The Hypno-Disc Minibot was one of several minibots released as merchandise. It wasn't particularly detailed, but was based upon the Fourth Wars version, with the rear and top mounted spikes.

Despite it being based on the Fourth Wars incarnation of Hypno-Disc, there are some key differences between the minibot and its real life counterpart, such as the lack of a self-righting mechanism, which was Hypno-Disc's most important improvement since its runner up finish in the Third Wars. Other differences include its flywheel and wheels, which represent the Third Wars version of Hypno-Disc, the disc being flatter and with a tooth on top, and the wheels being black. Unusually the edge of the flywheel is silver instead of black, a change that would later be made to the real machine from Series 6 onwards. Unlike the pullback, the flywheel was static.

It was released in a three pack with the Panic Attack and Dead Metal minibots, and was also available in a two pack with the Matilda minibot.