The Special Events of Robot Wars: The Third Wars were three special battles held alongside the main competition during Robot Wars: The Third Wars and broadcast between rounds in the heats, alongside the two trial events. These consisted of the Middleweight Melee and two battles featuring walkerbots. Other events were originally intended but were cancelled at the last minute due to an accident in the pits. These cancelled events included the Middleweight Championship, Super Heavyweight Championship and the Sumo trial event.

Episode SummaryEdit

This is a list to summarise which event was held during each episode of Series 3. The list includes the Robotic Soccer and Pinball trial events which were also broadcast throughout the series.

Middleweight MeleeEdit

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Tentoumushi vs Hard Cheese vs Grinder vs A-Kill vs Ripper's Revenge

Joint Winners: Tentoumushi & A-Kill

Walker BattlesEdit

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