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These articles relate to the UK television game show Robot Wars, including the upcoming series, including pages on robots, presenters, battles, episodes and teams, as well as the Dutch, American and German counterparts. It also contains information on pages deemed relevant in terminology and the Robotic Combat sport.

This wiki only covers Robot Wars and as such does not provide detailed information or images from BattleBots, Robotica, The Robot Fighting League or other such competitions.

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Chaos 2 team

Team Chaos (informally known in Series 1 as The Village Idiots) was a long-standing team that entered every UK series except 7, including both Extremes. The team entered three robots, Robot The Bruce in Series 1, which reached the Grand Final, Chaos in Series 2, and their most succesful entry Chaos 2 in Series 3-6, winning Series 3 and 4, reaching the second round of the Semi-Finals in Series 5, but only the Heat Final of Series 6.


Did you know...

  • ...that Rex Garrod of Team Cassius designed and built the radio-controlled model car for the eponymous children's television series Brum?
  • ...that Scar and Ultor are the only two robots (and teams) never to officially lose a match in the main competition, despite neither progressing past the Heat Final?
  • ...that The Parthian Shot successfully qualified for two consecutive Wars, but never competed due to technical problems?
  • ...that Steg-O-Saw-Us is the only reserve robot to have progressed past the Heat Final of a main competition, and along with V-Max is one of only two to have won a battle in the main competition at all? (Reserve Wheelosaurus made it to the Arena stage of Heat B of the Second Wars, but lost to Chaos.)

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Yes, that's right, Robot Wars is coming back to TV! Filming for a new series on BBC Two has begun. It's time to get excited!

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Robot wars Missing ultimate warrior Chaos 2 battles


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