For the Series 4 competitor, see Rambot.

Rawbot was a Swedish robot that competed in two international championships on Robot Wars. Rawbot represented Sweden in the European Championship and The Third World Championship, losing in the first round on both occasions.

Rawbot's appearance against Philipper 2 in the European Championship proved to not only be its first ever battle, but also the first time being driven by its team, as it was untested prior to the battle.



Rawbot in Extreme 2

Rawbot was a black, four-wheel driven, invertible box-shaped robot. It was notable for having its components inside being suspended by rubber grommets, which were designed to withstand heavy impact. Rawbot was equipped with high traction, thick spikes and an electric drill. However, as it was designed for superior manoeuvrability and pushing power, this weaponry proved to be ineffective and the robot was let down by its low top speed of 5mph. It also lacked a wedge, giving it a high ground clearance on all sides.

Robot HistoryEdit

Extreme 2/German Robot WarsEdit

Philippa Forrester: "It's brand new, it's so new, look I can show you it's still got the nodules on the tyres. Oh, and look how shiny and beautiful it is. You've never fought before?"
Anders Sandberg: "Nope, never ever."
— Rawbot's pre-match interview
Philipper vs Rawbot

Rawbot is tossed up by Philipper 2

Philipper 2 vs Rawbot

Philipper 2 traps Rawbot against the angle grinders

Rawbot was placed up against Philipper 2 in the first round of the European Championship. In the battle, Rawbot slammed into Philipper 2, but was tossed aside by the flipper of the Belgian robot. Attacking again, both robots were tipped off balance as Philipper 2's flipper caught in Rawbot's framework. The robots drove in a circle and were released, before Philipper missed a flip. Philipper 2 then pushed Rawbot, using its crusher and pushed it into the side wall.

"This is more a war of attrition - the others have been more wham-bam."
— Jonathan Pearce
Philipper II vs Rawbot

Rawbot's near-miss with the pit

Rawbot vs Philipper II

Rawbot is finally dropped into the pit

Rawbot activated the pit, before being pushed almost into the pit. Luckily for Rawbot, Philipper 2 flipped it over the pit so that it did not fall down. However, Philipper 2 caught Rawbot soon after, pierced a gap in its framework with the crusher, before steering to the open pit to push Rawbot down.

"It's an unusual machine, it's well-designed, it's also, erm... beaten! The Swedes, rooted to the spot in the Pit of Oblivion!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Series 7Edit

Rawbot was scheduled to fight Italian robot Zeus in a qualifier battle for the Third World Championship. However, Zeus broke down before the battle started and was forced to withdraw, allowing Rawbot to automatically qualify for the World Championship where it faced Dutch robot Tough as Nails and UK champion Typhoon 2.


Rawbot is pitted by Tough as Nails

Before the battle started, Typhoon 2 pulled out due to the team having used their last batteries for their entrant in the Middleweight championship, so Rawbot and Tough as Nails were left to fight alone. Rawbot used skillful driving to avoid being caught between Tough as Nails' pincers front on, only allowing Tough as Nails to grasp part of its corner. However, Tough as Nails slammed Rawbot into the pit release. From this attack, Rawbot appeared to have stopped moving, so with this opportunity, Tough as Nails caught hold of it again, before pushing it into the pit to bring an end to Sweden's hopes.


Extreme Series 2/German Robot Wars
European Championship
Representing Sweden, Round 1
Round 1 vs. Philipper 2 (BEL) Lost
Series 7
The Third World Championship
Representing Sweden, Eliminated in Heats
Heat vs. Tough as Nails (NED), Typhoon 2 (UK) Eliminated
NOTE: Before the battle had started, a lack of available batteries forced Typhoon 2 out of the competition, leaving Tough as Nails and Rawbot to fight alone.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2

Series RecordEdit


The team with Rawbot in Extreme 2

Main Series Rawbot Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Third World Championship, Round 1
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 European Championship, Round 1


  • Rawbot is one of only two Swedish robots ever to compete in Robot Wars, the other being Whirlpool 70.
    • Neither robot ever won a televised battle.
  • Rawbot's automatic qualification to the Third World Championship was explained by claiming it was the "Swedish champion", when there was actually no Swedish series, nor did it earn the title for being the best performing Swedish robot in a championship.

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