Golem was a German robot that fought in German Robot Wars and part of UK Robot Wars Extreme. Its name originated from Jewish mythology, meaning "soulless mass". While it lost its only battle in Extreme 1, Golem reached the Heat Final of German Robot Wars, losing to eventual fourth place finisher Tyke.

Golem was scheduled to take part in the Losers Melee to determine fifth through eighth place at the end of the series, but was forced to withdraw after sustaining damage from Shunt in its battle with Tyke. Golem was then stripped of its electronics and the chassis was used as a Drop Zone item in the Grand Final.

Team member Dirk Ferachen also assisted Junkyard Queen roboteer Frank Fietzek during German Robot Wars, despite the two robots battling each other in the first round of the championship.


Golem with Michelin Man

Golem with the Michelin Man doll

Golem Crew

The Golem Crew being interviewed in the German Series pits

Golem was a large invertible cross-shaped robot with four wheels, a front wedge and a set of carbon spikes as its weapons. It cost £3000 to build, and was painted silver and green in Extreme 1, with the chassis painted in a darker shade of green for the German series. In the German series, Golem also featured a Michelin Man doll impaled on its front spike, which served as the robot's mascot. The robot's wheels were exposed from the top and could be dislodged easily, and the machine was unreliable, breaking down in two of its battles.

Robot HistoryEdit

Extreme 1Edit

German melee golem pitted

Golem is pushed into the pit in the final seconds of the German Melee

In The German World Championship Qualifier (which was also broadcast a year later during German Robot Wars), Golem faced Ansgar, Flensburger Power and Nasty Warrior. It dodged its opponents, but got stuck on an angle grinder and broke down. Matilda and Shunt pushed it onto the pit, before Refbot pressed the button at the end of the battle. Ansgar was declared the winner, and so qualified for the World Championships.

German SeriesEdit


The loose wheel

In Golem's first battle, it faced Ansgar's Revenge and Junkyard Queen, both of whom suffered from control issues during the melee. Early on, Golem's wheel dislodged, causing it to have drive issues, especially in reverse. With Ansgar's Revenge limping heavily, Golem spent the rest of the battle fighting with Junkyard Queen, save for the final few seconds, where Golem repeatedly slammed into the arena wall, attempting to reverse but unable to due to the blocked wheel.


Golem is counted out against Tyke

In its Grand Final qualifier, Golem faced Tyke and began the battle well, despite running into Shunt, shoving Tyke into the pit release button. Tyke fought back, and, just as it had broken away, Golem broke down. Smoke could be seen billowing from the top of Golem as the Refbot counted it out, and the House Robots attacked. Golem was put onto the flipper and thrown across the arena, put onto the Drop Zone where a collection of balls was dropped onto it, and finally pushed into the pit by Mr. Psycho.


Golem used as a Drop Zone object

Golem was set to appear in the playoff for 5th-8th position, but, like Hydrotec, had to withdraw. Despite this, it did make an appearance in the battle, as a Drop Zone item, dropped onto the top of Junkyard Queen which had been immobilised.


German Series
German Robot Wars
German Championship
Heat Final
Heat A, Eliminator vs. Ansgar's Revenge, Junkyard Queen Qualified
Heat A, Final vs. Tyke Lost
Grand Final, Losers Melee vs. Junkyard Queen, Not Perfect Withdrew
NOTE: Golem was forced to withdraw before the fight began due to damage sustained from Shunt during its battle with Tyke. Hydrotec was also due to compete and forced to withdraw.
UK Series
Extreme Series 1
The Second World Championship
German Melee
German Melee vs. Ansgar, Flensburger Power, Nasty Warrior Lost
NOTE: This battle was also broadcast during German Robot Wars


  • UK Wins: 0
  • UK Losses: 1
  • German Wins: 1
  • German Losses: 1

Series RecordEdit

Main Series Golem Series Record
German Robot Wars Heat Final


  • Golem is the only robot to be put on the Drop Zone and then used as a Drop Zone object.