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"I wonder what a Scutter is?"
— Craig Charles

Scutter's Revenge was Team Scutterbots' original entry for Robot Wars, exclusively competing in Series 3. Scutter's Revenge was most well known for its formidable pushing power and its propensity for breakdowns. The first of three Scutterbots machines to make the semi-finals, Scutter's Revenge broke down in the heat final against Pussycat and lost the battle but was awarded the win by the judges when Pussycat was disqualified. It then lost to 101 in the semi-finals.

Scutter's Revenge was named after the robotic Skutters from the television show Red Dwarf, which starred Craig Charles. Images of the Skutters holding bloodstained axes were painted on the side of the robot. Whether the misspelling of Skutters with a c was deliberate or not is undetermined.


"Scutter shouldn't splutter! Thanks to double 2 horse power car starter motors from V6 engines. The shell's aluminium, the front bulldozer blade is the weapon"
Jonathan Pearce introduces Scutter's Revenge
Scutter's revenge

Scutter's Revenge in the arena

Scutter's Revenge was a red, white and black box-shaped robot with an aluminium shell that had a bulldozer blade on the front. It was powered by two 2HP car starter motors from V6 engines, described by the team as the "most extreme" motors on Robot Wars.

"They have to prove it though, that's the thing!"
Philippa Forrester after introducing Scutter's Revenge and its motors

The robot was built with power and strength in mind, with the team claiming that it was powerful enough to pull a four ton truck.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 3Edit

"It's basically been built for sheer power and strength. Our main weapons are the flipping blade at, which is for flipping robots or pushing them away. We've had it pulling a 4 tonne truck, so we should be pretty alright for anyone who can come up against us"
— Darren Ball introduces his machine
Scutter's revenge vs zeus

Scutter's Revenge pits Zeus

Scutter's Revenge was said to have the most powerful motors in Robot Wars and it showed a large amount of potential against Zeus in the first round battle. It bulldozed it into an angle grinder, damaging the axe slightly.

"They tell us that Scutter's Revenge has this mighty power - engines like we've never seen, or heard. Hardly roaring, more like purring. But nonetheless, shoving Zeus against the arena wall."
— Jonathan Pearce

Turning towards the pit, Scutter's Revenge pushed Zeus onto a grill where the axe tip snapped off. Seconds later, Zeus was pitted and out.

Thermidor 1

The second pitting in a row

This encounter was followed by a match with Thermador. Both robots clashed head on, with Scutter's Revenge forcing Thermador backwards. Thermador managed to wriggle away from Scutter's Revenge though, and then clutched it with the claws, side on.

"Oh, behave, Scutter's Revenge, says the message on the back."
— Jonathan Pearce

Scutter's Revenge turned as it was in the grips of Thermador, before getting away and then coming onto the attack itself. This time, Scutter's Revenge slid in between the claws of Thermador and forced the lobster backwards. Thermador tried, but couldn't match Scutter's Revenge for pushing power, and was forced into the pit.

"Thermador wants to get it in its claws, and then force towards a CPZ, but is being pushed towards the pit itself, and the lobster is in the net and caught, and it's Scutter's Revenge who go through."
— Jonathan Pearce

Scutter's Revenge was then through to the Heat Final against Pussycat, the new robot from the experienced Cold Fusion Team.

"Everyone knows the last thing you do every day is you put the cat out, and that's exactly what we're going to do."
— Graham Warner in the pits before the Heat Final.
Pussycat vs Scutter's revenge

Scutter's Revenge pins Pussycat against the wall

In the Heat Final, Scutter's Revenge pushed Pussycat into the wall, but Pussycat drove over it and escaped. As Scutter's Revenge closed in, Pussycat swung around and shattered its blade on the arena wall. After this, Scutter's Revenge was attacked repeatedly by the weaponless Pussycat, and eventually, it caught fire, and became immobilised. The House Robots attacked Scutter's Revenge, and it was thrown by the floor flipper.

Unaired on television, Team Scutterbots were interviewed by Craig Charles as losers of the match. It was only after the teams had returned to the pits that the Judges intervened, and declared that Pussycat would be disqualified for its use of a dangerous blade, which was prone to shattering. Scutter's Revenge was given a second chance, and entered the series semi-finals, claiming that the robot could be fixed within ten minutes, only becoming immobile due to a flat battery.

Scutter's revenge vs 101

Scutter's Revenge pushes 101

In the semi-finals, 101 drove up Scutter's Revenge twice, before driving into Shunt's CPZ. The competitors pushed each other around, until 101 drove over the top of its opponent, breaking Scutter's Revenge's aerial, and Scutter's Revenge slowed before stopping.
"I don't know about you, but I think Scutter's Revenge is finished here, now."
— Jonathan Pearce

101 pushed it into Shunt, and the other house robots attacked, eliminating Scutter's Revenge.


Series 3
The Third Wars - UK Championship
Semi-Final, Round 1
Heat M, Round 1 vs. Zeus Won
Heat M, Round 2 vs. Thermador Won
Heat M, Round 3 vs. Pussycat Won (by default)
NOTE: Pussycat won the final round, but it was disqualified for using a hardened steel blade which shattered during the battle. Scutter's Revenge was awarded the victory by default.
Semi-Final 2, Round 1 vs. 101 Lost

The team with Scutter's Revenge


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 1

Because Pussycat was disqualified, Scutter's Revenge's heat final victory is counted as a win.

Series RecordEdit

Main Series Scutter's Revenge Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Semi-Finals, Round 1
The Fourth Wars Entered with Spawn of Scutter
The Fifth Wars Entered with Spawn Again
The Sixth Wars Entered with Spawn Again
The Seventh Wars Entered with Spawn Again
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered with Spawn Again
Series 2 Entered with Spawn Again

Appearances in MerchandiseEdit


  • Scutter's Revenge was the only one of the three machines from Team Scutterbots that did not fight Razer at some point.
  • After Scutter's Revenge's defeat to 101, the team said its successor would be called "Son of Scutter" but was actually called Spawn of Scutter.

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