The Series 2 Robot Wars Set was the second evolution of the Robot Wars Arena. Designed, as with the first arena, by Steve Clark, the set was located once again in London's docklands. The set featured few changes outside of the battle arena- the large Robot Wars door, neon decoration and balcony configuration all remained in place.


The Series 2 Arena

The Arena was made of plywood, a fact that could be seen by the sharp front blade of Cassius digging into the arena floor.

General DescriptionEdit

The Arena was a plywood square, surrounded with a small metal wall and metal bars, and with a large Robot Wars logo with a sliding door to give access to the arena. The arena was once again furnished by salvaged scrap metal that lined the arena, and had large metal cones made to resemble metal trees. Notably different however, was the change in lighting, reverting to a rapidly alternating yellow, green and blue ambient light, rather than the constant red and blue of the previous wars. Also changed from the previous wars was that the competitors now only competed from the cherry pickers, which incidentally were now roofed, unlike in the first series, on either side of the balcony. When set up for the Gauntlet, the area in front of the sign was dominated by a steel cage, replacing the rotating turntable of the previous wars, the area was blocked off for the Arena stage.

Battle ArenaEdit

The second incarnation of the arena featured many hazards, most of which were used in the Gauntlet which now varied from heat to heat. In its Gauntlet configuration, the Series 2 arena consisted of a litany of obstacles, including the ramrig, Flame Pits, both static and moving ramps, the Pit of Oblivion, breezeblock walls, and, in later heats and the Semi-Finals, The Sentinel.

In its Arena configuration, the set featured new obstacles to replace the hazards that had been retired, specifically the Corner Patrol Zones, below floor-level grilles and the steel bars that lined the arena wall. Additionally, the pendulum was remodeled into a spiked cube and hung from outside the Perimeter Patrol Zone, again primarily serving as an atmospheric object rather than a genuine hazard. Other hazards retained from the Series 1 arena included the pyramids, which now lined the back of the PPZ instead of being evenly distributed around the arena, as well as the slow-firing arena spikes, which again played a much more minimal role compared to their Series 3 versions.

Panda monium matilda

Panda Monium pays the price for straying into the PPZ

The first of three major changes for the Series 2 arena layout was the replacement of the Corner Patrol Zones (CPZs) with the Perimeter Patrol Zone, or PPZ. The PPZ was an area marked with black and yellow stripes (black and red in Heats A to F) which ran around the circumference of the arena, where the House Robots were free to attack any competitor that strayed into it. The PPZ was capable of housing all five House Robots at any one time. Many Series 2 arena battles tended to end with one robot straying into a PPZ and being attacked by the House Robots until they became immobilised, although robots such as Roadblock and Inquisitor did manage to escape on occasions.

Killertron vs Orac

Killertron roasts Orac over the Flame Pit

The next major introduction was the Flame Pit, which was positioned inside the PPZ and consisted of a large grille which spouted flames from beneath the floor. In this series, the introduction of Sir Killalot saw the Flame Pit play a far greater role, with Sir Killalot usually carrying robots over the flames with his jaws or steel rod. The Flame Pit was crucial in setting fire to flammable armour and fluids, as well as causing damage to a robot's internals if they were carried, driven or pushed onto it. It also proved one of the more visually spectacular hazards in the earlier series of Robot Wars, and were especially hazardous to the considerably less advanced competitors from this series.

Killertron vs Technophobic

Technophobic becomes the first robot to be pushed into the infamous Pit of Oblivion

The last and most famous addition was the Pit of Oblivion. The Pit was a one-metre cubed hole filled with old tyres and pyrotechnic effects, which would be used to eliminate competitors immediately if they drove in, or were pushed in by another robot. The Pit was large enough to fit most competitor robots and even the House Robots, one notable instance being Sir Killalot falling in during Mortis' Pinball run in the first Semi Final. When a competitor robot fell into the Pit, a plume of smoke would fire, signalling the robot's defeat. The pit would be retained for all subsequent series, and became one of the arena's most famous hazards.

Arena PerimeterEdit


Famous roboteer Rex Garrod competes from a cherry picker


Host Craig Charles talks from the balcony

The balcony behind the arena and above the large Robot Wars logo remained virtually unchanged from the first war, the neon metal sculptures and tree-like cones all remained as they were. The most notable change outside of the arena was the cherry pickers, which now had roofs over the top. The other important change was that competitors now competed only from the cherry pickers, with the notable exception of the Football trial, which required all robots to compete at the same time. During this event, roboteers would be distributed between the cherry pickers and the balcony, as in the last series.

Changes from the Previous SeriesEdit

  • Cherry pickers now had rooves.
  • The ambient light was changed from red and blue to alternating blue, yellow and green.
  • The Perimeter Patrol Zone replaced the Corner Patrol Zones.
  • The Pit of Oblivion replaced the grills set below floor level.
  • The Gauntlet set became more adaptable, and the setup changed between heats.

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