The Grand Final of Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars was a series of battles which determined the Grand Champion of Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars. It was fought between the four robots that had progressed through their heats and the Semi-Finals. There were two Grand Final Eliminators to decide which robots would make the Grand Final, followed by a play-off for third and fourth. Finally, the Grand Champion was determined in the Grand Final. The episode featuring the Grand Final was broadcast on October 4, 2002 on BBC Choice and repeated on March 7, 2003 on BBC Two.



Firestorm 4 (seeded 3rd, winner of Heat B, qualified from Semi-Final 1)
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.36 x 1.10 x 0.83m
Power Electric motors
Weapons Pneumatic flipper
Strengths Excellent manouverability
Weaknesses 2 Wheel drive
From: Langley Moor in Durham
Team Members: Graham Bone & Hazel Heslop
Razer 001
Razer (seeded 1st, winner of Heat A, qualified from Semi-Final 1)
Weight 96kg
Dimensions 0.55 x 1.10 x 0.63m
Power 2 x 1000W electric motors
Weapons Hydraulic Piercer (According to the statboard, a spike)
Strengths Nimble & very accurate
Weaknesses Slow self-righting
From: Bournemouth in Dorset
Team Members: Ian Lewis, Simon Scott & Vincent Blood
Terrorhurtz (winner of Heat I, qualified from Semi-Final 2)
Weight 99kg
Dimensions 0.50 x 1.25 x 1.05m
Power 2 x 1000W electric motors
Weapons Double-headed axe
Strengths Strong armour
Weaknesses Unpredictable
From: Oxford in Oxfordshire
Team Members: John Reid & Dominic Parkinson
Tornado (seeded 12th, winner of Heat G, qualified from Semi-Final 2)
Weight 98kg
Dimensions 0.41 x 1.93 x 1.38m
Power 2 x 750W electric motors
Weapons Interchangeable
Strengths Interchangeable weaponry
Weaknesses Unreliable
From: Sawtry in Cambridgeshire
Team Members: Andrew Marchant, David Gamble & Bryan Moss


Razer (1) vs TerrorhurtzEdit

Razer vs Terrorhurtz

Razer pierces Terrorhurtz

Razer immediately grabbed hold of Terrorhurtz, pushed it into the arena wall and pierced through its outer shell, as Terrorhurtz cleaved thin air with its axe.

"And look at Razer, already crumpling, already ripping, and tearing through that polycarbonate armour."
— Jonathan Pearce
Terrorhurtz pitted

Terrorhurtz is pitted

Razer lifted its opponent, but Terrorhurtz brought itself down by swinging its axe into its baseplate, only for Razer to repeat the process and cause more damage. Razer then reversed into the pit release button and took Terrorhurtz over to the pit of oblivion. Terrorhurtz frantically tried to escape by swinging its axe, but Razer eventually dropped it into the open pit.

"Terrorhurtz, unseeded, and the brilliant run comes to an end, and Razer march on. So close to another title now."
— Jonathan Pearce as Razer disposes of Terrorhurtz to secure its place in the final

Winner: Razer

Firestorm 4 (3) vs Tornado (12)Edit

Tornado vs Firestorm IV

Firestorm flips Tornado

Tornado started quickly, immediately proving that its scoop was lower to the ground than Firestorm's. Tornado pushed Firestorm 4 around the arena and into Mr. Psycho's CPZ, but it quickly escaped. Firestorm 4 came back strong, pushing Tornado into Shunt, who attacked with the axe, creating a large chasm in Tornado's armour. Firestorm 4 chased Tornado around, and the latter activated the pit release button. Tornado pushed Firestorm 4 into a CPZ, where Shunt attacked both robots, but Firestorm 4 came back and pushed Tornado into another CPZ.

"What a battle this is! Very even."
— Jonathan Pearce

On another charge, the two robots' wedges were evenly matched for the first time, which allowed Firestorm 4 to get underneath Tornado on a second try and flipped it over so that Tornado's front wedge became useless. However, Firestorm 4 flipped it back over and Tornado rammed Firestorm 4 into the arena wall again.

Firestorm 3 vs Tornado

Tornado pushes Firestorm 4 towards the pit of oblivion

""Come into my parlour" said the spider to the fly, and Firestorm did just that."
— Jonathan Pearce as Firestorm 4 drives onto Tornado's wedge.

Tornado got underneath again and tried to push Firestorm 4 into the pit, but just missed, then reversed and pushed Firestorm 4 into the pit of oblivion on the second attempt.

Winner: Tornado


Firestorm 4 (3) vs TerrorhurtzEdit

Firestorm IV vs Terrorhurtz

Terrorhurtz axes Firestorm 4, resulting in the latter losing its main drive

Firestorm 4 started quickly and attacked Terrorhurtz, but then it drove into the CPZ and was attacked by Shunt. Terrorhurtz came in, knocked off Firestorm 4's link cover with the axe and dislodged the link itself; however Terrorhurtz stopped moving, its speed controller having malfunctioned. Despite having its main drive incapacitated, Firestorm 4 was still able to turn and shuffle forwards across the arena, resulting in Terrorhurtz being counted out even as it repeatedly threw itself off the floor with its axe.

Terrorhurtz vs Firestorm 3

Refbot counts out Terrorhurtz

"And that maddened spurt and spasm at the start of this third, fourth place playoff did them in."
— Jonathan Pearce as Terrorhurtz is counted out

Terrorhurtz continued to swing its axe, momentarily ending up near the Flame Pit. Dead Metal came in and attempted to push Terrorhurtz away; the House Robot backed off after sustaining two axe blows from the defeated Team Hurtz machine, before trying to slice Terrohurtz's side. Shunt eventually pushed Terrorhurtz away, before slowly positioning it onto the Floor Flipper.

"That's going to be moving at Christmas in the Year 2050, that axe."
— Jonathan Pearce as Terrorhurtz wildly swings its axe.

The Floor Flipper threw Terrorhurtz across the arena, resulting in it landing upside-down. Terrorhurtz self-righted despite being pushed again by Dead Metal, and continued swinging its axe even as the two House Robots surrounded and pitted it. With this, Firestorm 4 claimed third place for the second successive series; the third time in which it finished in this position.

Winner: Firestorm 4


Razer (1) vs Tornado (12)Edit

This was the first (and only) series to feature the top and bottom seeds in the Grand Final together. In the pits before the battle it was revealed that Tornado had been fitted with a giant spinning blade supported by a massive frame, built especially for battles against Razer. The Razer team responded by fitting an upward-facing claw designed to grab hold of Tornado's massive frame.

Tornado slams Razer

Tornado slams into Razer.

Dead Metal Razer

Tornado forces Razer into Dead Metal

Razer started quickly and went in on the attack, but the frame on Tornado meant that it was unable to grab hold of the main body of the robot, which meant that Tornado was in full control of the battle and repeatedly pushed Razer around the arena.

"What a final, for Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars! Intrigue, mystery, suspense!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Tornado pushed Razer into the arena wall a few times, and Razer eventually became wedged onto the arena wall and stuck on the side of the arena. Tornado took this opportunity to smash into Razer again and again, before Razer finally broke free.

"And Tornado, systematic, in its pressure, in its desire, and in its drive."
— Jonathan Pearce as Tornado repeatedly slams Razer

Tornado then pushed Razer into the CPZ, but it was able to escape before Dead Metal could attack. Tornado continued to push Razer around the arena and back into Dead Metal and then into Shunt, who attacked Razer with his axe.

Razer Tornado 1

Razer is lifted up and axed by Shunt

Razer vs tornado

Razer is unable to pit Tornado

The pit release button was activated, but Razer finally managed to grab hold of Tornado's frame and lifted it into the air. Razer carried it toward the pit, but the massive frame of Tornado meant that it would not fit and was suspended above the pit, unable to drop down.

"They can't get them down the pit! Look at that, it's an anti-pit device as well!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Razer desperately tries to pit Tornado.

Razer held Tornado there for the last ten seconds of the battle and cease was called. The judges inspected both robots for damage and finally decided, with one of the most controversial decisions in the history of Robot Wars, that Tornado (the lowest placed seed) was the new UK Champion.

Sixth Wars Grand Champion: Tornado

Craig Charles: "Light the fireworks!"
Philippa Forrester: "Cue the applause!"
Craig Charles: "We've got a brand new champion"
Both: "On Robot Wars!"
— Craig and Philippa's sign-off

Tornado, the Sixth Wars Grand Champion


This result has spawned a war between fans of Razer and Tornado over who the rightful champion is, that continues to this day. Razer fans argue that Tornado's frame made it impossible for it to go down the pit, and so accuse the team of cheating to win. This may be because of Jonathan Pearce mistakenly labelling the frame as an "anti-pit device", which only intensified the debate. Technically speaking, Tornado could be pitted with the frame, if all the wheels were over the pit and it could not escape without interference. This was not the case, as Razer was holding onto Tornado, which does not count as an immobilisation, due to the long enforced rule that pinning or holding a robot for 30 seconds does not constitute immobilisation. Had Razer released Tornado while it was over the pit, Tornado would have been deemed immobilised/pitted, and Razer would have won. Due to this, as well as Tornado's dominance throughout the fight, Tornado was deemed the winner.

Another point raised in defence of the frame is that if Tornado were to be placed diagonally over the pit with the sides of its frame facing towards opposing corners of the gap (say for example, the bottom right corner of the pit and the top left corner) and then if Razer lifted it up, Tornado would fit between the corners of the hole and this would enable Razer to lower Tornado down into the bottom of the pit. In addition, the maximum size for robots in Robot Wars is 2 metres long by 1.4 metres wide, which is technically larger than the pit itself. Tornado's measurements, with the cage attached, were just under this maximum size.

Another argument raised is the question of the fairness and sportsmanship of Team Tornado being allowed to construct and use such a frame, with detractors stating that they feel it is unfair to extensively modify a robot between rounds in such a manner, and that it was too much of a defensive addition, which was a rule that Tornado had to abide by earlier in the series when it was banned from using its "anti-spinner weapon" against Hypno-Disc. Supporters have replied that is one of many oddities and questionable inclusions in the rules, such as the inclusion of clusterbots, and that the inclusion of the spinning disc meant it was enough of an offensive weapon to be allowed.

Trivia Edit

  • Tornado became the first robot ever to win the UK Championship while beating the previous winner en route to the title, and in the process, Razer became the first UK Champion to obtain the runner-up position after being crowned champion. Both feats were repeated in Series 10.
  • Terrorhurtz became the third robot with an overhead weapon to reach a Grand Final.
  • This was Firestorm's third and final Grand Final.
  • The Sixth Wars Grand Final was the only Grand Final where neither of the robots in the final battle were armed with a lifting or flipping weapon, although Razer added a hook on the end of its claw to act as a makeshift lifter.
  • All four Grand Finalists defeated at least one of the previous year's semi-finalists en route to the Grand Final. This had previously occurred in Series 3 and 5.