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These articles relate to the UK television game show Robot Wars, including the upcoming series, including pages on robots, presenters, battles, episodes and teams, as well as the Dutch, American and German counterparts. It also contains information on pages deemed relevant in terminology and the Robotic Combat sport.

This wiki only covers Robot Wars and as such does not provide detailed information or images from BattleBots, Robotica, The Robot Fighting League or other such competitions.

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Storm force

Storm Force was a three-wheeled silver barrel shaped robot that singularly competed in Series 5 of Robot Wars. The robot featured a powerful flipper capable of lifting a small car, and a sharp axe capable of chopping bricks in half. It was similar in design, shape and weaponry to the original Mini Morg. However, these impressive weapons were not seen as it was defeated in its only battle of Series 5 by reigning champion Chaos 2. After Robot Wars ended, it was sold to Team Roaming Robots, then wiki user Liam Bryant of Team Bud.


Did you know...

  • ...that Diotoir's name was chosen via a radio competition in Ireland?
  • ...that Peter Redmond of Team Nemesis held the world record for fastest Rubik's Cube Solved by Robot?
  • ...that Team Cold Fusion fought 5 out of the 6 UK champions, also fought Team Typhoon in Techno Games, making them the only team to fight all six UK champions?

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Yes, that's right, Robot Wars is coming back to TV! The new series has been filmed and will soon be on BBC Two. It's time to get excited!

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Chaos 2 vs Storm Force (Robot Wars Battle)


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