Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars was the fourth series of the British television game show Robot Wars. It was originally broadcast from 2000 to 2001 on BBC Two. The series was hosted by Craig Charles, the pit reporter was Julia Reed and commentary was provided by Jonathan Pearce.

The Fourth Wars was also broadcast in the US on the TNN network as Robot Wars: Grand Champions. This version of the show was hosted by Joanie Laurer, with commentary provided by Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors commentator Stefan Frank.

Heat F and M were switched, so Gemini and Wheely Big Cheese would fight in the semi-final, with the winner potentially getting to fight in a grudge match with the reigning champions Chaos 2. This failed as Gemini was beaten in the heat final.

This was the last series to feature an 80kg weight limit for robots, as this was raised to 100kg for the first series of Robot Wars Extreme.

Repeats of Series 4 started airing on H2, a subsidiary of the History channel, from 29th January 2016.


Craig Charles Julia Reed

Craig Charles and Julia Reed appear with the House Robots in a promotional shot

The series consisted of sixteen heats featuring six robots each with each heat champion progressing to the semi-finals and two robots from each going through to the Grand Final of the series. In the restructured heats the first round had two three-way eliminators instead of four one-on-one battles with two robots progressing to the next round.

Seeded robotsEdit

1. Chaos 2
2. Hypno-Disc
3. Razer
4. Panic Attack
5. Firestorm 2
6. Behemoth
7. Steg 2
8. Gemini
9. 101
10. Spawn of Scutter
11. Wild Thing
12. Evil Weevil 2
13. Gravedigger
14. Bigger Brother
15. Wheely Big Cheese
16. Killerhurtz

17. King B3
18. Cerberus
19. Pussycat
20. Aggrobot 2
21. Diotoir
22. X-Terminator 2
23. Mortis
24. Berserk 2
25. Shadow of Napalm
26. Plunderbird 4
27. Sir Chromalot
28. Weld-Dor 2
29. Dreadnaut XP-1
30. Stinger
31. Centurion
32. Suicidal Tendencies 2


Heat AEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Heat A

Robots competing in Heat A: Chaos 2, Atomic, Indefatigable, Medusa 2000, King B3, Attila the Drum


  • Indefatigable vs Atomic vs Chaos 2: Indefatigable eliminated
  • Attila The Drum vs King B3 vs Medusa 2000: Attila The Drum eliminated


  • Medusa 2000 vs Chaos 2: Chaos 2 won
  • King B3 vs Atomic: Atomic won


  • Chaos 2 vs Atomic: Chaos 2 won

Heat BEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Heat B

Robots competing in Heat B: Razer, Robochicken, Velocirippa, Milly-Ann Bug, Pussycat, Reptirron


  • Razer vs Velocirippa vs Robochicken: Velocirippa eliminated
  • Pussycat vs Milly-Ann Bug vs Reptirron: Reptirron eliminated


  • Razer vs Milly-Ann Bug: Razer won
  • Pussycat vs Robochicken: Pussycat won


  • Razer vs Pussycat: Pussycat won

Heat CEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Heat C

Robots competing in Heat C: Firestorm 2, The Morgue, Scar, Bolt from the Blue, Diotoir, Ming 2


  • Scar vs The Morgue vs Firestorm 2: The Morgue eliminated
  • Bolt From The Blue vs Diotoir vs Ming 2: Diotoir eliminated
Note: After the eliminators, Scar broke down and could not be fixed in time so The Morgue was reinstated.


  • Firestorm 2 vs Bolt From The Blue: Firestorm 2 won
  • Ming 2 vs The Morgue: The Morgue won


  • Firestorm 2 vs The Morgue: Firestorm 2 won

Heat DEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Heat D

Robots competing in Heat D: Steg 2, Crusader 2, Cronos, Iron-Awe, Mortis, Mazakari


  • Cronos vs Crusader 2 vs Steg 2: Cronos eliminated
  • Mortis vs Mazakari vs Iron-Awe: Mazakari eliminated


  • Iron-Awe vs Steg 2: Steg 2 won
  • Mortis vs Crusader 2: Mortis won


  • Steg 2 vs Mortis: Steg 2 won

Heat EEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Heat E

Robots competing in Heat E: 101, Dominator 2, Henry 2, Major Tom, Shadow of Napalm, Disc-O-Inferno


  • Henry 2 vs Dominator 2 vs 101: Henry 2 eliminated
  • Disc-O-Inferno vs Shadow of Napalm vs Major Tom: Disc-O-Inferno eliminated


  • Major Tom vs 101: 101 won
  • Shadow of Napalm vs Dominator 2: Dominator 2 won


  • Dominator 2 vs 101: Dominator 2 won

Heat FEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Heat F

Robots competing in Heat F: Gemini, Tornado, Kater Killer, Berserk 2, Inverterbrat, The Creature


  • Tornado vs Kater Killer vs Gemini: Kater Killer eliminated
  • Inverterbrat vs The Creature vs Berserk 2: Inverterbrat eliminated


  • Gemini vs The Creature: Gemini won
  • Tornado vs Berserk 2: Tornado won


  • Tornado vs Gemini: Tornado won

Heat GEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Heat G

Robots competing in Heat G: Gravedigger, Thermidor 2, Kronic the Wedgehog, Dreadnaut XP-1, Warhog, Darke Destroyer 2


  • Kronic the Wedgehog vs Gravedigger vs Thermidor 2: Gravedigger eliminated
  • Warhog vs Dreadnaut XP-1 vs Darke Destroyer 2: Warhog eliminated


  • Kronic the Wedgehog vs Darke Destroyer 2: Kronic the Wedgehog won
  • Dreadnaut XP-1 vs Thermidor 2: Thermidor 2 won


  • Kronic the Wedgehog vs Thermidor 2: Thermidor 2 won

Heat HEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Heat H

Robots competing in Heat H: Wheely Big Cheese, Prizephita Mach 2, Wheelosaurus, Killertron, Suicidal Tendencies 2, Maverick


  • Wheelosaurus vs Wheely Big Cheese vs Prizephita Mach 2: Prizephita Mach 2 eliminated
  • Maverick vs Suicidal Tendencies 2 vs Killertron: Maverick eliminated


  • Wheely Big Cheese vs Killertron: Wheely Big Cheese won
  • Suicidal Tendencies 2 vs Wheelosaurus: Suicidal Tendencies 2 won


  • Wheely Big Cheese vs Suicidal Tendencies 2: Wheely Big Cheese won

Heat IEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Heat I

Robots competing in Heat I: Killerhurtz, Destruct-A-Bubble, Splinter, Eric, Centurion, Small Torque


  • Eric vs Killerhurtz vs Destruct-A-Bubble: Destruct-A-Bubble eliminated
  • Splinter vs Small Torque vs Centurion: Centurion eliminated


  • Killerhurtz vs Splinter: Splinter won
  • Small Torque vs Eric: Eric won


  • Splinter vs Eric: Splinter won

Heat JEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Heat J

Robots competing in Heat J: Bigger Brother, Clawed Hopper, Bulldog Breed 2, Hammer & Tong, Stinger, Spikasaurus


  • Clawed Hopper vs Hammer & Tong vs Bigger Brother: Clawed Hopper eliminated
  • Bulldog Breed 2 vs Spikasaurus vs Stinger: Spikasaurus eliminated


  • Bigger Brother vs Bulldog Breed 2: Bulldog Breed 2 won
  • Stinger vs Hammer & Tong: Stinger won


  • Bulldog Breed 2 vs Stinger: Stinger won

Heat KEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Heat K

Robots competing in Heat K: Evil Weevil 2, Tiberius, Mousetrap, Little Fly, Weld-Dor 2, Sump Thing


  • Evil Weevil 2 vs Mousetrap vs Tiberius: Evil Weevil 2 eliminated
  • Sump Thing vs Little Fly vs Weld-Dor 2: Weld-Dor 2 eliminated


  • Tiberius vs Little Fly: Little Fly won
  • Sump Thing vs Mousetrap: Mousetrap won


  • Little Fly vs Mousetrap: Mousetrap won

Heat LEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Heat L

Robots competing in Heat L: Spawn of Scutter, Banshee, Knightmare, Vercingetorix, Plunderbird 4, Fat Boy Tin


  • Knightmare vs Banshee vs Spawn of Scutter: Banshee eliminated
  • Vercingetorix vs Fat Boy Tin vs Plunderbird 4: Fat Boy Tin eliminated


  • Spawn of Scutter vs Vercingetorix: Spawn of Scutter won
  • Plunderbird 4 vs Knightmare: Knightmare won


  • Spawn of Scutter vs Knightmare: Spawn of Scutter won

Heat MEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Heat M

Robots competing in Heat M: Wild Thing, Humphrey, The Steel Avenger, Reactor, Sir Chromalot, Scorpion


  • The Steel Avenger vs Wild Thing vs Humphrey: Humphrey eliminated
  • Scorpion vs Reactor vs Sir Chromalot: Scorpion eliminated


  • Wild Thing vs Reactor: Wild Thing won
  • The Steel Avenger vs Sir Chromalot: The Steel Avenger won


  • Wild Thing vs The Steel Avenger: Wild Thing won

Heat NEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Heat N

Robots competing in Heat N: Behemoth, Arnold, Arnold Terminegger, Rambot, Judge Shred 2, Millennium Bug, X-Terminator 2


  • Arnold, Arnold Terminegger vs Rambot vs Behemoth: Rambot eliminated
  • Millennium Bug vs X-Terminator 2 vs Judge Shred 2: Millennium Bug eliminated


  • Behemoth vs Judge Shred 2: Behemoth won
  • X-Terminator 2 vs Arnold, Arnold Terminegger: X-Terminator 2 won


  • X-Terminator 2 vs Behemoth: X-Terminator 2 won

Heat OEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Heat O

Robots competing in Heat O: Panic Attack, S.M.I.D.S.Y., Overkill GTI, Saw Point, Aggrobot 2, Oblivion 2


  • Panic Attack vs Overkill GTI vs S.M.I.D.S.Y.: Overkill GTI eliminated
  • Aggrobot 2 vs Oblivion 2 vs Saw Point: Oblivion 2 eliminated


  • Panic Attack vs Saw Point: Panic Attack won
  • Aggrobot 2 vs S.M.I.D.S.Y.: S.M.I.D.S.Y. won


  • Panic Attack vs S.M.I.D.S.Y.: Panic Attack won

Heat PEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Heat P

Robots competing in Heat P: Hypno-Disc, The Predator, Raizer Blade, V-Max, Cerberus, Terror-Bull

Note: V-Max was a reserve robot, who was instated after Onslaught was forced to withdraw due to technical difficulties.


  • Raizer Blade vs Hypno-Disc vs The Predator: The Predator eliminated
  • Terror-Bull vs Cerberus vs V-Max: Cerberus eliminated


  • Hypno-Disc vs V-Max: Hypno-Disc won
  • Raizer Blade vs Terror-Bull: Raizer Blade won


  • Hypno-Disc vs Raizer Blade: Hypno-Disc won


Semi-Final 1Edit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Semi-Final 1

Round 1

Round 2

Semi-Final 2Edit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Semi-Final 2

Round 1

Round 2

Grand FinalEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Grand Final





Main article: Robot Wars Awards

These are the winners of the various awards given out at the end of the series:

Trial CompetitionsEdit

Like Series 3, two trials from Series 2 were held as competitions during the series. Pinball returned from the last series, whilst Soccer was replaced with Sumo. The winner was the robot with the best score at the end.


Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Pinball Warrior Tournament

Robots Competing: 101, Hypno-Disc, Spikasaurus, Stinger, Spawn of Scutter, Attila the Drum, Bigger Brother, S.M.I.D.S.Y., King B3, Razer, Banshee, Diotoir, Gemini, Firestorm 2, Invertabrat, Killerhurtz.

Winner: Gemini


Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Sumo Basho

The Robot Wars Sumo Basho tournament was a head-to-head with Shunt. The aim was to push the house robot off the podium, or else hold on as long as possible. Cease was called after one minute.

Robots Competing: Spawn of Scutter, Firestorm 2, Diotoir, Onslaught, Scorpion, Destruct-A-Bubble, S.M.I.D.S.Y., Kater Killer, Maverick, X-Terminator 2, Razer, Pussycat, Panic Attack, Behemoth, Bigger Brother, Thermidor 2.

Winner: Panic Attack

Christmas SpecialsEdit

During the Fourth Wars, a number of special shows were held over the Christmas period. These Christmas Specials were a Celebrity Special, Tag Team Terror, Northern Annihilator, Southern Annihilator and War of Independence.

Celebrity SpecialEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Celebrity Special

In this special, celebrities teamed up with roboteers and took control of their robots in the arena.

Robots and celebrities competing: Pussycat (Adam Woodyatt), Iron-Awe (Natalie Cassidy), Sir Chromalot (Shane Lynch), Killertron (Chris Eubank), Gemini (Anthea & Wendy Turner), Diotoir (Vic Reeves), Disc-O-Inferno (5ive), Wild Thing (Shauna Lowry).

Round 1

  • Diotoir vs Wild Thing: Diotoir won
  • Killertron vs Gemini: Gemini won
  • Sir Chromalot vs Disc-O-Inferno: Sir Chromalot won
  • Pussycat vs Iron-Awe: Pussycat won


  • Pussycat vs Sir Chromalot: Pussycat won
  • Gemini vs Diotoir: Diotoir won


  • Pussycat vs Diotoir: Pussycat won

Tag Team TerrorEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Tag Team Terror

In this special, robots were paired up into teams to fight each other. Only one robot from each team was allowed in the arena at a time and the teams could switch robots by 'tagging' them.

Robot teams competing: Firestorm 2 & Scorpion, Bigger Brother & Plunderbird 4, Invertabrat & X-Terminator 2, King B3 & 101.

Round 1

  • Firestorm 2 & Scorpion vs Bigger Brother & Plunderbird 4: Firestorm 2 & Scorpion won
  • Invertabrat & X-Terminator 2 vs King B3 & 101: King B3 & 101 won


  • Bigger Brother & Plunderbird 4 vs Invertabrat & X-Terminator 2: Bigger Brother & Plunderbird 4 won


  • Firestorm 2 & Scorpion vs King B3 & 101: King B3 & 101 won

Northern AnnihilatorEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Northern Annihilator

In this special, six robots from the north of the UK entered the arena, with one robot being eliminated in each round until only one was left standing.

Robots competing: Spikasaurus, Killerhurtz, Dominator 2, Stinger, Chaos 2, Suicidal Tendencies.

  • Sixth: Chaos 2
  • Fifth: Stinger
  • Fourth: Suicidal Tendencies
  • Third: Killerhurtz
  • Runner-up: Dominator 2
  • Winner: Spikasaurus

Southern AnnihilatorEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/Southern Annihilator

In this special, six robots from the south of the UK entered the arena, with one robot being eliminated in each round until only one was left standing.

Robots competing: Vercingetorix, Attila the Drum, Onslaught, Razer, Spawn of Scutter, Behemoth.

  • Sixth: Vercingetorix
  • Fifth: Spawn of Scutter
  • Fourth: Behemoth
Note: The Behemoth team was not given enough time to fix damage from Round 2 so the competition moved on to the next round without them.
  • Third: Attila the Drum
  • Runner-up: Onslaught
  • Winner: Razer

War of IndependenceEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fourth Wars/War of Independence

In this special, robots from the UK competed with robots from the USA to see which country had the better robots.

Robots competing:

Round 1

  • Mortis (UK) vs Ghetto-Bot (USA): Mortis won
  • Panic Attack (UK) vs Rammstein (USA): Panic Attack won
  • Ming 2 (UK) vs The Mangulator (USA): Ming 2 won
  • Detonator (UK) vs Frenzy (USA): Frenzy won

Round 2

  • Mortis (UK) vs Panic Attack (UK): Mortis won
  • Ming 2 (UK) vs Frenzy (USA): Frenzy won


  • Mortis (UK) vs Frenzy (USA): Mortis won

Robot Wars: Grand ChampionsEdit

Robot Wars: Grand Champions was the name given to an American version of the Fourth Wars that was broadcast on the US cable network TNN in 2002. Shown around the same time as the second season of Extreme Warriors, the series run consisted of 23 episodes with all but one of the Christmas specials being shown after the Grand Final. The Celebrity Special was left out entirely, while the Tag Team Terror episode was moved to the end as the series' conclusion. The Grand Champions version of the Fourth Wars was presented by Joanie Laurer with commentary being provided by Stefan Frank.

To adapt the series for an American audience, a number of changes were made:

  • Jonathan Pearce's commentary was completely replaced, with Stefan Frank being brought in to redub the relevant sections. However, Stuart McDonald's arena announcements were left intact.
  • All footage featuring Craig Charles and Julia Reed was edited out or replaced, although a clip featuring Philippa Forrester was used in the opening montages of the dubbed Heat A. As a result, all of the pre-match and post-match interviews were absent, with only the competitors' team introductions remaining intact in each episode. For other segments - including announcements on battle results and Judges' decisions - Stefan Frank revealed the outcomes.
  • Links featuring Joanie Laurer were added between events.
  • Measurements were converted from British to American units, as part of new statistics boards for every competitor.
  • In addition, various other elements - including the awards ceremonies and the Pinball Warrior/Sumo Basho side competitions - were cut.
  • The safety disclaimer/Robot Wars Club promo at the end of each episode was replaced with a different one stating "Building robots is dangerous and should not be done without great care". This message also appeared at the end of each episode of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors and Robot Wars Extreme.

As a result of these edits episodes were cut down from 45 minutes to around 22 minutes long to fit into a half-hour time slot, including commercials.

More information on the episode order and airdates can be found in the episode guide.