Minibot Battle Arena

Box of the standard Minibot Arena

"The replica of the Robot Wars Arena is especially designed so that the mini bots can battle it out in the surroundings that they are used to. The Arena comes flat packed so the fun starts straight away as you construct the Arena yourself. It's a fantastic replica and has a functional flipper and pit. If this is not enough on top of the back wall are three buttons to press. When the buttons are pressed the voice of our very own Jonathan Pierce can be heard echoing around the Arena. A must have for all Robomaniacs!"
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop[1]

The Robot Wars Minibot Arena was a playset launched specifically for the minibots. It came with the CPZs, flame pit, arena floor flipper and pit of oblivion. It came with instructions on how to assemble the arena.

A Drop Zone feature was released at the same time as the second wave of minibots. It could be purchased with the arena, or separately.

"The Drop Zone is a framework of sturdy girders which are constructed over the Arena and features a trap door crate that sends metal balls and other objects crashing to the Arena floor at the press of a button. Drop Zone comes complete with an assortment of accessories, and a mini diecast of the competitor Robot Suicidal Tendencies, to create even more Robot Wars destruction."
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop[2]


  • The arena and its box
  • The arena from above, with the pit and flipper activated
  • Instructions for assembly for the Arena
  • The pit, open, with the switch that controls it
  • The flipper raised, and the switch that controls it
  • The three buttons on the top that activate the sound effects
  • The Minibot Arena set with Drop Zone
  • The Drop Zone as it was sold individually
  • The arena set also came with a minibot of Chaos 2.
  • Instead of the pit tile dropping into the trench, the pit acts like a trap-door in which both halves push down and away from each other. Perhaps this was the only way that the toymakers thought that the pit would work.
  • The arena walls are made up of attachments which slide onto the edges of the arena.
  • The Drop Zone was vaguely similar in shape to the pullback Pussycat's Power Hammer accessory.
    • The drop zone itself was also similar to the flame thrower turret base that came with the pullback Firestorm.
    • The Drop Zone itself comes with a washing machine which can have pound coins or the mini tyres and a box that drops silver balls and tyres.
  • Like the arena from Series 4 onwards, the minibot arena had three entry gates that could open and close vertically, this also came with a ramp that could attach to any of the gates so that the minibots could drive up that and through any of the entry gates and into the arena.
  • The flame pit was merely a black sticker with red rim to it.
  • The main apparatus above the arena (containing the control pods) had three buttons on top for certain sound effects, one had Jonathan Pearce in-battle commentary as well as Pearce announcing the beginning and end of the battle despite not doing the latter two on the TV show, one had a battling robots sound, and the third had cheers from the crowd.
    • This main apparatus was also collapsible, to help with storage.
  • Despite having the "x" for where the Drop Zone should be and is for the TV show, the Drop Zone attachment does not line up at that spot regardless of which way it is attached to the arena toy.


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