"Craig Charles is back with a new series of the huge hit Robot Wars! Don't miss the gladiatorial fight to the death between six contestants' home made robots — and don't forget the deadly house robots! There'll be spilt engine oil and tears galore!"
— From the back cover of both Fox Kids DVDs

Fox Kids released two full episodes of Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars on DVD in 2004 in the UK with the Daily Express and The Sun newspapers to promote the channel's screenings of the series. Fox Kids had acquired the rights to the series after it had ended on Five.

These were followed by in 2005 with the release of two further episodes of Seventh Wars episodes on DVD, included with issues of Jetix Magazine, Fox Kids having been rebranded to Jetix at the beginning of the year.

Daily ExpressEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars/Heat P

The Daily Express DVD included Heat P.

The DVD could be obtained at the time by cutting out a voucher from copies of the Daily Express newspaper that were printed on Wednesday 12th May 2004 and handing them in at any Woolworths store.

A trailer for Fox Kids' broadcast of Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars is shown after the end of the episode with a voiceover by Craig Charles. This is followed by a Fox Kids trailer featuring clips of programmes they were showing at the time (including a brief clip of Robot Wars).

The SunEdit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars/Heat B

The Sun DVD included Heat B.

As with the Daily Express offer, this DVD could be obtained by cutting a voucher out of copies of The Sun newspaper and handing them in at any Blockbuster or Gamestation store.

A short trailer for Fox Kids/Jetix is shown after the end of the episode.

Jetix MagazineEdit

Issue 6Edit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars/Heat D

The DVD that came with the sixth issue of Jetix Magazine featured Heat D of the Seventh Wars as well as other Jetix programme content. There was also a Robot Wars gallery included on the disc. [1]

Issue 18Edit

Main article: The Third World Championship

The DVD that came with issue 18 of Jetix Magazine included the Third World Championship, among other programmes from Jetix. The DVD also contained various bonus features including a Robot Wars gallery. [2] [3]

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