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Pod was a heavyweight robot which was chosen to compete in Series 8 of Robot Wars, but was forced to withdraw due to being overweight.

Pod has now been disassembled, with the team intending to create a second version of the machine. Team Glasgow Clyde College are now confirmed competitors in Series 9[1], although they have yet to reveal their competing robot.


Pod was an invertible two-wheel driven robot. It featured three interchangeable weapons depending on which would best suit the match it entered. The robot could be armed with a vertical lifting arm, a horizontal bar spinner, which would spin at 2500rpm, and a vertical drum, which could spin at 5000rpm. Each weapon was housed within an interchangeable pod, hence the name of the robot. Team captain Tony Smith claims that, had Pod participated in the series, Pod's spinners would have calculated the highest kJ output of all rotating weapons in the competition.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 8Edit

Pod was due to compete in Episode 5, although it withdrew when the robot was deemed overweight, and was replaced by Pulsar, which had previously withdrawn from an earlier episode.

Outside Robot WarsEdit

  • Scar under the ownership of Tony Smith
  • Eric at an event in 2011
  • Cicatrix, Tony's featherweight rambot
  • Daiske 2
  • Eric Jr (Formerly Shockwave built by Will Thomas)
  • Eric Jr 2 (Formerly Rip Evo built by John Findlay)
  • Chimera when it was under Tony Smith's ownership at an event in 2012
  • Ceros when it was purchased in 2016 by Tony Smith

During the 12 year hiatus of Robot Wars, Pod's team captain Tony Smith has been fighting in the live events with various robots. He had his own team called Team Scar as he had purchased the robot of the same name from Craig Danby. Scar kept making appearances at many events hosted by Robots Live! & also Tony's own events Scot-bots which are small events run by Tony & Jamie McHarg. Scar was owned by Tony until he sold it to Jamie McHarg in 2013. In 2010, he also purchased Robot Wars veteran Eric from Team Mute as the team were too busy to take it on as a project, Eric mainly went on static display along with Scar at events although it had one fight in 2011 at Robots Live!s event in Edinburgh. Eric was brought to more events by Tony until he sold it to Team Riptide in 2015. He also briefly owned the 2011 version of Chimera before selling it again to Adam Lewis, who at the time was the owner of Ceros V2.0, a robot that Tony Smith would also purchase in 2016.

Tony has also fought with various featherweight robots on the live event circuit, he has fought with Cicatrix, a four-wheel drive rammer painted in the colours of the St. Andrew's flag, Daiske 2 a two-wheel drive rammer and most recently Scot-Bot, a two-wheel drive invertible robot with a full-pressure flipper. During Tony's fame for being the owner of Eric, he also fought with Eric Jr which was a polycarbonate wedge-shaped robot armed with a low-pressure flipper which was previously built in 2007 by Team Shock as Shockwave. In addition to this was also Eric Jr 2 which was previously Rip Evo, built by John Findlay with a green painted body and a red flipper just like the heavyweight counterpart.

Series RecordEdit

Series Pod Record
Series 1-7 Did not enter
Series 8 Withdrew
Series 9 Entered with unspecified robot

Outside Robot WarsEdit

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