammed by Shunt and trying to get in the action by going into a CPZ and attacking the side of Matilda, ripping up her fiberglass shell. After Matilda was rammed onto her side by Tricerabot, Sir Killalot entered the fight and picked up Silver Box with his claw, but just as he was about to put Silver Box into the Pit, he lost his balance and Tricerabot toppled Sir Killalot forward, sending both robots tumbling into the Pit. Although Silver Box was pitted by Sir Killalot, the performance of its teammates allowed the battle to be declared a draw.



Zanzara is knocked out by The Revolutionist


Zanzara is thrown by the Floor Flipper

Zanzara competed solely in the International Tag Team Terror, paired up with Run Away. In the first round qualifier, Zanzara and Run Away were drawn against Team Logicom, and their two robots The Revolutionist and Spin Doctor. Zanzara and Spin Doctor bashed into each other and some bits fell off Zanzara. The impact also disabled both robots' weapons, so The Revolutionist came out of the CPZ and started spinning. Zanzara hit the pit release button, but the Revolutionist hit it in the rear and sent Zanzara spinning. As the pit descended, The Revolutionist hit Zanzara in the rear again. Zanzara was then flipped on its side by Matilda and counted out by the Refbot. Zanzara and Run Away, who had also been immobilised, were placed on the floor flipper and the two bots flew through the air at the same time. The battle ended with Shunt attempting to pit both robots.

Zanzara and Run Away were due to fight the British team Bigger Brother and Kat 3 for the playoff, but both robots had suffered severe damage from The Revolutionist. Run Away was forced to withdraw, and Team Creative Steel had to work hard to get Zanzara working again. Luckily, Kat 3 was also forced to withdraw, leaving Zanzara and Bigger Brother to fight alone.

Bigger Brother Zanzara

Bigger Brother flips Zanzara

With Zanzara's weapon still out of commission, it decided to try to evade Bigger Brother. The British robot managed to flip it around the arena on several occasions, pushed it into the house robots and even got it caught on its side against the arena wall, although an attack by Shunt managed to re-right it. Zanzara managed to survive the full five minutes, but as it had been on the defensive the entire battle, the resulting judges' decision went against it.


Season 1
Robot Rebellion
Final (competing with Rosie the Riveter, Tricerabot & Tut Tut)
Round 1 vs. Close Enough Won
Final vs. Shunt, Matilda and Sir Killalot No Winner
Nickelodeon Robot Wars
International Tag Team Terror
Representing the US and competing with Run Away, Fourth Place
Round 1 vs. Spin Doctor & The Revolutionist Lost
Playoff vs. Bigger Brother & Kat 3 Lost


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
  • Draws: 1


  • Under its Silver Box guise, the robot never lost a battle, even in spite of being pitted in its final appearance. Only Zanzara attributed losses to its record.


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