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Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars was the fifth series of the British television game show Robot Wars. It was originally broadcast in 2002 on BBC Choice and repeated later that year on BBC Two. The series was rerun from 9th-27th November 2015 on Challenge and on Sky2 in February 2016. The series was hosted by Craig Charles, the pit reporter was Philippa Forrester and commentary was provided by Jonathan Pearce.


Craig Charles Philippa Forrester

Craig Charles and Philippa Forrester in a promotional shot for Series 5

The series consisted of twelve heats featuring eight robots each with each heat champion progressing to the semi-finals and two robots from each going through to the Grand Final of the series. The series featured a new three-way 'Losers Melee' held after the first round of each semi-final between the three losing robots, the winner of which was given a second chance to fight for a place in the Grand Final.

Unlike all the other series aside the first, Series 5 had no special events held during or after the main competition. In fact, several of the events aired in Robot Wars Extreme 1 were filmed in their place, although all the fights filmed were aired together.

Seeded robotsEdit

1. Chaos 2
2. Pussycat
3. Hypno-Disc
4. Razer
5. Stinger
6. Panic Attack
7. Firestorm 3
8. 3 Stegs to Heaven
9. Wild Thing
10. Wheely Big Cheese
11. Dominator 2
12. Tornado

13. Spawn Again
14. X-Terminator
15. Behemoth
16. Thermidor 2
17. Splinter
18. Gemini
19. Mini Morg
20. Mousetrap 2
21. Suicidal Tendencies
22. Atomic 2
23. 101
24. S.M.I.D.S.Y.


Heat AEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars/Heat A

Robots Competing: Chaos 2, Storm Force, S.M.I.D.S.Y., Obsidian, 8645T, T-Bone, The Steel Avenger, The Tartan Terror


  • Chaos 2 vs Storm Force: Chaos 2 won
  • S.M.I.D.S.Y. vs Obsidian: S.M.I.D.S.Y. won
  • 8645T vs T-Bone: 8645T won
  • The Steel Avenger vs The Tartan Terror: The Steel Avenger won


  • Chaos 2 vs The Steel Avenger: Chaos 2 won
  • S.M.I.D.S.Y. vs 8645T: S.M.I.D.S.Y. won


  • Chaos 2 vs S.M.I.D.S.Y.: Chaos 2 won
Note: During the final, both robots ended up immobilised (Chaos 2 flipped S.M.I.D.S.Y. onto the arena wall, then flipped itself over). A re-match was called, which Chaos 2 won.

Heat BEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars/Heat B

Robots Competing: Hypno-Disc, Black Widow, Juggernot 2, Bulldog Breed 3, Wowot, Lambsy, Atomic 2, Kan-Opener


  • Hypno-Disc vs Black Widow: Hypno-Disc won
  • Juggernot 2 vs Bulldog Breed 3: Bulldog Breed 3 won
  • Wowot vs Lambsy: Lambsy won
  • Atomic 2 vs Kan-Opener: Atomic 2 won

Semi Finals

  • Hypno-Disc vs Atomic 2: Hypno-Disc won
  • Bulldog Breed 3 vs Lambsy: Bulldog Breed 3 won


  • Hypno-Disc vs Bulldog Breed 3: Hypno-Disc won

Heat CEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars/Heat C

Robots Competing: S3, Plunderbird 5, Mousetrap 2, Shredder, Stinger, Hippobotamus, General Carnage 2, Guzunderbot


  • S3 vs Plunderbird 5: S3 won
  • Mousetrap 2 vs Shredder: Mousetrap 2 won
  • Stinger vs Hippobotamus: Stinger won
  • General Carnage 2 vs Guzunderbot: General Carnage 2 won

Semi Finals

  • Stinger vs General Carnage 2: Stinger won
  • S3 vs Mousetrap 2: S3 won


  • Stinger vs S3: S3 won

Heat DEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars/Heat D

Robots Competing: Firestorm 3, Bee-Capitator, Sir Chromalot, Rohog, Bot Out Of Hell, Reactor 2, Gemini, Ruf Ruf Dougal


  • Firestorm 3 vs Bee-Capitator: Firestorm 3 won
  • Sir Chromalot vs Rohog: Sir Chromalot won
  • Bot Out Of Hell vs Reactor 2: Reactor 2 won
  • Gemini vs Ruf Ruf Dougal: Gemini won

Semi Finals

  • Firestorm 3 vs Sir Chromalot: Firestorm 3 won
  • Reactor 2 vs Gemini: Reactor 2 won


  • Firestorm 3 vs Reactor 2: Firestorm 3 won

Heat EEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars/Heat E

Robots Competing: Wild Thing, Trouble 'n' Strife, Velocirippa, The Alien, Napalm 2, Warhog, Thermidor 2, Prizephita Mach 2


  • Wild Thing vs Trouble 'n' Strife: Wild Thing won
  • Velocirippa vs The Alien: The Alien won
  • Napalm 2 vs Warhog: Napalm 2 won
  • Thermidor 2 vs Prizephita Mach 2: Prizephita Mach 2 won

Semi Finals

  • Wild Thing vs Napalm 2: Wild Thing won
  • The Alien vs Prizephita Mach 2: Prizephita Mach 2 won


  • Wild Thing vs Prizephita Mach 2: Wild Thing won

Heat FEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars/Heat F

Robots Competing: Dominator 2, Derek, King B Powerworks, Kronic 2, 13 Black, Corkscrew, X-Terminator, Immortalis


  • Dominator 2 vs Derek: Dominator 2 won
  • King B Powerworks vs Kronic 2: King B Powerworks won
  • 13 Black vs Corkscrew: Corkscrew won
  • X-Terminator vs Immortalis: X-Terminator won

Semi Finals

  • Dominator 2 vs King B Powerworks: Dominator 2 won
  • Corkscrew vs X-Terminator: Corkscrew won


  • Dominator 2 vs Corkscrew: Dominator 2 won

Heat GEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars/Heat G

Robots Competing: Tornado, Gravedigger, Diotoir, Dome, Evolution, Sabretooth, Hydra, Spawn Again


  • Tornado vs Gravedigger: Tornado won
  • Diotoir vs Dome: Diotoir won
  • Evolution vs Sabretooth: Evolution won
  • Hydra vs Spawn Again: Spawn Again won

Semi Finals

  • Tornado vs Diotoir: Diotoir won
  • Evolution vs Spawn Again: Spawn Again won


  • Diotoir vs Spawn Again: Spawn Again won

Heat HEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars/Heat H

Robots Competing: Wheely Big Cheese, Wolverine, Axe-Awe, Granny's Revenge, Robochicken-Evo, Crushtacean, Behemoth, Supernova


  • Wheely Big Cheese vs Wolverine: Wheely Big Cheese won
  • Axe-Awe vs Granny's Revenge: Axe-Awe won
  • Robochicken-Evo vs Crushtacean: Crushtacean won
  • Behemoth vs Supernova: Behemoth won

Semi Finals

  • Wheely Big Cheese vs Axe-Awe: Wheely Big Cheese won
  • Crushtacean vs Behemoth: Crushtacean won


  • Wheely Big Cheese vs Crushtacean: Wheely Big Cheese won

Heat IEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars/Heat I

Robots Competing: Splinter, V.I.P.E.R. 01, Bigger Brother, Tip-Top, Onslaught, Tetanus, 3 Stegs to Heaven, Eleven


  • Splinter vs V.I.P.E.R. 01: Splinter won
  • Bigger Brother vs Tip-Top: Bigger Brother won
  • Onslaught vs Tetanus: Tetanus won
  • 3 Stegs To Heaven vs Eleven: 3 Stegs To Heaven won

Semi Finals

  • Splinter vs Bigger Brother: Bigger Brother won
  • Tetanus vs 3 Stegs To Heaven: 3 Stegs To Heaven won


  • Bigger Brother vs 3 Stegs To Heaven: Bigger Brother won

Heat JEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars/Heat J

Robots Competing: Mini Morg, Kat 3, Tiberius 2, Monad, Major Tom, Kliptonite, Panic Attack, Barber-Ous


  • Mini Morg vs Kat 3: Kat 3 won
  • Tiberius 2 vs Monad: Tiberius 2 won
  • Major Tom vs Kliptonite: Major Tom won
  • Panic Attack vs Barber-Ous: Panic Attack won

Semi Finals

  • Kat 3 vs Major Tom: Kat 3 won
  • Tiberius 2 vs Panic Attack: Panic Attack won


  • Kat 3 vs Panic Attack: Panic Attack won

Heat KEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars/Heat K

Robots Competing: Razer, Big Nipper, Sumpthing, Widow's Revenge, Axe-C-Dent, Destruct-A-Bubble, Suicidal Tendencies, Rick


  • Razer vs Big Nipper: Razer won
  • Sumpthing vs Widow's Revenge: Widow's Revenge won
  • Axe-C-Dent vs Destruct-A-Bubble: Destruct-A-Bubble won
  • Suicidal Tendencies vs Rick: Suicidal Tendencies won

Note: After the first round, Suicidal Tendencies was forced to pull out due to electrical problems, and Rick was reinstated.

Semi Finals

  • Razer vs Widow's Revenge: Razer won
  • Destruct-A-Bubble vs Rick: Rick won


  • Razer vs Rick: Razer won

Heat LEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars/Heat L

Robots Competing: Pussycat, The Executioner, Ming 3, Terrorhurtz, Clawed Hopper, Twister, 101, Fluffy


  • Pussycat vs The Executioner: Pussycat won
  • Ming 3 vs Terrorhurtz: Terrorhurtz won
  • Clawed Hopper vs Twister: Clawed Hopper won
  • 101 vs Fluffy: Fluffy won

Semi Finals

  • Pussycat vs Clawed Hopper: Pussycat won
  • Terrorhurtz vs Fluffy: Fluffy won


  • Pussycat vs Fluffy: Pussycat won


Semi-Final 1Edit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars/Semi-Final 1

Round 1

Losers Melee

Round 2

Semi-Final 2Edit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars/Semi-Final 2

Round 1

Losers Melee

Round 2

Grand FinalEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars/Grand Final





Main article: Robot Wars Awards

These are the winners of the various awards given out at the end of the series:

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