Craig Charles: "Why are dolphins so good at pinball? It's 'cos they've got an extra pair of flippers. Punch line! Let the trials begin!"
Jonathan Pearce: "I'm sorry Craig, where was the punch line? Oh, tell me later"
— One of Pinball's introductions during The Fourth Wars

Pinball was one of the Trial events that featured during the second series of Robot Wars, exclusively at the semi-final stage. Contestants would have to score as many points as possible by attempting various challenges, the harder the challenge the more points on offer. Sir Killalot was given free reign of the arena to make the contestants' job more difficult. The robot that scored the fewest points would be eliminated.


The points were as follows:

  • 10 Points for each barrel knocked down (5 points in Series 3 onwards)
  • 5 Points for each brick knocked over (only in Series 2)
  • 20 Points for a completed run over the ramp (15 in Series 2)
  • 25 Points for the Sphere going into the pit (20 in Series 2)
  • 10 Points for the Multiball Release (added in Series 3)
  • 5 Points if any multiballs went into the pit
  • 25 Points for opening the car door (added in Series 3)
  • 50 Points for two of the arena targets and 75 for another (all guarded by House Robots)


Pinball's immense popularity brought the trial back as a small side competition in Series 3, and a larger one in Series 4.

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