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"At work, we try to avoid fatalities, but at Robot Wars, that's the mission!"
— Peter Forsey, cardiologist and team captain

M.R. Speed Squared, pronounced "Mr Speed Squared", is a heavyweight robot, built by Team Forsey, who entered Series 8-9 of Robot Wars. It reached the Head to Head stage after convincingly winning its Group Battle, but was eliminated after failing to score enough points to progress to the Heat Final.

The name M.R. Speed Squared is derived from the equation that calculates the power of the spinning rim, mass x radius2 = speed, or S = mr2.

Team Forsey had also previously competed in the original series of Robot Wars with Trouble 'n' Strife, which took part in Series 5, and Revenge of Trouble & Strife, which competed in Series 6-7 and the second series of Robot Wars Extreme.


"M.R. Speed Squared is a ring spinner - 360° offence, 360° defence."
— Peter Forsey

M.R. Speed Squared as it appeared in Series 8 before its armour was removed

The team decided to forego the flipper of previous iteration Revenge of Trouble & Strife on M.R. Speed Squared to allow the robot to be invertible.


M.R. Speed Squared with Team Forsey in Series 8

The robot was armed with an angled full-body spinning steel rim. The 22kg rim was capable of spinning at a force of 80 kilajoules (1000 RPM during the build process), creating high amounts of kinetic energy on impact. The rim was interchangeable, so the team could pick the most appropriate blade depending on its opponents. Its armour consisted of rubber-mounted 3mm aluminium over a 3mm steel frame. However, the team were forced to remove part of this armour as it pushed the robot over the weight limit, leaving one side vulnerable to overhead attacks, and the robot was slow at 8mph. M.R. Speed Squared's bearings were also unstable, which meant that the robot would often lose the use of its weapon once the bearings were broken.

Mrspeedsquared series 9

M.R. Speed Squared as it appears in Series 9

Mrspeedsquared-team series 9

M.R. Speed Squared with Team Forsey in Series 9

A brand-new M.R. Speed Squared returned in Series 9, sporting a much lower profile. Although its spinning rim now spins at 900rpm, it now weighs 35kg, and the robot's speed was more than doubled. The rim is made from 10mm HARDOX with two 10cm tool steel teeth. This version also addressed the issue with the robot's bearings, and swapped the metal bearings for rubber tyres, improving the reliability of the weapon. However, the robot is still exposed to overhead attacks.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 8Edit

M.R. Speed Squared appeared in Episode 2, and faced three newcomers to the main heavyweight competition, Chimera, Draven and Foxic. Due to the robot being overweight, Team Forsey had to remove the armour on the bottom of the machine, leaving its internals exposed. When they entered the arena, the exposed internals were visible to all, as M.R. Speed Squared had entered the arena inverted.

Angela Scanlon: "What's the ideal opponent for you?"
Peter Forsey: "Something made of a composite material like kevlar, something like that machine over there in our heat actually!"
— Early intentions to target Draven
Chimera first hit

Ripping a tyre from Chimera

MR Draven

M.R. Speed Squared rips armour from Draven

M.R. Speed Squared spent the first few seconds getting their spinning rim up to full speed, and once they had, it immediately targeted Chimera, and punctured one of its tyres, tearing it loose, the second hit removing the tyre completely. With Foxic and Draven remaining, M.R. Speed Squared chose to target Draven next, sending it spinning away with a blow, ripping kevlar from its body. Although Draven was attacking the nearly lifeless Foxic, M.R. Speed Squared landed another blow on Draven, immobilising it. M.R. Speed Squared had qualified for the head-to-head round with Foxic, although it was later realised that the robot had lost some weapon bearing motors in the process.

Mr speed squared vs thor 2

M.R. Speed Squared receives a huge punch

Mr speed squared vs thor floor flipper

The underbelly is exposed by the floor flipper

Mr speed squared vs thor 3

M.R. Speed Squared's exposed parts are left vulnerable

Mr speed squared vs thor pit

M.R. Speed Squared drives into the pit

M.R. Speed Squared's first opponent in the head-to-heads was Thor. Proving this to be a regular tactic, M.R. Speed Squared avoided Thor in the opening moments to get its spinner up to speed, although it was slammed into the pit release button, halting its progress. The team's efforts to run away saw M.R. Speed Squared slammed into the arena wall, over the flame pit, and into Dead Metal's claws, where Thor punched a dent into the aluminium armour, and slammed it into a wall again. M.R. Speed Squared seemed to have lost the ability to spin its weapon, and an axe blow from Thor put a huge gash in M.R. Speed Squared. The spinning rim eventually started working again, but Thor's anti-spinner wedge protected itself. Both robots drove over the floor flipper, which threw both robots, leaving M.R. Speed Squared's unarmoured underbelly exposed. Although M.R. Speed Squared's spinner protected it at first, a strong blow disabled it for the rest of the match. The spinning rim was hammered by Thor, before the exposed internals were punished by Thor. Either by accident, or to protect the robot's internals, M.R. Speed Squared drove straight into the pit, awarding themselves a loss.

MRSS Pit Release

M.R. Speed Squared activates the pit

Drawn against Foxic again, M.R. Speed Squared implemented its usual tactic of running away to get the rim up to speed - although in this match, the rim had broken, so M.R. Speed Squared spent the entire match fleeing from Foxic, which was in turn focused on attacking the House Robots. Finding something to do, M.R. Speed Squared pressed the pit release button, before continuing to keep its distance. M.R. Speed Squared launched a gentle final attack of driving into Foxic, but was lifted in return, and cease was called on an uneventful match. The Judges ruled, on a 2-1 split decision, that M.R. Speed Squared had won the match, on the basis of not driving into danger, awarding them two points. Professor Noel Sharkey deemed this the worst fight he had seen in Robot Wars, calling it complete rubbish.

MR Speed Squared vs Foxic

The only danger M.R. Speed Squared suffered

"Bit of an anti-climax really, we'd spent a lot of time fixing the disc, hoping to get a big bang on Foxic. Unfortunately in the arena it didn't spin up, we don't know why, everything else was fine, we got the Judges' decision, but it didn't feel very glorious, really."
— Peter Forsey
Shockwave vs MR Speed Squared

M.R. Speed Squared is lifted onto the wall

On two points, M.R. Speed Squared had the opportunity to qualify for the Heat Final, if they could defeat Shockwave. Rather than flee, M.R. Speed Squared drove in circles to maximise the speed of its rim, although Shockwave was mostly unharmed, and pushed M.R. Speed Squared into Sir Killalot and Dead Metal, which cut through the chassis. When M.R. Speed Squared attacked Shockwave, it buckled its opponents scoop and knocked a drive chain loose, but then M.R. Speed Squared was lifted against the arena wall by Shockwave, where it started to smoke, and was pushed towards Sir Killalot again.

"Team captain Peter works in a hospital theatre as a cardiologist, plenty of heart in M.R. Speed Squared, but it's about to be arrested, it would seem, by Shockwave!"
Jonathan Pearce
Shockwave lift

M.R. Speed Squared is held aloft

MRSS pitted

M.R. Speed Squared is eventually pitted

M.R. Speed Squared was not being given chances to spin up its rim, and was overturned by Shockwave, once again exposing its vulnerable internals. Rammed into the wall, M.R. Speed Squared was held above the arena floor, and then driven right onto the lip of the pit. Although both robots had nearly fallen into the pit, it was Shockwave that achieved the finishing blow, and M.R. Speed Squared was pushed into the pit, eliminating it from the competition.

"M.R. Speed Squared into the square-shaped trap!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Series 9Edit

M.R. Speed Squared competed in Episode 3, once again facing its infamous opponent Foxic, alongside newcomers Expulsion, and the new robot from Team 13, Heavy Metal. Peter Forsey entered the competition with a wager, stating that if he didn't win Robot Wars, he would propose to his long-term girlfriend Ellie, who was in the audience. Dara Ó Briain noted that Ellie would be cheering against M.R. Speed Squared.

Dara Ó Briain: "What happens if you DO win Robot Wars? Why would you not celebrate?"
Peter Forsey: "I'm off the hook! That's why I've been working so hard on it!"
— Peter Forsey's unique agenda for winning Robot Wars
Speed Squared vs Foxic vs Heavy Metal

M.R. Speed Squared attacks Foxic's wheels

After being given the chance to reach its spinner's top speed, M.R. Speed Squared hit Expulsion, which was inactive before the battle had started. Foxic knocked M.R. Speed Squared away, but after another period of avoiding the action, it slammed into Foxic's side, knocking the spinning robot off-balance due to its gyroscopic forces.

"M.R. Speed Squared looks wobbly here, I wonder if it's so powerful, it's uncontrollable!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Speed Squared vs Explusion

Explusion suffers more damage from M.R.Speed Squared

Speed Squared floor spikes

M.R. Speed Squared flipped by the floor spikes

At this point, however, Foxic was turned over by the floor flipper, and Expulsion was long defeated, with even Heavy Metal suffering drive problems, so M.R. Speed Squared comfortably qualified. It ripped through the thin armour of Expulsion, and buffeted Heavy Metal, but rebounded onto the arena spikes, which thrusted into the air, causing late worries for the victorious M.R. Speed Squared.

"M.R. Speed Squared rotating looks improved, until then? Have they sustained damage by that?"
— Jonathan Pearce as M.R. Speed Squared is damaged by the spikes
Heavy Metal vs MRSS

M.R. Speed Squared is pinned in the CPZ

Team Forsey repaired the minor damage they sustained, and fought Heavy Metal in its first head-to-head. M.R. Speed Squared started spinning its rim, but was immediately charged by Heavy Metal, blasting it into the wall and cancelling the momentum of the spinner. M.R. Speed Squared's weapon was broken by this first hit, and was pushed over the pit and into the arena wall. Unable to escape the pursuant Heavy Metal, M.R. Speed Squared was pinned into another corner of the arena, and then pushed into the Arena Tyre, opening the pit.

"Peter, you are heading down the aisle! If it continues like this, mind you, Ellie might not want you!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Floor Flipper MR Speed Squared

M.R. Speed Squared is tossed by the floor flipper

Shunt vs MRSS

Shunt axes the armour of M.R. Speed Squared


M.R. Speed Squared and Heavy Metal fall into the pit

After briefly slipping under Heavy Metal's wedge, M.R. Speed Squared continued to be dominated, and was thrown over by the floor flipper, then pushed into Shunt, where its thin top armour was punctured. M.R. Speed Squared resorted to evasion, almost driving into the pit. It stayed near the pit, attempting to lure Heavy Metal closer, but M.R. Speed Squared was simply pitted by its opponent, even though Heavy Metal fell in afterwards. As M.R. Speed Squared was the first to enter the pit, it lost the battle by KO.

"Shunt got its axe in here, which has bent our sprocket down onto the motor, so it's not solid."
— Peter Forsey
Thor vs MRSS S9

M.R. Speed Squared is axed by Thor

M.R. Speed Squared was damaged in the last battle, but after its sprocket was straightened, it was ready to battle Thor, in a rematch from Series 8. Unfortunately for Team Forsey, their weapon did not spin, and Thor charged M.R. Speed Squared into the arena wall, landing two axe blows. M.R. Speed Squared became stuck on Thor's wedge, but was released by an axe blow, where it became clear that the killer blow had been inflicted. M.R. Speed Squared received more attacks from Thor's axe, and was gripped by Sir Killalot before cease was called. With a second battle lost by knockout, M.R. Speed Squared was left unable to qualify for the Heat Final.

"Our batteries packed in, basically."
— Peter Forsey explains the true cause of M.R. Speed Squared's immobility

As M.R. Speed Squared entered the last battle without a working spinner, the team took their robot to the testing arena ahead of their final head-to-head with Concussion, and discovered that they still could not operate their weapon. After spending the remainder of their repair time making a last effort to fix their robot, a deflated Team Forsey entered the arena to battle Concussion.

Concussion vs MR Speed Squared

M.R. Speed Squared flips wildly in the air

"M.R. Speed Squared's groundbreaking design is proving tough to fix. Things are going from bad to worse for the family team"
— Dara Ó Briain

Surprisingly, the team had managed to fix their weapon after all, and M.R. Speed Squared span in circles to increase their acceleration. However, this brought their robot off the arena floor, and Concussion smashed into M.R. Speed Squared, causing it to flip and turn over wildly in recoil, once again disabling the weapon. After taking a hit to their bottom armour from Concussion, M.R. Speed Squared relied on their back-up plan of opening the pit, but it was almost manoeuvred into the pit by Concussion. The drum spinner then wedged under M.R. Speed Squared and pushed it into Dead Metal, although the House Robot struggled to reach the low profile of the body spinner. M.R. Speed Squared was slow in its escape, and drove worryingly near to the pit, but then attempted to push its opponent, only sustaining light attacks in return.

MRSS Dead Metal

M.R. Speed Squared is burned in the grips of Dead Metal

MRSS Killalot

Sir Killalot throws M.R. Speed Squared like a frisbee

"I don't think they can get much damage caused on M.R. Speed Squared because of that blade acting as [armour], it's stopping the drum of Concussion really causing too many problems!"
— Jonathan Pearce, as Concussion fails to reach the body of M.R. Speed Squared
Concussion MR Speed Squared 2

M.R. Speed Squared comes in with a ram as Concussion struggles for mobility

M.R. Speed Squared was pushed back into Dead Metal and was held over the flame pit, and only retreated into the claw of Sir Killalot. M.R. Speed Squared was held up high, and tossed into the centre of the arena by the House Robot. Concussion then attempted to push M.R. Speed Squared into the pit once more, but while the two robots pushed one another, Concussion caught fire internally. M.R. Speed Squared used the remaining seconds of the battle to ram Concussion, which could only move on one side, but still made contact with its opponent's drum. Cease was called before M.R. Speed Squared could truly make a comeback, and the battle was sent to a Judges' decision.

"We did think briefly that it may be curtains, straight away after that glorious little spin, but you pulled it back!"
— Angela Scanlon

Team Forsey had enjoyed their final battle of the series, but despite Concussion's internal fire and loss of mobility, the Judges unanimously declared that M.R. Speed Squared had not performed strongly enough throughout the battle, and Concussion was declared the winner. Regardless, Peter Forsey pledged to propose to his fiancée, creating a happy ending for the team.


Series 8
Series 8 - UK Championship
Round 2, Third Place
Episode 2, Group Battle vs. Chimera, Draven, Foxic Qualified
Episode 2, Head-to-Heads vs. Thor Lost via KO (0 points)
Episode 2, Head-to-Heads vs. Foxic Won via Judges' decision (2 points)
Episode 2, Head-to-Heads vs. Shockwave Lost via KO (0 points)
Series 9
Series 9 - UK Championship
Round 2, Fourth Place
Episode 3, Group Battle vs. Expulsion, Foxic, Heavy Metal Qualified
Episode 3, Head-to-Heads vs. Heavy Metal Lost via KO (0 points)
Episode 3, Head-to-Heads vs. Thor Lost via KO (0 points)
Episode 3, Head-to-Heads vs. Concussion Lost via Judges' decision (0 points)


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 5

Series RecordEdit

  • M.R. Speed Squared enters the arena in Series 8
  • M.R. Speed Squared in the build process
  • Peter Forsey in the robot's Series 8 introduction
  • M.R. Speed Squared in the pits
Main Series M.R. Speed Squared Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Entered with Trouble 'n' Strife
The Sixth Wars Entered with Revenge of Trouble & Strife
The Seventh Wars Entered with Revenge of Trouble & Strife
Series 8 Heat Round 2, Third Place
Series 9 Heat Round 2, Fourth Place
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 Entered with Revenge of Trouble & Strife


  • Erroneously, the robot's name was spelled simply as "MR SPEED SQUARED" or "M.R SPEED SQUARED" on television. The correct name is "M.R. Speed Squared", featuring two full stops. Furthermore, in Series 9, the announcer, the presenters and Jonathan Pearce pronounced each letter of 'M.R.' instead of saying mister.

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