Matilda MM

Matilda in Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem.

Matilda was a House Robot designed to look like mutant alien boar. She was equipped with pneumatic lifting tusks at the front, and interchangeable chainsaw or flywheel weapons at the rear. The flywheel was added in Robot Wars Extreme: Series 1, and as such it only appears in two of the five Robot Wars video games she has appeared in.

Appearance and Armament Edit


Matilda attacks Panic Attack

This was the first Robot Wars game, and as such it was the first video game appearance for Matilda and the other four House Robots around at that time. Due to the Game Boy Color's comparatively poor graphics, the arenas and robots could not be very detailed, and this is also true for Matilda.

The most apparent feature of Matilda's appearance in this game is the height of her rear chainsaw. It is over twice the height of the rest of the robot, which is not true to her real-life counterpart. Matilda is otherwise, fairly well detailed, considering the graphical capabilities of the Game Boy Color. Her head piece and tusks look approximately the correct size, however the rear part of the body immediately behind the head piece looks to be too low, adding to the effect of the tall chainsaw. This game's Matilda is also a very close colour match to her real-life counterpart, unlike some of the other House Robots in the Robot Wars video games. In this game, Matilda is stationed in the top-right Corner Patrol Zone (CPZ).

Matilda's method of attack is to simply keep flipping her tusks, damaging competitor robots, but not flipping them. She never appears to use her chainsaw in the game. Matilda also continually flips her tusks throughout battles, and like the other House Robots in the game, she turns to face robots as they pass her CPZ.

Differences from Real LifeEdit

  • Matilda's chainsaw is purely aesthetic and does not move. It is also significantly larger and stuck upright.


There is a glitch in Metal Mayhem whereby when Matilda attacks a contestant robot (usually the AI), occasionally, the robot will get stuck in the corner, unable to move with Matilda appearing to attack it, though doing no damage. This glitch can be reversed by the player attacking the immobile opponent.

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