Philippa Forrester: "Did you name it after me?"
Philippe Poppe: "No."
Philippa Forrester: "Oh. That concludes that interview"
— Pre-match interview in the European Championship

Philipper was a Belgian robot that competed in Dutch Robot Wars. Its name was a combination of the names of team captain Philippe Poppe and the famous film dolphin, Flipper.

The Philipper team was very successful, finishing as runner-up in the second series of Dutch Robot Wars and being named as Belgian champion as the best placed Belgian robot in the series. They also had success in international competition, finishing as runner-up in the European Championship. The team also competed in two Robot Wars World Championships, the second with Philipper and the first with their previous robot, Depoppesaurus Rex. Though it never won its own title, Philipper defeated both Panzer Mk and Black Hole; both champions in their home country's Robot Wars and otherwise undefeated. However, the team didn't return for The Third World Championship, leaving Hard to represent Belgium.

Versions of PhilipperEdit




The robot was described as "fish-like" by Jonathan Pearce, had a 1cm ground clearance and was armed with two lifting weapons, one on the front and one on the back. Philipper had good pushing power and control, but both of its weapons activated very slowly, and its self-righting mechanisms proved unreliable.

Philipper 2Edit

Philipher insides

The insides of Philipper 2

Philipper 2, stylised as Philipper II, had a similar design, but the front lifter was upgraded from an electric system to pneumatic flipper, making it much quicker in activation. The rear lifter was replaced with a crushing claw, which Philipper used to attack immobilised foes. The robot's ground clearance was lowered, and internally was powered by two 200W wheelchair motors. Both robots had high traction, but suffered from speeds of only 10mph.

Robot HistoryEdit

Dutch Series 1Edit

Lizzard vs Philliper

Philipper removes Lizzard's armour

Philipper had trouble getting a hold of Lizzard in its first battle; its weapon was slow and had a limited range, so every time it lifted Lizzard, Lizzard would simply slide off and escape. However, the tide turned radically when Philipper got underneath Lizzard with its rear lifter; in attempting to flip Lizzard over, Philipper tore Lizzard's body shell clean off. Still, Lizzard remained mobile, so the fight carried on. Philipper opened its lifter and clamped down on Lizzard's exposed electronics just before cease was called. Philipper won the resulting judges decision easily.

Bamm Bamm vs Philliper

Philipper suspends Bamm Bamm out of the arena

In the second round, Philipper faced Bamm Bamm. The fight began tentatively with neither robot being able to use their weapon. Philipper finally got underneath Bamm Bamm, and lifted it up near the side wall, suspending it over the out-of-the-arena zone, but could not release it despite slamming into the wall. Giving up, Philipper carried Bamm Bamm over to the pit, only to drive in itself after Bamm Bamm fell off at the final moment.

Extreme 1Edit

Chaos 2 philipper

Chaos 2 flips Philipper over

Philipper took part in an international fight against Chaos 2, allied with Alien Destructor. Perhaps due to Alien Destructor's invertibility, Chaos 2 surged straight for Philipper and tossed it through the air.
Refbot philipper

Philipper is counted out, unable to self-right

Philipper responded by exposing Chaos 2's high ground clearance, and attempted to lift it, but lost grip and was thrown again. A third flip saw Philipper land on its own teammate, before the fourth flip on Philipper left it beached. Alien Destructor was unable to push it back into its wheels, nor could Philipper self-right while being constantly pushed around, and it was eventually counted out by Refbot. Although Philipper's team still had the chance to win the battle, Alien Destructor could not defeat Chaos 2, and both lost the resulting Judges' decision.
Julia Reed: "Is there anybody you're particularly afraid of?"
Philippe Poppe: "Everybody except the South African ones"
— Philipper's team in The Second World Championship
Philipper vs Panzer Mk2

Philipper turns Panzer Mk 2 over

Tornado vs Philipper

Philipper is pushed onto the flames by Tornado

At the end of Extreme 1, Philipper took part in the Second World Championship representing Belgium, as the team had in the First World Championship with their previous incarnation Depoppesaurus Rex. This competition was also broadcast during Extreme Warriors: Season 1. Philipper faced Tornado from England, Yeborobo from South Africa, and Panzer Mk 2 from America. When Panzer Mk 2 flipped Tornado directly into Philipper, it attempted to lift both machines, but otherwise played a passive role throughout the middle of the fight. It made a surprise movement towards the end of the battle, overturning the American champion Panzer Mk 2, which had dominated the battle throughout, defeating it. With Yeborobo immobilised long ago, Philipper was left to fight Tornado alone, though it could not withstand the pushing force, and lost the Judges' decision.

"Philipper will have to go to a judges' decision. That's a surprise in itself."
— Jonathan Pearce

Dutch Series 2Edit

The Poppe family came back to Robot Wars with Philipper 2, a redesign from the previous Philipper. Philipper 2's first battle was against Shapeshifter. Philipper did not have to do much; it simply flipped Shapeshifter onto its side to win, and then retreated when the House Robots finished the job.


Philipper 2 flips Trazmaniac


Philipper 2 sustains damage from Trazmaniac

In its next battle, Philipper 2 flipped Trazmaniac several times, having little to worry about since Trazmaniac's weapons supposedly weren't working. In spite of this, Trazmaniac found several opportunities to bury its drill into Philipper 2's thin armour, causing damage. Philipper 2 managed some late flips, and the battle was sent to the Jury, which slightly went in Philipper 2's favour.


Philipper 2 flips Twister

Through to the heat final, Philipper 2 faced Twister. Twister's weaponry looked daunting, but Philipper 2 simply flipped it over. Philipper 2 used its claw to dig into Twister's wheel as the Refbot counted it out.


Krab-Bot pushes Philipper 2

In the Grand Final, Philipper 2 first faced Krab-Bot. Philipper 2 flipped Krab-Bot against a grinder, but before it could bring its claw down on Krab-Bot's wheel, Refbot came in and helped it off. Krab-Bot grabbed Philipper 2 and dragged it into a CPZ, where Growler charged in and slammed the two apart. Philipper 2 flipped Krab-Bot twice more, but when it left its flipper open for too long, Krab-Bot got its claw stuck in the gap. After Growler pulled Krab-Bot free, the robots came together again, and Philipper 2 dug its claw into Krab-Bot's wheel gap. The match ended with the two locked together, and Philipper 2 won the subsequent jury's decision.

Philipper 2 vs Bamm Bamm

Philipper 2 flips Bamm Bamm

Bamm bamm vs philipper 2 grand final flip

Philipper continues to get vengeance on Bamm Bamm

Philipper 2's next opponent was Bamm Bamm, in a grudge match from Dutch Series 1. Before the battle, Sam Poppe expressed intent to flip Bamm Bamm out of the arena, as they had failed to do in their last encounter. Philipper 2 was challenged but generally led the proceedings, flipping Bamm Bamm repeatedly with Bamm Bamm self-righting each time. Philipper 2's flipper then got stuck open, so it closed its claw around Bamm Bamm's hammer, and the two began pulling each other around the arena. Growler separated them as the clock ticked down, and the match went to a jury's decision, which was in favour of Philipper 2.

Philipper 2 vs PulverizeR

Philipper 2 pushes PulverizeR back

PulverizeR vs. Philipper Grand Final hit

Philipper 2 sustains bodywork damage as the fight progresses

In the final battle, Philipper met PulverizeR. Philipper 2 tried to flip PulverizeR, but it had little effect on the invertible robot. Still, it carried on trying to gain some purchase, at one point flipping PulverizeR into a position where only one of its wheels was on the ground, but it could not really hinder PulverizeR at all. One hit from PulverizeR's disc tore a panel off its flipper, and subsequent hits nicked at its sides. As the time ran out, Philipper 2 took one last hit from PulverizeR that flicked it into the air. The match went to a jury's decision, who ruled against Philipper 2 due to the damage sustained.

As the runner-up, Philipper 2 was the best-performing Belgian robot in Dutch Robot Wars, and consequentially, the Belgian Champion. This honour granted it admittance into the European Championship in Extreme Series 2.

Extreme 2/German SeriesEdit

"This is more a war of attrition - the others have been more wham-bam."
— Jonathan Pearce during the battle
Philipper vs Rawbot

Philipper 2 flips Rawbot

Rawbot vs Philipper II

Philipper 2 uses its crusher to achieve a pitting

Philipper 2 took part in the European Championship, representing Belgium. This competition was broadcast during Robot Wars Extreme: Series 2 and German Robot Wars. In the first round, it fought the Swedish Rawbot. Both robots charged in as activate was called and Philipper 2 flipped Rawbot up a little which wasn't enough to turn it over. Philipper 2 then lifted the Swedish machine up again with both robots going round in a circle before Philipper 2 dropped Rawbot. Philipper 2 shoved Rawbot into the floor-spinner release tyre activating the arena hazard and then flipping Rawbot up again. Rawbot made a move to hit the pit release but Philipper 2 shoved Rawbot down it to go through.

"The Swedes, turned into cabbages! The Belgians, and Philipper 2, go sprouting forth!"
— Craig Charles

In Round 2 saw Philipper 2 was drawn against the German champion, Black Hole. Philipper 2's team were nervous, having already seen Black Hole in action.

Philippa Forrester: "What are you going to do to that robot, run away?"
Philippe Poppe: "No no no no, if it has to be done, it has to be done quick!"
— An apprehensive Philipper team on their tactics
Philipper II vs Black Hole

Black Hole pursues Philipper 2

Black Hole pitted

Philipper's surprise comeback against Black Hole

Philipper 2 had difficulty keeping up with the German machine and Black Hole kept landing its discs on Philipper 2. Philipper 2 was taking damage and hit the pit release then managed to flip Black Hole, but caused no problems to the German robot as it was invertible. Black Hole came back biting into Philipper 2's sides but the Belgian robot refused to give up and flipped Black Hole up a little bit before turning the tables by shoving it down the pit to cause a major upset. Philipper 2 was then through to the European Championship final, taking on the winner of the all-UK clash.

Craig Charles: "Who would you rather not fight, Razer or Tornado?"
Philippe Poppe: "Razer."
— The team hope to face Tornado
Tornado vs Philipper II

Philipper 2 resists Tornado's push

Tornado pits Philipper

Philipper 2 finishes in second place

Philipper 2's wishes were granted, as it faced Tornado in the final, which was using its spinning drum. However, Philipper 2 had not completely recovered, and its flipper only fired three times in the match. It was shoved by Tornado and missed its first flip on the UK champion. Philipper 2 was pursued by Tornado into the CPZ where it was attacked by Shunt but escaped only to take more punishment from Tornado. Philipper 2 found itself on the flame pit where its low ground clearance beached it until Refbot freed it. Tornado then activated the pit and tried to shove Philipper 2 into it, but Philipper 2 had good traction and kept hanging on. Tornado then tore off one of Philipper 2's rear panels before eventually shoving Philipper 2 down the pit which gave it second place in the European Championship Final.

"And they've got it, Tornado are the European champions. Philipper 2, always up against it and finally beaten."
— Jonathan Pearce


Dutch Series
Series 1
Dutch Championship
Heats, Semi-Final
Heat A, Round 1 vs. Lizzard Won
Heat A, Semi-Final vs. Bamm Bamm Lost
UK Series
Extreme Series 1
The Second World Championship
Representing Belgium, Eliminated in Heats
NOTE: This competition was also broadcast during US Season 1
Heat vs. Panzer Mk 2 (USA), Tornado (UK), Yeborobo (RSA) Eliminated
Single Battle Events
International Mayhem (with Alien Destructor)
International Mayhem vs. Chaos 2 Lost
Dutch Series
Series 2
Dutch Championship
Heat B, Round 1 vs. Shapeshifter Won
Heat B, Semi-Final vs. Trazmaniac Won
Heat B, Final vs. Twister Won
Grand Final, Round 1 vs. Krab-Bot Won
Grand Final, Semi-Final vs. Bamm Bamm Won
Grand Final vs. PulverizeR Lost
UK/German Series
Extreme Series 2/German Robot Wars
European Championship
Representing Belgium, Runner-up
Round 1 vs. Rawbot (SWE) Won
Round 2 vs. Black Hole (GER) Won
Final vs. Tornado (UK) Lost


  • UK Wins: 2
  • UK Losses: 3
  • Dutch Wins: 6
  • Dutch Losses: 2

Series RecordEdit

Dutch SeriesEdit

Series Philipper Series Record
Series 1 Heat, Round 2
Series 2 Runner-up

UK SeriesEdit

Main Series Philipper Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Side Events with Depoppesaurus Rex
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered
Series 2 Entered

Outside Robot WarsEdit

Golem 2001 live event

Philipper fighting Golem at the Dutch Robot Games in 2001

Golem vs Philipper 2

Philipper 2 fighting Golem at the Dutch Robot Games 2003

As an active Dutch machine during the original run of Robot Wars, Philipper made regular appearances at the yearly Dutch Robot Games events. Little is known about its success, but it is known that the original Philipper fought Golem in 2001, and Philipper 2 also fought Golem in 2003.


  • On the fact sheet for its appearances in Extreme Series 1, Philipper's name was misspelt as Philliper.
  • Philipper was one of three robots in the first Dutch series whose team had taken part in a televised Robot Wars competition before, the others being NEAT Machine and Slicer.
  • The Poppe Family is the only team to have fought robots from eight different countries: Eire (Republic of Ireland), Australia, The Netherlands, England, South Africa, America, Sweden and Germany.
  • Philipper is the only robot to have appeared in all four national versions of Robot Wars (UK, US, Dutch and German Series).
  • Aside from the participants in the 10 Robot Rumble, Philipper is one of only six robots to fight at least two past or future domestic champions in a single battle. The others to do this are 13 Black, Shockwave and the other three robots in its Second World Championship heat: Yeborobo, Tornado and Panzer Mk 2.