"Grievous Bot Harm? That's the intention of this team!"
— Jonathan Pearce

G.B.H. (stylised as GBH on the robot) was a competitor in Series 2 and Series 6 of Robot Wars, entered by Team On-The-Edge, known as Team Joint Effort in Series 6. After reaching the Series Semi-Finals in The Second Wars, it was retired in place of Facet. In Series 6, the team returned to Robot Wars with GBH 2, which started promisingly but was eliminated in a close Judges' decision in the first round. The team now consisted of Mike Smith, his son Alex, and Steve Dove, formerly captain of the Challenger team, who also drove Eubank the Mouse in Series 1. He and Mike Smith had been work colleagues.

Although a few suggestions were made (the most common being Grievous Bot Harm, which is a pun on Grievous Bodily Harm), it was never made completely clear what the letters in G.B.H.'s name stood for.

Versions of G.B.H.Edit


"G.B.H was built using Scrappers chassis. New gearboxes were added to give a final drive ratio of 44:1. This drove two alloy go-cart racing wheels booted with some slick Bridgestone rubber. Its main weapon was a lifting ramp powered by pneumatics, this could lift 100 Kg. At rear two 7" & two 9" saw blades were mounted spinning at 6000 Rpm. The sexy body was constructed out of 1.6mm perforated steel with several layers of glass fibre."
— The archived On The Edge Team website on G.B.H.


The original G.B.H. was a red and silver bubble-shaped robot with a lifting scoop capable of lifting 12 stone. The machine also featured 4 7' identical circular saws, though these were hardly ever seen in action. It was made from the modified chassis of Team Joint Effort's previous entry Scrapper, but the electronics were moved to a small box at the back and featured pneumatic air cylinders to drive the ramp and DC servo motors for the main drive. The lifting ramp was capable of lifting 76 kilograms. Unusually, G.B.H. used a gearbox instead of speed controllers. The gears had a ration of 44:1, giving enormous torque, enough to pull a Mini Metro. The robot's shell was made by Mike Rickard with an underskin of perforated steel mesh overlaid with three layers of fibreglass.

GBH 2Edit

"With both of us interested in most forms of motorsport it was decided that this robot would be built to look like a LeMans racer."
— Team Joint Effort website

The insides of GBH 2

GBH 2 was a brand new machine that competed in Series 6. It was a box-wedge shaped robot with two concealed flippers, modelled on an endurance racing car. The robot's theme was reflected in its original name, The Mulsanne Monster, so-called after a famously-long straight on the Circuit de la Sarthe, home of the annual 24 Hours of Le Mans race.

"Steve worked out the relative positions of all the key components and started to build the chassis. It was built from 1" square section speed-frame. The front lifting arm is cut from 10mm aluminium. The idea was to have a centre section to house the lifters and associated pneumatics plus the electronics and batteries. Each of the side pods houses the motors, drive train and Co2 storage."
— Team Joint Effort website

The first flipper was a front-hinged one at the front that could be used for self-righting, whilst the other was a lifting scoop at the rear.

"We decided that any axe or disc we could fit into our preferred shape would not be particularly effective so we went for a rear flipper as a secondary weapon."
— Team Joint Effort website

It was fast and manoeuvrable, but had weak armour. Although the robot was impressive, it lost in the first round on a very close Judges' decision.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 2Edit


G.B.H. pushes Dead Metal over the line

G.B.H. took on the middle route in The Gauntlet. It pushed past the breeze block wall with little effort, carrying one with it on its back, then went over the ramp. However, it was assaulted by Shunt and Dead Metal and pushed back.

"G.B.H, Grisly Brutish Hurt from the House Robots!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Part of G.B.H.'s scoop was peeled back by Dead Metal's saw, but it forced back, despite the damage. Thanks to this spark of effort, G.B.H. managed reach the end zone. In the Tug of War trial, G.B.H. had some low spikes added to dig into the floor.


G.B.H. is pulled into the pit

"The G.B.H. boys tell us they've got a secret weapon..."
— Jonathan Pearce on G.B.H.'s hidden surprise.

These spikes proved effective, but it couldn't gain much ground and was inevitably pulled into the pit with a time of 20.03 seconds. Despite being a below average time, it was enough to proceed to Round 3.


Talos is flipped

In the heat semi-final, it faced the box-shaped Talos. For this, the Talos team had added a large front lance to keep G.B.H. away from its front end. Unfazed by this, G.B.H bumped into Talos' lance, whilst its opponent spun on the spot. G.B.H. manoeuvred around to the side of Talos and lifted it up momentarily. G.B.H. let it down, Talos tried to escape, but G.B.H quickly followed up that attack with another lift, this one flipping its foe onto its back.

"We didn't think we were going to get it to work, but with the help from some other guys in there (the pits), it worked, and we were really glad to see it flip something"
— The G.B.H. Team
Ivanhoe pitted

G.B.H. pits Ivanhoe

In the heat final, G.B.H. was drawn against Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe got the first attack, ramming G.B.H. with its spear and pushing them across the arena, but G.B.H. soon broke free. G.B.H. suffered a small blow from Ivanhoe's axe, but then counter-attacked and flipped Ivanhoe. Although the Ivanhoe team claimed to have a rollover design, it was perched motionless on its side. G.B.H. was through to the semis. As the credits rolled, G.B.H. was seen shoving Ivanhoe down the pit.

"G.B.H.- grand, brave, honourable winners surely!"
— Jonathan Pearce

G.B.H. drives into the pit

G.B.H. competed in the second semi-final, where it came second in the Gauntlet. The run ended rather quickly, due to it driving slowly into the pit after breaking down the brick wall, carrying one of the bricks with it. However, G.B.H. still managed a run of 6.6 metres, enough to put in second on the leaderboard, easily going through.

— Jonathan Pearce as G.B.H. drives into the Pit.

Sir Killalot carries G.B.H.

The run of G.B.H. ended at the pinball stage. It was able to hit some bricks and barrels early on, and was also able to get the Sphere into one of the Pits before being trapped in the corner after getting perched on some fallen bricks. Sir Killalot then came in and seized G.B.H. with its claw, causing damage to its chassis in the process. The House Robot then effortlessly carried G.B.H. across the Ramp, before lowering into a nearby Pit. It had only scored 145 points, which eliminated the team from the competition. G.B.H. wasn't awarded the fifteen points for going over the ramp as it had been carried over the ramp by Sir Killalot, but ironically, if it had, it would have made G.B.H. level with Haardvark.

Series 6Edit

GBH rights

GBH 2 self-rights

Returning 3 series later, GBH 2 had a very impressive start to Series 6 against fellow returning robots Sir Chromalot, The Alien and newcomers ICU. GBH 2 evaded trouble at first, but was caught side-on by The Alien's spinning hammer, which flipped them over. Despite this, it self-righted in spectacular fashion very soon afterwards.
"GBH has self-righted in flamboyant style!"
— Jonathan Pearce
GBH Alien Chromalot

GBH lifts The Alien

GBH 2 was cornered by The Alien and ICU , but escaped and slammed ICU onto the pit button, turning it over with its scoop. GBH lifted The Alien briefly, but The Alien fought back soon after and GBH was pushed away. It suffered a flip from Sir Chromalot, again self-righting spectacularly as ICU was counted out. After nudging and slamming both of its opponents for a while, it powered into Sir Chromalot, lifting it over at the same time. The dead ICU was then thrown by the floor flipper as GBH 2 pinned both of its opponents against the side wall in a CPZ as the clock ticked down to zero. It was a very close judges' decision, but GBH 2 was eliminated on it, leaving The Alien and Sir Chromalot to go through. This was GBH's and Team Joint Effort's last appearance in Robot Wars.


Series 2
The Second Wars - UK Championship
Semi-Finals, Trial
Heat J, Gauntlet Completed (2nd) Qualified
Heat J, Trial (Tug of War) 20.03 Seconds (4th) Qualified
Heat J, Semi-Final vs. Talos Won
Heat J, Final vs. Ivanhoe Won
Semi-Final 2, Gauntlet 6.6m (2nd) Qualified
Semi-Final 2, Trial (Pinball) 145 Points (5th) Eliminated
Series 6
The Sixth Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 1
Heat D, Round 1 vs. ICU, Sir Chromalot, The Alien Eliminated


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 2

Series RecordEdit

  • G.B.H. in the pits.
  • The team in Series 2.
  • G.B.H. and the chassis of Facet
  • The toy racing car that inspired GBH 2's design.
  • The chassis of GBH 2 during construction.
  • GBH 2 as The Mulsanne Monster (Note the logo on the side).
  • Team Joint Effort Logo in Series 6.
  • Team Joint Effort in Series 6.
Series G.B.H. Record
The First Wars Entered with Scrapper
The Second Wars Semi-Finals, Trial
The Third Wars Entered with Facet
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Heat, Round 1
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter

Outside Robot WarsEdit

GBH 2 entered the Assault Course of Techno Games 2002 as Mulsanne Monster but lost to Bugs Buggy in the first round.

Mulsanne Monster also fought in a few live events, in one particular battle it fought against Vader.


  • During testing, G.B.H.'s lifting ramp threw Mike Rickard into the air when he stood on it.
  • GBH 2's design was inspired by a toy Le Mans race car owned by Steve Dove's son.
  • Team members Mike Smith and Steve Dove lived 70 miles apart.
"We spent about three months pushing ideas and sketches about. As we live about 70 miles apart most of this was done by E-mail, company internal mail and phone calls."
— Team Joint Effort website

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