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Dr Lucy Rogers is a chartered engineer, who appeared as a judge in the two most recent series of Robot Wars, alongside veteran Professor Noel Sharkey and fellow judging newcomer, Sethu Vijayakumar. Rogers' role in Series 8 was first revealed on March 4th by a tweet from BBC Two[1], and she confirmed her involvement in Series 9 over Twitter[2].

Robot WarsEdit

Rogers is the most recently appointed judge in the history of Robot Wars, alongside Sethu Vijayakumar, with her first (non-televised) appearance coming in the Series 8 pilot episode, where she was able to award her first victory via Judges' decision to Turbulence over Merlin. Her first televised Judges' decision was Behemoth vs Nuts, and the first to be filmed was Chompalot vs Ironside3 vs Pulsar vs Thermidor 2. Series 8 featured two split decisions, and Series 9 featured one more, though Rogers' position on these battles is unclear.

In Robot Wars: Battle of the Stars, Rogers wore a festive jumper and a Santa hat, to celebrate the Christmas airdate of the specials.

Lucy Rogers would also be interviewed by Dara Ó Briain or Angela Scanlon in short educational segments throughout Series 8-9:

  • Series 8, Episode 3: Rogers demonstrated the workings of animatronics to Dara Ó Briain, with the help of a miniature animatronic dinosaur based on those used at a theme park in the Isle of Wight.
  • Series 8, Episode 4: Dr Lucy Rogers talked to Dara Ó Briain about the supportiveness of the roboteering community, as well as sharing her opinions on online communities, internet communication devices and affordable electronics such as the Raspberry Pi computer.
  • Series 9, Episode 4: Angela Scanlon asked Lucy Rogers about the available armour choices for competing robots, and Rogers introduced the primary options, also inviting Scanlon to test their effectiveness using a hammer and a grinder. Rogers suggested that her ideal robot would be armoured in a combination of HARDOX and HDPE.

Outside Robot WarsEdit

Dr. Lucy Rogers is a Chartered Engineer, and holds the position of Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the Royal Astronomical Society, and the British Interplanetary Society, and is a member of both the Association of British Science Writers, and of the Women’s Institute. Rogers also attained a City and Guilds qualification in Woodturning. On the Dr. Lucy Rogers website, Rogers claims that she was "given a doctorate for playing with bubbles".

Rogers released a book titled "It’s ONLY Rocket Science – An Introduction in Plain English", which was published by Springer.

Her current projects focus on reducing the damage of space debris.



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