"Don't let the lurid flourescent paintwork fool you! Weighing in at 72.2 kilos, powered by 2 24 volt wheelchair motors and featuring a mighty pick axe. Killertron, bound to tickle its opponents more than pink!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Killertron

Killertron was a competitor in Series 1, 2 and 4 of Robot Wars, also entering the first series of Robot Wars Extreme. In all iterations, it featured a double-headed pickaxe. Killertron's best performance was in Series 2, in which it placed fourth.


Killertron in Series 1

Killertron in Series 1

Killertron was made from a modified wheely bin lid, and featured a trademark bright pink paint job (though it was painted orange in Series 2, and repainted black as a one-off appearance). It was the first weapon to use a spiked axe, a weapon that was so powerful in its early appearances that it could bend on impact. It also utilised a large scoop weapon to control its pushing power, and was able to reach top speeds of 15mph.

Killertron 2

Series 2 appearance, the only appearance in orange

In the First Wars, it had an interchangeable mace, but it was never used due to the power of the axe. However, the mace would later be fixed onto the end of Skarab's hammer after Team Trojan helped with repairs to the latter in a later heat. Said mace was lent to Rameses II, Skarab's successor, in Series 2 as well.


Killertron as it appeared in Series 4

In the Celebrity Special, the axe was substituted for a boxing glove in honour of celebrity driver Chris Eubank, and the robot was painted black.


Killertron in the arena in Extreme

After missing Series 3, Killertron competed in Series 4 and Extreme Series 1, but didn't perform very well as the axe had lost a lot of its effectiveness due to the upgrading of other robots' armour, poor accuracy and control and a generally weaker power system. The Series 4 version of Killertron weighed just over half a kilo over the pre-Extreme 1 heavyweight limit.


Killertron pres4

Killertron before Series 4

Killertron fought Major Tom at the Series 4 qualifiers. It won the battle and qualified, while Major Tom also recieved a discretionary place.

"The contest was as good as even, until about the final 10 seconds when Killertron's axe came down and got stuck in Major Tom's body shell. The judges scored the win for Killertron"
— The Major Tom website

Killertron 2, Which failed to qualify for Series 5

The team built a completely new robot for Series 5 called Killertron 2, fairly similar in design to Dominator 2, only much more compact. However, it failed to qualify as it lost to Barbaric Response, who also failed to qualify.


Spinnertron's initial design

"I tried to reshape Killertron into a new wedge shape with zero ground clearance but it was not very good and had lots of problems. So I think I will keep the old Killertron shape for Killertron 2 and my new wedge shaped robot will be called Spinnertron as I am changing the axe, the axe will now spin around. Should be interesting. I am working on a mechanism that will spin the axe one way and after impact it will spin in the opposite direction with some force."
— Richard Broad on Spinnertron

After this, Broad was planning to revive the original Killertron and build a new heavyweight using Killertron 2's shape named Spinnertron, and intended to enter it into Series 7, but the robot was never entered.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 1Edit

"...with that awful flourescent pink, and the dreadful pick axe. Drivers Abdul and Richard, with that sort of weaponry, and colouring, I'd go and see a psychiatrist if I were you!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Killertron runs the Gauntlet

Killertron is stuck on the springs

Killertron entered in Heat A of the first wars, and scored 11.02 metres in the Gauntlet, failing to get further after Dead Metal shoved it onto the corkscrew lances and failed to traverse the second ramp, falling off and getting wedged behind some springs in the process.

"You won't beat springs with a pickaxe, boys!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Killertron is trapped

Killertron holds off Shunt

Even still, this score put Killertron 4th on the leaderboard overall, which was enough to put it through to the Trial stage. It pushed back against Shunt in the Sumo Trial, holding off the House Robot until time ran out after a minute, impressively mantaining ground. This was enough to put it through the Heat Semi-Finals in second place, behind Nemesis and ahead of Roadblock.


Killertron smashes Shogun into submission

In the Heat Semi-Final, Killertron fought Shogun, where from this point onwards the robot permanently had a pair of spikes attached on the tip of the double-axe head for lancing purposes. Killertron was able to push Shogun with ease onto the grille, fully immobilising Shogun, it also smashed a hole in Shogun's top panel after a few axe hits and shattered Sergeant Bash's circular saw on its bodywork while the House Robot attacked.

Roadblock vs Killertron

Killertron strikes Roadblock


Roadblock tips Killertron over

Killertron went through to the Heat Final to fight Roadblock. However, the armour of Roadblock held up better than Shogun's, and after resisting some axe blows from Killertron, Roadblock got underneath the pink machine, and with some skillful turning, managed to turn it over using its wedge to win the battle. As the end credits rolled, Matilda chainsawed the side of the beaten Killertron and Sergeant Bash sprayed its baseplate with its flamethrower.

Series 2Edit

"It was supposed to be pink again this year...but Richard Broad bought the wrong paint"
— Jonathan Pearce explains Killertron's change of colour scheme
Killertron gauntlet

Killertron navigates the ramp during the Gauntlet

Killertron gauntlet run

Killertron axes Shunt

Killertron returned to the wars as the fourth seed. In the Gauntlet, it unfortunately tipped off the ramp after just 10 metres, and spent the rest of the time attacking Shunt, to whom it inflicted significant damage with its improved flywheel-driven axe. Killertron had still covered enough ground to head through to the Trial stage of the heat.

Killertron trial

Killertron clings onto Dead Metal as time ticks down

In the Trial, Killertron took part in King of the Castle. As a step up from Killertron's Sumo performance in Series 1, Killertron now had to face Shunt and Dead Metal on the platform. Although Killertron's armour was damaged by Shunt, Killertron held off the House Robots until in the dying seconds when it was pushed towards the edge. It looked like Killertron was going to be forced off the ring but it hooked onto one of Dead Metal's spikes with its axe, preventing it from falling. Killertron's survival put it second on the leaderboard.

Killertron vs Orac

Killertron roasts ORAC over the Flame Pit

In the Heat Semi-Final, Killertron earned a devastating win over ORAC. After avoiding the yellow robot's chisels, Killertron launched several axe blows, easily penetrating the wooden armour. After inflicting the knockout blow, Killertron caused further punishment by holding ORAC over the flame pit. Killertron easily qualified for the Heat Final.

Killertron vs Technophobic

Killertron pushes Technophobic into the pit

In the Heat Final, Killertron went up against newcomers Technophobic, Killertron was very forceful for the duration of the fight, but Technophobic avoided the blows of the axe. However, a brief lapse in Technophobic's attention left Killertron able to get behind the silver robot and using the aid of its lancing spikes, pushed it into the pit, allowing Killertron to proceed through to the series Semi-Finals.

For the first time, Killertron completed the Gauntlet and after doing significant damage to Sir Killalot's breast plate, it came second on the leaderboard. It also placed second in the Pinball Trial with a respectable score of 135 points. In the Arena stage of the Semi Finals, Killertron went up against newcomers Behemoth.


Killertron smashes the eyes of Behemoth

Killertron tried to avoid Behemoth's scoop, almost being tipped over but eventually managing to escape. It then slammed its axe into Behemoth multiple times, destroying the evil eyes, before holding onto it and driving backwards to pull it over onto its side and proceed into the Grand Final.

Panic Attack vs Killertron

Panic Attack darts away from the immobile Killertron

In the Grand Final, Killertron found itself facing Panic Attack, the only remaining newcomer. Killertron's axe couldn't hit low enough to hit Panic Attack's shell, Killertron was unable to resist as Panic Attack pushed it into the PPZ and very quickly Killertron was overturned by Sir Killalot's lance. Immobile, Killertron was defeated.

Killertron vs roadblock

Roadblock Pushes Killertron into the pit

In the playoff, Killertron met Roadblock in a rematch from Series 1. Roadblock got straight in and underneath Killertron and pushed it around the Arena before attacking with the circular saw. Roadblock then pushed Killertron into the PPZ, where both robots were attacked by the house robots, while Roadblock tried to get underneath and flip Killertron. The robots eventually escaped from the house robots and Roadblock pushed Killertron across the arena and into the pit of oblivion, ending the orange machine's run with a credible Fourth Place.

Series 4Edit

Suicidal Tendencies attacks Killertron

Maverick and Suicidal Tendencies gang up on Killertron

Killertron returned for Series 4, after a one-year break from the war zone. Returning to the original colour, the only real alterations made to the former Grand Finalist were the addition of a plastic scoop on the front and spikes on the sides to prevent it from getting flipped over as easily. The one-year break would prove to be its downfall, the other robots now having strong enough armour to effectively resist the axe. In its first battle, against the 32nd seeds Suicidal Tendencies and newcomers Maverick, it was continually picked on by the seeded machine, and was shoved around the Arena floor impaled on Suicidal Tendencies' lifting spikes. It struck Maverick and Suicidal Tendencies with the axe, but caused only minor damage, and only managed to qualify for the second round after Suicidal Tendencies turned its attention to, and overturned, Maverick.

Wheely big cheeses flipper

Wheely Big Cheese flips Killertron

Killertron then found itself fighting the 15th seed Wheely Big Cheese in the second round of the Heat, who flipped the Series 2 grand finalist over several times (one of these flips threw it right over the top of Wheely Big Cheese). Despite help from the House Robots to right it, Killertron was eventually rendered immobile since its axe wasn't strong enough to self-right. Killertron was attacked by the House Robots and eventually dropped into the Pit by Sir Killalot, but continued to swing away at thin air with its axe, much to the amusement of Jonathan Pearce.
"...defiant to the end! It's too late, now- you're out! Go home! Goodnight! Farewell, adieu!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Killertron eubank

Killertron under Chris Eubank, the only appearance in black


Killertron gets flipped by one of the twins

Killertron later made an appearance in the Celebrity Special, driven by Jamaican-born boxer Chris Eubank. Here, it was painted black and its pickaxe and side spikes were covered with boxing gloves. Despite holding on for a judges' decision, it lost to Gemini having been flipped all over the Arena by each twin and giving little to no resistance as it was far too sluggish and not damaging enough with its pickaxe.

"I demand a rematch!"
— Chris Eubank when cease was called

Extreme 1Edit

In Extreme Series 1, the old Killertron was known as 'Killertron 1', to avoid confusion with Killertron 2, which was attempting to qualify for Series 5.

Killertron vs splinter vs aggrobot

Killertron attacks Aggrobot

Killertron unfairly pitted

Sir Killalot pits Killertron

Killertron only made one appearance in the first series of Extreme, in a Mayhem Qualifier battle, for a right to fight in the First Annihilator of the series, where it was placed up against Splinter and Aggrobot 3. Throughout most of the battle, Killertron wasn't able to cause any damage to its opponents and it was extremely sluggish across the arena floor. After Aggrobot 3 got itself stuck on its own flipping arm and Splinter had been flipped by Aggrobot and was left to the mercy of Dead Metal, Killertron seemed set to win the battle, until Sir Killalot picked it up and dumped it in the open pit. Despite the fact that it was a blatantly unfair attack by the house robot (Killertron was not immobile, or anywhere near a CPZ), the judges made no stand, and Splinter was called as the winner as they were still mobile even though it was severely damaged. This was Killertron's last appearance on Robot Wars.


Series 1
The First Wars - UK Championship
Heat Final
Heat A, Gauntlet 11.02m (4th) Qualified
Heat A, Trial (Sumo) Survived (2nd) Qualified
Heat A, Semi-Final vs. Shogun Won
Heat A, Final vs. Roadblock Lost
Series 2
The Second Wars - UK Championship
4th Seed, Fourth Place
Heat E, Gauntlet 10.3m (3rd) Qualified
Heat E, Trial (King of the Castle) Survived (2nd) Qualified
Heat E, Semi-Final vs. ORAC Won
Heat E, Final vs. Technophobic Won
Semi-Final 1, Gauntlet Completed (2nd) Qualified
Semi-Final 1, Trial (Pinball) 135 Points (2nd) Qualified
Semi-Final 1, Arena vs. Behemoth Won
Grand Final, Eliminator vs. Panic Attack Lost
Grand Final, Playoff vs. Roadblock (1) Lost
Series 4
The Fourth Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 2
Heat H, Eliminator vs. Maverick, Suicidal Tendencies 2 (32) Qualified
Heat H, Semi-Final vs. Wheely Big Cheese (15) Lost
Celebrity Special
Round 1
Round 1 vs. Gemini Lost
Extreme Series 1
Mayhem & Annihilator
Mayhem Qualifier vs. Aggrobot 3, Splinter Lost


  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 6

NOTE: Killertron's successful Gauntlet and Trial runs are not included

Series RecordEdit

  • Design sketches for Killertron
  • A model of Killertron made from Meccano before the build
  • Killertron without its lid in the pits during Series 1
  • The team in Series 1
  • Killertron armed with a mace in the pits during Series 1
  • Team Killertron in Extreme 1
  • Killertron in Extreme armourless
  • Killertron after Extreme
Main Series Killertron Record
The First Wars Heat Final
The Second Wars Fourth Place
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Heat, Round 2
The Fifth Wars Failed to qualify as Killertron 2
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Withdrew from qualification with Spinnertron
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered
Series 2 Did not enter


  • Despite its pink colour trademark, Killertron's best performance and only time beyond the heats was in the only main competition when it wasn't painted pink.
  • Killertron was the only robot that reached the Grand Final but still has more combat losses than wins.
  • Killertron is one of the few robots to live up to its seeding, as it finished 4th in Series 2 after being seeded 4th. It shares this pattern with Chaos 2 who defended its title in Series 4, and Firestorm 4 finishing 3rd in Series 6 as it was Seeded 3.
  • Killertron is one of 23 robots to have completed The Gauntlet. Like King Buxton, it failed to complete it in the Heats, but succeeded in the Semi-Finals.
  • Killertron was the first robot to push another into the Pit of Oblivion, doing so to Technophobic in the Heat Final of Heat E of Series 2.
  • Killertron was the first robot ever immobilised by being turned on its back.
  • Killertron was the pioneer of the overhead weapon.
  • Killertron's battle against Shogun was the first ever UK battle which didn't require a judges' decision.
  • Killertron's team lent the mace to the same team in the first two wars, allowing it to be used on Skarab and Rameses II.
  • Throughout its run in Robot Wars, Killertron's past progress was frequently talked about incorrectly. In Series 2 Jonathan Pearce frequently referenced Killertron as having reached the Series 1 Grand Final, when it lost in the Heat Final. In Series 4, Jonathan Pearce, Julia Reed and the statistic board all stated that Killertron finished third in Series 2 when it actually finished in fourth place. Finally, just before the Extreme 1 mayhem, Jonathan Pearce claimed that Killertron had reached the Grand Final twice, despite only reaching that stage once. Robot Wars: The Official Robot Guide also made a huge error, by saying Killertron placed third in Series 3, when it didn't even compete.
  • Despite its success in Series 2, Killertron did not compete in Series 3. This is because filming of the series was pushed back from August to October, outside of Team Trojan's availability.
  • Killertron is one of three competitors (along with Atomic and Team Big Cheese) to lose to the eventual UK Champion in the heat final of one series and go on to reach the semi-finals in a subsequent series.
  • Killertron and Mortis were the first Heat Finalists to go on to become semi-finalists.
  • Every robot that Killertron lost to had already won a heat at that point in time, or was the successor to a past heat winner. Until Series 4, Killertron had never lost to a robot which was not the defending or eventual champion.
  • Killertron is one of ten robots to fight two past or future domestic champions in two successive battles, fighting Roadblock and Panic Attack in the Grand Final of Robot Wars: The Second Wars. The others to do this are Cassius, Tornado, Firestorm, Stinger, Razer, X-Terminator, Twisted Metal, Philipper 2 and √3.


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