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Robot wars board game

Robot Wars: The Game box

"Create your own carnage in the mechanised mother of all wars!"
— Part of the blurb on the back of the box

Robot Wars: The Game was a board game released around the time of the Fourth Wars. It came with six steel, silver coloured robot figurines that were based on the robots Razer, Panic Attack, Chaos 2, Suicidal Tendencies, Bolt from the Blue and Destruct-A-Bubble, however there were a number of faults with these figurines. Razer had no self-righting wings and the claw was not curved, Chaos 2 had a triangular wheel cover on each side that wasn't present on the actual robot, Suicidal Tendencies had its front scoop which it only used in BattleBots, and Destruct-A-Bubble did not display its spike weapon. On the other hand Panic Attack and Bolt From The Blue were relatively accurate.

Playing the gameEdit


The weapons cards

The game can be played by 2-6 players and is normally played over around 45 minutes. Unfortunately, the game is very hard to understand and very few people know how to play it. The contents included a score sheet, 64 (approximately) yellow coins as well as weapon and battle cards. The game starts by each player rolling a dice (there are six included with the game) 10 times in order to earn coins. Rolling a 2, 4 or 6 bags you a coin. Then you start to 'build' your robot. Think carefully - do you want a fast robot, a powerful one or a highly manoeuvrable one? If you have 4-6 players, the battle cards will determine who fights who and when. Then a dice is rolled to see who goes first. Finally, you need a weapon for your robot.


Game controller


  • Speed: Perhaps the most vital capability. Speed indicates how many spaces you can move around the war zone (maximum 8 spaces). However, if you are unlucky enough to have your speed down to '0', you are immobilised.
  • Power: This statistic indicates how well you can push. If you can, splash out and go to 'F.B.S.' (Forward, backwards and sideways). That way, you can push opponents in any direction.
  • Manoeuvrability: This tells you how many 90 degree turns you can make during a go (maximum 4 turns). If your manoeuvrability is down to zero, you can still turn, but only after all your moves have gone.

The GameEdit

After choosing your weapon, the game starts. After each roboteer has taken five turns, remove the pit tile. If, after everyone has taken 15 turns, there is no clear winner, total up the number of damage points. The player with the most damage goes out of the competition.


Silver coloured robot figurines

Damage pointsEdit

If you drive onto an angle grinder, a flame pit, the floor flipper, a spike, a C.P.Z. or get attacked by an opponent, you get damage points. If you get 5 damage points or more, you have to roll either the yellow or the black dice. Sometimes, you have to roll the yellow dice more than once at the same time, or even roll both dice in one go. Mostly, you roll the yellow dice, which will lower one of your capabilities by one. The only exception is when you end up in a C.P.Z., where you have to roll the black dice. This dice contains R.I.P., meaning that you lose automatically if unlucky. Also, not forgetting the infamous pit, which results in instant immobilization.

Winning the gameEdit

The player who has won the grand final wins the game.

Robot Wars: The Game, with all the pieces

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