The Shunt Minibot was one of several minibots released as merchandise. Like the other House robots, Shunt was one of the first generation of minibots, released in 2001.

It has a rather high ground clearance, the scoop is slightly bendy, and is designed to appear battle-damaged. Like most of the other first generation minibots, it has no active weapons, with both the scoop and the axe being static.

It is one of the most common minibots, due to being released several times. Originally, it was released in a three-pack with Matilda and Pussycat, then a two-pack with Razer and also in three five-packs, one with Hypno-Disc, Sir Killalot, Razer and Wheely Big Cheese, second alongside Gemini, Sergeant Bash, Tornado and Firestorm, and finally with Matilda, Panic Attack, Chaos 2 and Dead Metal.

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