Heat E of Robot Wars: The First Wars was the fifth of six heats which determined the Grand Finalists of Robot Wars: The First Wars. The episode featuring Heat E was originally broadcast on March 20, 1998 on BBC Two.


Incorrect labyrinth results

The official results

There were a series of Errors in the Labyrinth Trial of this heat.

  • Psychosprout was misspelled as Pyschosprout
  • REALI-T and Bodyhammer's placings were mistakenly reversed, putting Bodyhammer second and REALI-T fourth.

Intriguingly, Heat E was also the only heat not to follow the regular UK Championship format of the placings in the Trials. If the results had been listed correctly, Bodyhammer (fourth) would have fought REALI-T (second), and Full Metal Anorak (first) would have fought Torque of the Devil (third). Even with the incorrect listings, the format should have been the same, but it was ignored, for reasons unknown.

Competing robotsEdit

Weight 78.9kg
Dimensions 0.80m x 0.80m x 0.60m
Speed 9mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 15mm
Power 4 x 18V domestic drill motors
Weapons Hammer
From: Gloucester
Team Members: Robin Herrick, Andrew Dayton-Lovett & Steve Jones
Full Metal Anorak
Full Metal Anorak
Weight 28.5kg
Dimensions 0.80m x 0.67m x 0.25m
Speed 12mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 10mm
Power 12V motor
Weapons Blade & tusks
From: Maldon
Team Members: Paul Baxter
Weight 24.3kg
Dimensions 1.00m x 1.00m x 1.00m
Speed 5mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 0mm
Power Electric motor
Weapons None
From: Ludlow
Team Members: Toby Marsden & Chris Marsden
Reali t official image
Weight 40.8kg
Dimensions 0.95m x 0.80m x 0.30m
Speed 9mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 25mm
Power 6 x 90W motors
Weapons Steel spikes
From: Worcester
Team Members: Richard Finch, Craig Williams & Tim Calladene
Torque Of The Devil
Torque of the Devil
Weight 57.9kg
Dimensions 1.04m x 0.65m x 0.65m
Speed 4mph
Turning Circle 0m
Ground Clearance 10mm
Power 12V motor
Weapons Blade & drill
From: Haverfordwest
Team Members: Adam Pengilly & Lee Chenery
Weight 24.4kg
Dimensions 1.10m x 0.70m x 0.35m
Speed 8mph
Turning Circle 2m
Ground Clearance 5mm
Power 24W wheelchair control unit
Weapons 2 large spikes
From: Biggleswade
Team Members: Oliver Brown, Nick Brown & Tom Anthony


Competing order: 1. Full Metal Anorak 2. Torque of the Devil 3. Bodyhammer 4. Wharthog 5. Psychosprout 6. REALI-T
Ranking Competing Robot Report Distance
REALI-T REALI-T took the centre ramp route, taking a little while to get onto the ramp, but successfully crossing it in the end. It then took the second ramp, dodging the drills, and slowly covered the ramp, paused to let the pendulum pass, and darted into the end zone. Completed
Full Metal Anorak Full Metal Anorak went for the maze route - managing to traversed the maze but catching slightly on the last part. It bumped into the landmines, then made a quick burst of speed that carried it across the spikes and into the end zone. Completed
Bodyhammer gauntlet
Bodyhammer Bodyhammer began by taking on the maze, taking the first turns well, but struggling through the next few. It finished the maze and passed the land mines, putting on a burst of speed to pass the grilles and spikes. It swerved to avoid the spikes, but caught itself briefly on the grille. However, it was able to escape and speed into the end zone. Completed
Psychosprout Psychosprout ponderously rolled out of the turntable, and chose to take the left route. Sergeant Bash rammed it, bathing it in fire, and pushing it up against some pyramids.
"A rolling stone gathers no moss, a rolling sprout gathers a Sergeant Bash!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Bash freed Psychosprout from the pyramids, and battered it, causing it to roll up the course further. Psychosprout rolled to a stop when Bash retreated, but it had travelled far enough to qualify.

Bash grille torque of the devil
Torque of the Devil Like Wharthog, Torque of the Devil was unfortunate, as the turntable was pointing to the side when activate was called. Unlike Wharthog, however, it saved some of the delay by reversing out, but it was unable to turn and drive quick enough to avoid Sergeant Bash closing in. The two large robots battered each other, but Bash ultimately won by driving both of them onto a grille. Bash was able to escape, but Torque of the Devil was not.
"I don't think they're going to get out of there! To err is human, to grr is Robot!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Wharthog Gauntlet
Wharthog Wharthog was unfortunate, as the turntable was pointing on an obscure angle when activate was called, and had to wait until an exit was available. Wharthog ran into the maze walls, and part of its wedge dented, jamming Wharthog in place. The robot could not move for the remainder of the run. The team was miserable after their performance, with Nick Browne storming into the pits immediately to escape the post-run interview with Jeremy Clarkson, and Oliver Browne refusing to speak to him.
Jeremy Clarkson: "You don't look desperately happy"
Oliver Browne: "It's 'cause I'm not!"
— The extent of the interview
Eliminated: Wharthog

Trial (Labyrinth)Edit

Labyrinth trial

Full Metal Anorak runs to the aid of REALI-T against Matilda, with Torque of the Devil making slow progress. The flames in the background are Bash and Shunt attacking Bodyhammer


Full Metal Anorak and Torque of the Devil converged on one entrance, whilst REALI-T and Psychosprout went for another. Full Metal Anorak and REALI-T got in first, and Psychosprout rolled backwards from REALI-T's push through. Bodyhammer followed REALI-T through, and Torque of the Devil also entered.

Individual performancesEdit

1. Full Metal Anorak - Full Metal Anorak led Torque of the Devil through, and both machines were blocked by Sergeant Bash. Full Metal Anorak pushed at it, and when Sergeant Bash pulled back, Full Metal Anorak shot through and caught up with Bodyhammer. Full Metal Anorak went left and navigated the last few sections, making the endzone.

"But look at this - he's fed up with waiting - I think he's trying to help out the others now!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Full Metal Anorak went to the aid of REALI-T, who was being blocked by Matilda. Full Metal Anorak rammed Matilda, drawing the House Robot's attention away from REALI-T, as the House Robot pursued Full Metal Anorak into the endzone as time ran out.

Bodyhammer trial

Bodyhammer loses crucial distance in the last 7 seconds

Psychsprout trial

Psychosprout still at the start

Jeremy Clarkson: "That was a fine performance. Any problems?"
Paul Baxter: "Bit of wheel spin, and boredom. I wanted to get a bit of damage on Matilda at the end."
— After the run

2. REALI-T - Once in the maze, REALI-T charged forward, but slammed into reverse to dodge a blast of fire from the nearby Bash. The dodge allowed it to escape, but Bodyhammer charged in and pressed it against a side wall. REALI-T followed Bodyhammer through, but went right when Bodyhammer went left. It ran into Matilda, and spent much of the remaining time trying to push past the house robot. Full Metal Anorak came out and helped it, allowing REALI-T to gain some ground once Matilda moved off. However, it just missed the end zone as cease was called.

Philippa Forrester: "I keep advising people - not to combat directly with our house robots."
Team REALI-T: "We've got to give it a go"
Philippa Forrester: "Does anyone ever listen to me? Nope! No one ever listens to a thing I say!"
— Post Trial interview

3. Torque of the Devil - Torque of the Devil had a very ponderous progression through the labyrinth. It was blocked by Sergeant Bash, and was unable to follow Full Metal Anorak through its brief opening. Eventually, it passed Bash and managed to avoid the action, ending the Trial several metres behind REALI-T.

4. Bodyhammer - Bodyhammer gained the most ground, bulldozing REALI-T into the side and promptly ramming itself into the walls. It recovered and shot into the end sections, where it had a choice of left or right. It chose left, and was promptly caught by Shunt and Bash, negating any chances it had of making the end zone. In the final moments, Bash shoved Bodyhammer back the crucial metres needed to keep its placing, and blasted it with fire. Bodyhammer was the furthest from the end when cease was called.

5. Psychosprout - After being pushed back by REALI-T, Psychosprout did not move. The progress of all four other robots was irrelevant, as Psychosprout put up no challenge and was eliminated.

Eliminated: Psychosprout



Bodyhammer vs Torque of the DevilEdit


Bodyhammer slams Torque of the Devil into the side

Philippa Forrester: "Bodyhammer! Where's your hammer?"
Team Cold Fusion: "We had a small problem...the weapons pod is now a destructor"
Philippa Forrester: "Ok...I hope it works!"
Jonathan Pearce: "Well they've been my tips throughout, but I wonder if that will make a difference in this semi-final."
— Before the battle
Dead Metal Torque of the devil

Dead Metal's pincers claw through the head of Torque of the Devil

Bodyhammer's hammer wasn't working when it came to the arena so the team was forced to change the weapon to a spike. Bodyhammer was still the quicker, zooming around and ramming Torque of the Devil in its blind spot. It pushed it around, freed itself and rammed again. Torque of the Devil slowly manoeuvred to attack with its spinning disc, but the disc was easily stopped by Bodyhammer's charge . Bodyhammer then pushed it into the side wall and onto the side bars which meant that Torque of the Devil could not drive free. Dead Metal came in and pinched with its pincers, cutting through the plaster on Torque of the Devil's head and rear. Shunt axed it and pulled it free, but Bodyhammer wasted no time in rushing up for another attack. It rammed Torque of the Devil back onto the sides, also giving Dead Metal a quick bashing as he was close by, and cease was called.

Winner: Bodyhammer

Full Metal Anorak vs REALI-TEdit

REALI-T vs Full Metal Anorak

REALI-T shunts Full Metal Anorak into the side wall

The two middleweight robots rammed into each other twice in quick succession, before running away from each other. Neither robot made an offensive move towards the other, but Sergeant Bash came charging out, disc first, and charged both machines. REALI-T managed to survive the attack from the disc, and charged into Full Metal Anorak. The two continued to batter at each other.

"They say, at this time, REALI-T just pleasing the judges more than Full Metal Anorak. Their decision is final, not mine"
— Jonathan Pearce during the battle

REALI-T remained on the offensive, and Full Metal Anorak was unable to prepare a charge. It made one attack, but was unsuccessful in doing damage. REALI-T then shoved Full Metal Anorak - nearly onto a grille - into the side wall, REALI-T also caused superficial damage to Full Metal Anorak with its spikes. Full Metal Anorak was now demonstrating excessive evasion, which was counting against it. The robots collided, and Full Metal Anorak ricocheted off and onto a grille, rendering it immobile, and as a result cease was called.

Jeremy Clarkson: "Well congratulations, you're through to the next round, with the noisiest machine of the lot!"
Jonathan Pearce: "That sounds almost like a demented, mechanised cricket to me"
— Compliments made on REALI-T's electronic siren

Winner: REALI-T


Bodyhammer vs REALI-TEdit

Bodyhammer reali-t shunt

Shunt frees Bodyhammer from the grilles

Both robots circled each other repeatedly, and Bodyhammer ran into Dead Metal. Pulling back, the robots collided, but Matilda was interfering with the battle, as it was pinned to REALI-T's spike. Both robots entered Matilda's CPZ, where Bodyhammer knocked REALI-T hard against a pyramid, and REALI-T was then thrust against the side wall by Matilda.

Reali-t immobilised

REALI-T against the edge of the arena

"And she looks grumpy! I think she's suffering from PMT! Pre-mechanical tension!"
— Jonathan Pearce
REALI-T managed to escape, but meanwhile, Bodyhammer who steered clear of the patrolling Sergeant Bash had driven onto a grille partially. REALI-T rammed it on completely - however, more activity unfolded. REALI-T drove around the arena, using its spikes in a vain attempt to push Shunt out of the way as he came down and freed Bodyhammer from the grilles in an act of controversy, as it was the norm for cease to be called immediately if a robot was on the grille.
"No, you don't take on Shunt, you take on Bodyhammer! Bodyhammer's off that grille, given a little bit of a Shunt of assistance."
— Jonathan Pearce
Shunt was now stuck on the grille, but Bodyhammer was freed. Meanwhile, REALI-T now with limited control was sitting beside the immobile Shunt, and Sergeant Bash rammed it partially onto the side bars, where Bodyhammer gave it a final push and officially immobilising it. Cease was finally called.

It turns out that REALI-T had lost a wheel when pushing Bodyhammer onto the grille, which then effected its steering.

Heat Winner: Bodyhammer

Trivia Edit

  • Bodyhammer making the Grand Final made it the first of four robots with an overhead weapon to make it into a Grand Final.

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