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Typhoon was a middleweight robot, predecessor to Typhoon 2. It was entered in the Middleweight Championship in both series of Extreme and Series 7, winning the championship on all three occasions, making it an undefeated robot. However, Typhoon's victory in the Seventh Wars cost its brother robot Typhoon 2, as it had used up the last of the batteries used to power the machines, forcing the heavyweight robot to withdraw from the Third World Championship.

Following the uniform design of all the Typhoon machines to follow, Typhoon was a cone-shaped full-body spinner, painted to resemble the logo of the RAF. Typhoon originally took three months to complete for its first appearance. The robot was built around a large section of gas pipe found in a scrapyard. Its outer shell could spin at 70mph in its first appearance and the weapon was listed on the statistics board as a "circular steel pipe", but in all subsequent appearances it was upgraded to spin at just over 100mph. This was easily the most powerful weapon seen on a middleweight robot in the TV show, though this was at the expense of a self-righting mechanism.


Did you know...

All these facts are about undefeated robots, like Typhoon, as mentioned above.

  • ...that 20 robots in the history of Robot Wars never picked up a combat defeat?
  • ...that Tut Tut holds the record for most battles without defeat, at 7? (6 wins, 1 draw)
  • ...that Typhoon amassed the most trophies of all undefeated robots, with three?

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Robot Wars Extreme 2 - Middleweight Final

Robot Wars Extreme 2 - Middleweight Final


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