Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors was the US version of the British television game show, Robot Wars. It was broadcast on the TNN network (now known as the Spike Network and then Paramount Network) from 2001 to 2002. The show ran for two seasons, featuring two US Championships and various other competitions in a similar style to Robot Wars Extreme. Despite being made for an American audience and featuring US competitors, Extreme Warriors was actually filmed in the main Robot Wars TV studio in London, with the battles taking place in the main Robot Wars Arena.


Both seasons of Extreme Warriors were presented by professional wrestler Mick Foley. The pit reporter for the first season was Rebecca Grant, with Carol Grow taking over the role in the second season. Stefan Frank provided the commentary throughout the series, having previously provided commentary for the US broadcast of Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars on TNN.


Each season of Extreme Warriors featured a US Championship and various other competitions. The first season featured seven episodes, each containing a separate competition. The first US Championship was contained in one single episode, featuring 24 robots in four six-robot battles to decide the four semi-finalists. The second season focused more closely on the US Championship, with nine episodes devoted to it and only four episodes featuring other competitions. The second US Championship featured 48 robots divided into eight heats, with each heat champion progressing to the final show, which took the form of a straight knock-out between the eight competitors. Unlike in the UK version, the robots and teams were allowed to have visible sponsorships, because the show was aired on a commercial network.

According to the book Gearheads: The Turbulent Rise of Robotic Sports, no prize money was awarded nor were the champions allowed to keep the trophies they won. Each team did receive $2,000 for competing, however.

US ChampionsEdit

These are the champions, runners-up and semi-finalists of the two US Championships featured on Extreme Warriors.

Season Winner Runner-up Semi-Finalists
Extreme Warriors: Season 1 Panzer Mk 2 The Revolutionist Manta, The Brute
Extreme Warriors: Season 2 Panzer Mk 4 Tricerabot 3.0 Destructive Criticism, Falcon Mark 2