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"Lost in the mists of time, ask most of today's fans of Robot Wars if they remember Limpet and they'll look at you with a blank expression..."
— John Denny of Team 13 Black

Limpet was a tracked robot that competed in Series 2 of Robot Wars. It was the initial entry from Team 13, and reached the Trial stage in its only appearance, where it was eliminated after knocking only 23 skittles down.

Limpet Mk 2 was being built for Series 3, similar in shape and size to the original Limpet but with new and improved tracks and a small lifting mechansim. However, it was not finished by the end of qualifying, and Limpet Mk 2 subsequently was not selected to compete.


Limpet team

Limpet with its team

Limpet was a tracked, box-wedge shaped robot with a steel chassis and armour, powered by two 24v wheelchair motors and equipped with a 6-inch circular saw, although the saw was removed to bring the robot within the weight limit. Its tracks were 1.63m long and made out of motorcycle chains and allowed it to run inverted, making Limpet one of the first invertible robots to appear on the show. Limpet was painted white with black stripes resembling a zebra, had a top speed of 4mph and cost £28 to build.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 2Edit


Sir Killalot drives up Limpet's track

Before it could compete in Heat G, Limpet's saw had to be removed to bring its weight below the maximum 80 kg limit. Additionally, the team stuck a small piece of French baguette to the robot's back in an attempt to have it set alight by Sergeant Bash during its Gauntlet run, as well as fireproofing Limpet's internals using foil from the studio canteen.


Limpet is crushed by Sir Killalot

In its Gauntlet run, Limpet trundled out of the starting zone, and drove up the see-saw. Sir Killalot pinned Limpet against the wall as it cleared the see-saw, driving on top of Limpet's tracks and armour as Limpet struggled to get away.

"Takes on Killalot? Crushed by Killalot!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Sir Killalot drives up and over Limpet

Sir Killalot backed down as Dead Metal grabbed hold of Limpet, before snapping its left track with his jaws. Despite losing mobility, Limpet still travelled a distance of 10.8m, enough for it to qualify for the Trial stage.

"We were looking forward to some toast, actually, but we didn't get that far!"
— John Denny

Limpet knocks down barrels

In the Skittles Trial, Limpet was the last robot to run, and had a chance of progressing to the Arena stage after defending champion Roadblock had only knocked down 34 barrels. However, it started slowly, and made a steady run through the stacks of barrels, not knocking down a great amount of them in the process. It only managed to knock down 23 barrels by the time 'cease' was called, so it was eliminated.


Series 2
The Second Wars - UK Championship
Heats, Trial
Heat G, Gauntlet 10.8m (3rd) Qualified
Heat G, Trial (Skittles) 23 Barrels (5th) Eliminated

Series RecordEdit

  • Limpet MK2, which was not selected for Series 3
  • The insides of Limpet MK2
Main Series Limpet Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Heat, Trial
The Third Wars Not selected as Limpet Mk 2
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Entered with 13 Black
The Sixth Wars Entered with 13 Black
The Seventh Wars Entered with 13 Black
Series 8 Not selected with Heavy Metal
Series 9 Entered with Heavy Metal
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 Entered with 13 Black

Outside Robot WarsEdit

Limpet now resides in the team members' garage, its internals having since been removed and its tracks rotted away. According to the team, Limpet's empty chassis often acted as a home for mice during the winter seasons. Limpet's successor, 13 Black, has also been retired since the end of the original series of Robot Wars.

Team PS-All-Stars & Team 13 are currently building Limpet XL, a featherweight version of Limpet.

From John M Denny


Limpet XS, beetleweight version of Limpet

John Denny later built Limpet XS, a beetleweight version of Limpet with roughly the same design. It lost both battles that it competed in to Anvil and Spinza, respectively. It then returned to the UK Beetleweight Championship and won, beating Newton in the final. Limpet XS later competed in The Iron Games at Wolverhampton, winning the event by beating Newton again.

In 2014, John Denny claimed on the Official Robot Wars Facebook page that he was going to rebuild or update Limpet so it can return to combat in 2015, although this plan did not come to fruition.

"I`ve got the body of Limpet and its being rebuilt/updated to fight again next year."
— John Denny on the Official Robot Wars Facebook page.


  • Limpet is one of 20 robots to enter the main competition but never fight a battle, having only ever been in the Gauntlet or Trial.
  • John Denny used Limpet to make some toast, causing Team Nemesis to put a kebab between the wheel arches of Nemesis. This explains why there was bread on Limpet.
" I went to the kitchens for some foil to protect the insides of limpet, while I was there I grabbed some bread and stuck it on the aerial to make some toast. Nemesis were next to us in the pits and suddenly everyone was involved"
— John Denny on Facebook

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