"This is my antweight. He's a bit light. He's Razzler, this is, and he's got a terrible three grams of crush underneath here."
Ian Lewis introduces Razzler

Razzler was the antweight entry from Team Razer, which was entered by Ian Lewis into the Antweight Championship at the end of the first series of Robot Wars Extreme. Essentially a modified Razer pullback toy with a functioning crusher and self-righting mechanism, it lost the Antweight Melee in its only appearance after being pushed into the pit by Little Nipper.



A standard Razer pullback

Razzler was considerably smaller than its opponents, as it was largely unchanged from the standard Razer pullback. The only notable changes made to the pullback were the addition of tiny motors for its wheels, crushing beak and self-righting wings, enabling the finished robot to function in a similar way to its heavyweight counterpart. Ian Lewis quoted the beak as having 'three grams' of crushing force, while it took twelve hours to modify the pullback so that it could incorporate the motors. The additional components required to convert the pullback into Razzler were worth about £150.

Robot HistoryEdit

Extreme 1Edit

"Very quick, Razzler, as well... there it is! Like a mini Razer, do you see it?"
Jonathan Pearce spots Razzler as the Antweight Melee begins
Little nipper

Razzler is pinned against the wall by Little Nipper

Razzler fought in the Antweight Melee, facing Anto, Pants, Combat Ant, Anty B, Legion and Little Nipper. At the start, it immediately drove into the middle of the arena and attempted to pursue one half of Legion, but was unable to manoeuver itself away in time before being axed by Pants. Razzler then lingered near the side wall, before being attacked by both Legion and Anty B, the latter lifting Razzler against the wall just as Combat Ant threw Pants out of the arena.

Little Nipper vs Razzler

Razzler is pitted

Later on, it drove into a CPZ and struggled to move away as it sustained hits from Combat Ant's spinner, opening its wings in an attempt to show signs of mobility. Eventually, it escaped before being bumped by one half of Legion and pushed slowly into the wall by Little Nipper. As it was being pinned, Razzler inadvertently pressed the pit release button with the tail part of its crusher, before driving away to nudge, push and whether more hits from Combat Ant. Combat Ant's spinner continued grinding away at Razzler's weapon and srimech, but without causing damage, while Razzler was pushed by both Little Nipper and Combat Ant around the partially-open Floor Flipper. Razzler retreated to push the remaining half of Legion away, but was swiftly pushed into the pit by Little Nipper and eliminated from the melee. As a result, it also lost the Antweight Championship to eventual winner Combat Ant.

"...and Razzler's gone! Razzler's into the pit, pushed down by Little Nipper! Ian Lewis is out!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Razzler is pitted by Little Nipper


Extreme Series 1
Antweight Championship
Antweight Championship vs. Pants, Little Nipper, Anty B, Combat Ant, Legion, Anto Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

Series RecordEdit

Main Series Razzler Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Entered with Razer
The Third Wars Entered with Razer
The Fourth Wars Entered with Razer
The Fifth Wars Entered with Razer
The Sixth Wars Entered with Razer
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Entered with Razer
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Antweight Championship
Entered with Razer
Series 2 Entered with Razer


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