Night Stalker (also spelt as Nightstalker) was an American robot that entered the second season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. It fought in the US Championship and the Robot Rebellion and lost both times to Rosie the Riveter 2.

The team all worked at the U.S. border patrol, where the term 'night stalker' is a commonly heard.



The team with Night Stalker

Night Stalker was a circular robot, which functions as a full-body spinner, with saw blades for teeth, and a green pair of eyes decorated on the front. Night Stalker could reportedly spin at 1000rpm, though these speeds were not demonstrated in combat. The robot was also heavily armoured, but had a high ground clearance and no self-righting mechanism.

Robot HistoryEdit

Season 2Edit


Nightstalker loses its battery packs.

Night Stalker fought in the US Championship against Rosie the Riveter 2 and Basenji. It started by breaking off Basenji's hole saw, but lost momentum to its spinner in the process. It was then pushed into an angle grinder by Basenji, and pushed into Sir Killalot's CPZ by Rosie the Riveter 2. Sir Killalot grabbed hold of Night Stalker and dropped it. Rosie the Riveter and Basenji continued to push Night Stalker into Sir Killalot until its batteries became loose, hanging from the bottom of the robot, which immobilized Night Stalker. It was counted out by Refbot, and dumped out of the arena by Sir Killalot, to the amusement of the team.

"Not only have I never seen a team so thoroughly dominated in Robot Wars, I don't think I've ever seen a team enjoy being dominated like you were!"
Mick Foley
Nightstalkerdrop rwews2

A washing machine falls on a beaten Night Stalker

Night Stalker also fought Rosie the Riveter 2 in the Robot Rebellion, but was unable to cause damage to Rosie the Riveter, which pushed it into the CPZ. Night Stalker was attacked by Matilda and Shunt, and became immobilized as a result. Night Stalker was then placed onto The Drop Zone where a washing machine fell on it.


Season 2
US Championship
Heats, Round 1
Heat E, Round 1 vs. Basenji, Rosie the Riveter 2 Eliminated
Robot Rebellion
Round 1
Round 1 vs. Rosie the Riveter 2 Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2

Series RecordEdit

Main Series Night Stalker Record
Season 1 Did not enter
Season 2 Heat, Round 1


Night Stalker pits

Night Stalker in the pits

  • Night Stalker was the only competitor in Season 2 to compete in more than one battle, and compete against the same robot in both.

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