"Can see in the dark, but could it get rooted to the spot here?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Killer Carrot 2 was a competitor from Series 6-7 and Extreme 2 of Robot Wars. There were two different forms of the robot seen on the show, both featuring carrot themed flipping weapons. It reached Round 2 in each tournament it competed in.

Versions of Killer CarrotEdit

KC2 tethered30-7

Killer Carrot 2 before having the flipper fitted at the rear

KillerCarrot2 with flipper

Killer Carrot 2 armed with the flipper being flung by M2 before being rebuilt for Series 6

The failure of the original Killer Carrot meant the team had to build a new robot. The result was the first version of Killer Carrot 2, which was an invertible wedge shaped robot armed with front spikes. It was built for a Discovery Channel program called Robots Revenge, which showed the construction process, before showing fights filmed at a live event, where it beat Lightning, before losing to Dominator 2. [1]

"After the huge rush to get KC2 ready for Wilsons Day, I was too exhausted to get repairs done for Robot wars qualification. I'd been up till about 11 each night, cutting grinding, welding, who knows what the neighbours thought? I'd created a whole pile of extra armour after the Dom2 incident, unfortunately it put us way overweight. The flipper alone weighed in at about 20 kgs. After much "lightning" we were down to just about 100kg, and I thought I'd do a test run. That's when the speed controller went poop! I almost cried. So After a couple of attempts at repair, with the help of many people on the forum, and in real life from Paul Chitty, a local electronics wizard, I realised I was stuffed. I had the choice of running KC2 on an old pair of NCC35's for the qualifiers, with virtually no armour, or of going on holiday as had originally been planned."
— Team Dangerous Vegetables website

For an event called Sussex Robot Rumble in 2002 after Robot's Revenge, this version of Killer Carrot 2 gained a rear flipper. The flipper was retained on Killer Carrot 2 when it was modified for Series 6. When it was modified for Series 6, the front with a spike became the steep wedged rear of the robot and the flipper end was made the front. This version was dubbed KC2 evo.

Killer carrot 2

Series 6 appearance


Killer Carrot 2 in Extreme 2

The version seen in Series 6 was an invertible box, very similar to Thermidor 2, but without the pincers, and the other was a wedge. The first version had huge staying power where, despite taking large amounts of damage it would still drive, a steel chassis and a 14' bale spike at the rear, but was slow, did not have much pushing power, the lexan aluminium armour was very thin and the wheels were exposed.

After Series 6 and Extreme Series 2, Killer Carrot 2 competed in some events but was retired and replaced by the version that appeared in Series 7 because of the damage caused by Disc-O-Inferno and Mr. Psycho.

Series 7's Killer Carrot 2 featured a more wedge-shaped design, with the flipper resting on top. The Series 7 version also had thin aluminium armour but had a golf caddy motor, a proven rugged drive train and a 10 bar flipper which, with the help of Noel Poncelet who composed a spreadsheet to work out flipper heights, was computer optimised. Killer Carrot 2 went out in the second round of every competition that it competed in.


At the Series 4 qualifiers, Killer Carrot lost its qualifier battle to Eric. It was chosen as a reserve, but unlike V-Max, did not get a chance to compete. [2]

"Sadly because of a lack of time to test anything, it was almost impossible to steer and lost its one and only fight to "Eric" by a judges decision. After the qualifiers we went on holiday to York for a week, and were delighted to find an answer phone message from Mary Jane calling us up as Reserves for 7th and 8th August."
— Team Dangerous Vegetables website

After not entering Series 5, Killer Carrot 2 fought at the Series 6 qualifiers. After two possible qualifiers which Killer Carrot 2 ended up not fighting in, Killer Carrot was put up against Derek and Night Raider to qualify for Series 6. Derek won the battle, but Killer Carrot 2 received a discretionary place to qualify. [3]

Barberous and killer karrot series 6 qual

The team with Killer Carrot 2 in the pits during the Series 6 qualifiers

"In the end when we finally got to fight we'd been moved again and faced a beautifully made milled aluminuim lifter called Derek, and a twin rammed flipper called Night raider ... The fight started badly, Night Raider got wedged in the pits, once under way we ripped it's battery lead off and that was the end of it. Then we got stuck into Derek, we shoved him around, but neither of us were really putting on much of a show... We shoved him about, and then he got his lifter tine stuck in the polycarb... couldn't release, and sowe ended, us shoving him about, him lifting us to stop it, then not being able to move ... Judges decision to Derek, prettier Robot, Adam was hacked off, I was releived. 175 mile return trip took 2 hours.. you do the maths."
— Team Dangerous Vegetables website

At the Series 7 qualifiers, Killer Carrot 2 fought Scorpion, Sir Chromalot, and an unknown third robot. Scorpion destroyed Sir Chromalot and the unknown robot, and Killer Carrot 2 and Scorpion were named joint winners of the battle. [4]

"Our fight was against scorpion, our chums from Nutley postoffice, Sir Chromalot, and a machine from some new chaps, which sadly got trashed by scorpions spinner. We had trouble with the pressure from the reg, and this stressed the flipper a bit, but it coped ok... though gave up a bit later into the fight. The Hawkers really gave us some zip, and we flew around the arena, not bad for a cellar floor speacil, the ncc 70's were nore than enough, though we could have used a bit more grunt for shoving the others. we drove out fine, which I consider a success, and were joint winners with scorpion."
— Team Dangerous Vegetables website

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 6Edit

Killer Carrot 2's first appearance in Robot Wars saw it face the 2nd seeds Bigger Brother, the series 5 runner-up, along with fellow newcomers Riptilion and veterans Major Tom.

"What's special about the Killer Carrot? It's lasted a long time! It's been bashed about and it still keeps on going!"
— Rob Englebright, interviewed by Phillipa Forrester
Killer Carrot 2 Major Tom

Killer Carrot 2 lifts Major Tom

Killer Carrot 2 Bigger Brother

Bigger Brother flips Killer Carrot 2

Killer Carrot 2 went straight for Major Tom, but struggled to get its flipper under its opponent. On the other side of the arena, Bigger Brother fought Riptilion, flipping it and pushing it towards Mr. Psycho, keeping it in the CPZ so Psycho could attack it. Meanwhile, Killer Carrot 2 succeeded in getting beneath Major Tom, but after three successive flips, Major Tom would not roll over. Bigger Brother joined the fray and tossed Killer Carrot onto its back, before ramming into Major Tom and flipping it over, but Major Tom was able to roll back onto its wheels. Bigger Brother activated the pit release and flipper Major Tom into the side wall, where it was caught by Sir Killalot, who attacked it, and Mr. Psycho soon joined in. Bigger Brother turned on Killer Carrot 2 again, and flipped it up against the side wall angle grinder, just as the Disc of Doom activated. Meanwhile, Riptilion, who had been doing nothing but spinning in circles on the Disc of Doom, drove into the pit. Bigger Brother and Killer Carrot 2 battled on, but it was clear that Major Tom was not moving as it was only driving in circles. and Refbot moved in to initiate the countdown. Bigger Brother wrestled Killer Carrot 2 onto the Disc of Doom, where it spun away, and the battle ended with a deluge of balls that crashed down onto Major Tom. Killer Carrot 2 went through with Bigger Brother.

In Round 2, Killer Carrot 2 went up against Disc-O-Inferno

Philippa Forrester: "Are you all Organic?"
Rob Englebright: "Completely organic! Actually, we're genetically modified!"
— The team prior to the Disc-O-Inferno fight.
Disco inferno killer carrot 2

Unsuccessful flips by Killer Carrot 2

Killer Carrot 2 charged into Disc-O-Inferno, trying to flip it, but its flipper ran into the spinning disc of Disc-O-Inferno and a piece of front armour was torn off. Disc-O-Inferno then struck again whilst the flipper was open, before Killer Carrot 2 retreated. Disc-O-Inferno pursued and tore off another piece of armour.

"Now, the Killer has been a bit of a trooper, I love my carrot soup-er! Shredded carrot? It will be if it gets on the end of that spinning blade and part of the Killer Carrot comes off! That thirty kilo, one thousand RPM spinning blade already wreaking havoc, and bumping and bashing into Killer Carrot 2!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Killer carrot 2 discoinferno

Disc-O-Inferno tears at Killer Carrot 2. Note the destroyed wheel guard

Killer Carrot 2 fought to get off the flame pit, and Disc-O-Inferno came in again, landing blows on its left wheel. Killer Carrot 2 managed to lift its opponent, but dropped it down again. Another attempt yielded the same result, and the two robots collided in a pushing match, with Killer Carrot 2 managing to use its weight to push and angle its body to avoid the disc. The two robots broke apart and Disc-O-Inferno attacked Killer Carrot 2's other wheel, tearing the wheel guard free, so that the scrap of metal was hanging off the machine.

"I think those wheels are a bit exposed...well, one of the wheels even more exposed now."
— Jonathan Pearce
Killer carrot 2 disco inferno

Killer Carrot flips Disc-O-Inferno onto its own tire

Killer Carrot 2 flipped Disc-O-Inferno up again, but it landed down with its disc cutting into its wheel. Now hobbled, Killer Carrot 2 moved feebly, taking blows to its rear and front armour. Dodging a flip, Disc-O-Inferno moved forward and landed a glancing blow on Killer Carrot 2's undamaged wheel. Killer Carrot 2's movement seemed to become very feeble, but just then Disc-O-Inferno began spinning around in circles on top of the flame pit. Disc-O-Inferno spun free and struck the advancing Killer Carrot 2, but it then spun into a side wall and promptly broke down, with smoke pouring from the insides. Refbot quickly bathed Disc-O-Inferno with its fire extinguisher, restoring movement, and Shunt began to push Killer Carrot 2 across the arena. Disc-O-Inferno moved free and shot across the arena, just as time ran out. Because Disc-O-Inferno had restored mobility, the judges made a decision as normal, and voted that Disc-O-Inferno should continue.

Extreme 2Edit

Killer Carrot 2 took part in the Minor Meltdown of Extreme Series 2, with Adam Englebright taking over the controls.

"Basically, battle plan is, zip around all over the place, try and crash into everything, flip everything up with our flipper, and try not to fall into the pit when that opens!"
— Adam Englebright on his tactics
Killer carrot 2 pits tetanus 2

Killer Carrot 2 pits Tetanus 2

In the first round it was up against Rick and Tetanus 2. Rick charged straight at Killer Carrot, driving up its lifter, but Rick reversed off before Killer Carrot fired the lifter. Meanwhile, Tetanus 2 moved ponderously towards Killer Carrot, lifting it and pushing it onto the flame pit, breifly being lifted off the ground by Rick's flipper whilst doing so. Tetanus 2 reversed as Rick came in, allowing Killer Carrot to get away. Killer Carrot 2 stayed close to the side wall as Rick flipped Tetanus 2 over, coming in as Tetanus struggled to self-right. Rick and Killer Carrot closed in on Tetanus whilst it was struggling to self-right, knocking it back on its wheels.

"Killer Carrot flipping, uh ... thin air, actually! So not great style or driving controls from Adam Englebright, who's been chatting away in the pits, and uh, chatting away in the pits, and chatting awaw in the pits! He's not chatting now, he's concentrating"
— Jonathan Pearce after Killer Carrot randomy fires its lifter.

Tetanus 2 pushed Killer Carrot 2 onto Rick's wedge, who flipped it, but could not flip it over, mostly because Tetanus 2 was also lifting Rick, and their lifter prevented Rick's flipper opening the whole way. Killer Carrot broke free and drove away, but Tetanus 2 followed, but this time Killer Carrot got its lifter in, lifting Tetanus a couple of times, but not flipping it over. Tetanus 2 held Killer Carrot by the wall as Rick opened the pit, and when Rick came in, Tetanus turned its attentions from Killer Carrot to Rick. However, its lifter was still raised, allowing Rick to get in and flip it over. As Tetanus tried to self-right, Killer Carrot pushed it into the pit.

In the second round, it faced Lambsy.

"We're just going to whiz around the arena and try and drop them in the pit!"
— Adam Englebright's tactics
Lambsy vs Killer Carrot 2

Lambsy balances on Killer Carrot 2

Lambsy and killer carrot 2

Lambsy pushes Killer Carrot 2 into the CPZ

The two robots charged at each other, but missed. The two turned around and charged at each other again, with Killer Carrot getting its lifter underneath, flipping Lambsy onto its top. Lambsy was briefly stuck on its side on top of Killer Carrot, but Killer Carrot span, which caused Lambsy to fall off the top, back on its wheels, so Lambsy drove away. The sheep's head on top of Lambsy had fallen off when it was flipped by Killer Carrot, and when Killer Carrot turned to chase Lambsy, it became blocked by the sheep's head. Lambsy rammed Killer Carrot 2, which knocked it on top of the sheep's head, briefly leaving it stuck.

"Lambsys graze on grass, surely, not root vegetables!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Killer Carrot got itself free, and chased after Lambsy. It got side on and flipped, but its flipper was not under properly, so barely lifted it. It then missed its next attack. Lambsy clamped on to Killer Carrot 2, pushing it into the CPZ, but Mr. Psycho hit Lambsy with its hammer first instead of Killer Carrot. Both fled the CPZ, and clashed by the flame pit, where Killer Carrot 2's wheel became dislodged.

"They've lost a wheel! Now how on earth did that happen?! They seemed well in control, and were pushing back onto Lambsy, but the wheel has come off the Carrot!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Killer Carrot could only spin on the spot, so Lambsy opened the pit. Killer Carrot 2 then attacked Mr Psycho, who had picked up its wheel, but to no avail; its flipper was nowhere near strong enough.

Killer carrot 2 and mr psycho

Killer Carrot 2 tries in vain to flip Mr. Psycho

With only one wheel mobile, Killer Carrot was counted out by Refbot, who Killer Carrot also tried to flip over. Dead Metal sliced into the rear of Killer Carrot and put it on the floor flipper, but it drove off at the last minute. It was attacked by the House Robots, with Psycho hammering it and Dead Metal cutting into it with its saw. It was put on the flipper, and although Killer Carrot tried spinning to get off the flipper, it was still thrown. Mr. Psycho hammered Killer Carrot some more, and Killer Carrot made another unsuccesful attempt to lift the enormous House Robot. Finally, Killer Carrot was pitted by Dead Metal.

Series 7Edit

"Turned into carrot soup in The Sixth Wars!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Killer Carrot enters the arena
Killer Carrot 2 vs Constrictor

Killer Carrot 2 wages an even contest with Constrictor

Killer Carrot 2 was in a first round melee with Fluffy, Constrictor and Scarey-Go-Round. Killer Carrot went for Constictor, whilst Fluffy fought Scarey-Go-Round. Both robots tried to get their flipper underneath the other, but it was Constrictor that got its lifter in first, lifting Killer Carrot up. Constrictor backed off, and Killer Carrot drove away, doing a wheely as it did so, before driving into the arena wall as Constrictor closed in. Killer Carrot pushed Constrictor side-on whilst Scarey-Go-Round was being attacked by Fluffy. Constrctor turned to face Killer Carrot head-on, so Killer Carrot drove away, driving between Fluffy and Scarey-Go-Round. By this point, Scarey-Go-Round had received a large cut down the side from Fluffy, and Fluffy was going around in circles due to a motor burning out. As Constrictor attacked Scarey-Go-Round, Killer Carrot drove around Fluffy, trying to get its flipper in, but Fluffy hit it with its blade, knocking Killer Carrot aside. Killer Carrot rammed Constrictor, then targeted Scarey-Go-Round, getting its flipper in, but only slightly lifted Scarey-Go-Round. Constrictor came in from behind, so Killer Carrot fought back, pushing it further up the arena, then flipping it, but failing to get it on its side. It went back after Scarey-Go-Round, lifting it again, before taking turns to ram Fluffy, which had stopped moving, Scarey-Go-Round, and Constrictor. As Sergeant Bash held Fluffy in its pincers, Killer Carrot attacked the House Robot, but did not get its flipper under properly. It opened the pit, before reversing into Fluffy (which was moving again), and bumping into Constrictor. The three continued to push against each other until the end of the battle, whilst Scarey-Go-Round was spinning in a circle by the flame pit. All four machines survived for a judges' decision, but Fluffy and Scarey-Go-Round were eliminated.

"Well, I'm not to sure that X-Terminator or Tsunami will be quaking ... certainly Killer Carrot 2 looked impressive"
— Jonathan Pearce whist reviewing the highlights of the battle as the judges were deciding

In round two, it faced the 11th seeds X-Terminator.

"I was hoping it would be X-Terminator 2, at least it's not Tsunami, I'm happy about X-Terminator 2, but I'm still a bit worried!"
— Adam Englebright
X-Terminator vs Killer Carrot 2

X-Terminator tosses Killer Carrot 2 out of the arena

Killer Carrot drove straight at X-Terminator, hitting the front as the disc was getting up to speed. This stopped the disc spinning, but allowed X-Terminator to push Killer Carrot around the arena. It pushed Killer Carrot to Sir Killalot's CPZ, but drove too close, and the House Robot grabbed it instead of Killer Carrot, spearing it with the lance and holding it with the jaw, before pushing it out of the CPZ. Killer Carrot used this distraction to escape. As X-Terminator moved away from the CPZ, Killer Carrot drove at X-Terminator again, but this time the disc was up to speed, and Killer Carrot was flipped over. Killer Carrot's flipper did not work, so X-Terminator continued to use the disc, knocking pieces of Killer Carrot. It got a big blow on the side, but this knocked Killer Carrot back on its wheels. Killer Carrot drove at X-Terminator's front, and was knocked up, but not flipped over, before driving away, straight into an angle grinder. It drove to the top of the arena, then drove head-on at X-Terminator again, and was turned over by the disc. Killer Carrot was stuck on its back as the flipper was not working, so X-Terminator caused more damage. After a few blows, X-Terminator accidentally knocked Killer Carrot 2 back onto its wheels. Killer Carrot drove away and dodged X-Terminator, bumping into the top arena wall, before opening the pit. X-Terminator closed in, and as Killer Carrot 2 tried to dodge X-Terminator, it drove into the arena wall, and appeared to stop. X-Terminator managed to throw Killer Carrot out of the arena with one blow from the flywheel.

"Are they yet confident then, they can push X-Terminator down into that pit? Maybe it's the only tactic left to them ... dosen't matter, they're out!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Killer Carrot 2 opens the pit, before being tossed out of the arena

After the battle, it was revealed that one of Killer Carrot's pipes burst before they entered the arena which meant the flipper wouldn't work.

Craig Charles: "How did you think you could win without the flipper?"
Rob Englebright: "We didn't! We thought we might hope they break down, there was a chance we might be able to shove them into the pit, that was our last ditch at the end there, but no, not a hope really!"
— In the post-battle interview.


Series 6
The Sixth Wars - UK Championship
Heats, Round 2
Heat L, Round 1 vs. Bigger Brother (2), Major Tom, Riptilion Qualified
Heat L, Round 2 vs. Disc-O-Inferno Lost
Extreme 2
Minor Meltdown
Round 1 vs. Rick, Tetanus 2 Qualified
Round 2 vs. Lambsy Lost
Series 7
The Seventh Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 2
Heat F, Round 1 vs. Constrictor, Fluffy, Scarey-Go-Round Qualified
Heat F, Round 2 vs. X-Terminator (11) Lost



The Dangerous Vegetables team in Series 7

  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 3

Series RecordEdit

Main Series Killer Carrot 2 Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Failed to qualify
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Heat, Round 2
The Seventh Wars Heat, Round 2
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 Entered

Outside Robot WarsEdit

Before Robot WarsEdit

Carrot v mincer

The first version of Killer Carrot that failed to qualify for Series 4, fighting Mincer at a live event.


The original Killer Carrot after being modified, before work on it was stopped.

The original Killer Carrot was an invertible wedge shaped robot armed with chisel spikes. It was originally intended to be entered in the Third Wars, but it wasn't finished in time. It was first entered into Series 4, but failed to qualify.

After failing to qualify, this version of Killer Carrot was taken to an event where it fought Mincer, M2's predecessor. Killer Carrot was then modified and then resembled middleweight BattleBots champion T-Minus, but it is unknown if the team attempted to qualify for any series with this robot as its gas canister blew shortly after it was first tested.[5]

Due to the damage received at a live event, Rob Englebright did not have time to repair the robot for the Series 5 qualifiers, so decided not to enter. [6]

Outside Robot WarsEdit

  • Keeler Carrot, the team's swimming entry for Techno Games
  • Killer Carrot 2 after Robot Wars.
  • Dark Carrot, Team Dangerous Vegetables' Featherweight
  • Diced Carrot, Team Dangerous Vegetables' antweight
  • Diced Carrot 2
  • Diced Carrot 2 and Diced Carrot 3
  • Dark Carrot ready for battle
  • Dark Carrot in action
  • Rob Englebright with Killer Carrot 2 at the Fighting Robots UK Championships 2006

Like many Robot Wars competitors, the Killer Carrot team entered Techno Games 2001 in the swimming competition with Keeler Carrot, named after the keel of a boat, but lost its heat.

After Robot Wars finished, Killer Carrot 2 only made one appearance at the Roaming Robots UK Championships 2006 where it fell in the group stages, after beingflipped out of the arena by Behemoth despite having a close fight with Alien Destructor. In 2013, Killer Carrot 2 was scrapped and rebuilt as K3, which was part of Team DMac until it was recently sold to Team Dragon.

Rob Englebright also built an antweight called Diced Carrot that competed in the Antweight World Series 3, losing all four of its battles. This was followed by Diced Carrot 2 and Diced Carrot 3. The team also competed on the featherweight circuit outside of Robot Wars with Dark Carrot.


  • Both of Killer Carrot's main series appearances were in the same Heat as Major Tom.
  • The Killer Carrot team were good friends with the Hassocks Hog team, another group of Roboteers from West Sussex. Noel Poncelot of the Hassocks Hog designed a spreadsheet to calculate flipper heights for them whilst they team were building the new Killer Carrot machine for the Seventh Wars, whilst the Dangerous Vegetable team painted them a team logo in exchange for some spare parts.
  • Rob Englebright designed the last three House Robots to be made, Mr. Psycho, Growler, and Cassius Chrome.

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