"Fluffy by name, not Fluffy by nature..."
— Robot Wars: The Ultimate Guide

Fluffy was a competitor from London that fought in Series 5-7 of Robot Wars, and also competed in both series of Extreme.

It jointly won the UK vs Germany Special of Series 6 and German Robot Wars with Das Gepäck. It also won the Most Promising Newcomer Award in Series 5 after reaching the Heat Final, having taken out two very experienced machines and causing severe damage to second seeds Pussycat on the way.

However, it suffered from severe reliability problems, frequently breaking down, causing it to under-perform in most of its appearances.


"After designing Charybdis entirely on 2D CAD and the backs of envelopes, we thought our next design needed to be a bit more thorough. We used a piece of software called Pro/DESKTOP which allowed us to model all the components within the frame in 3D. The advantage of using CAD is that, once you are familiar with the program, you can move parts around and try different frame layouts much more quickly than if you were designing with scale models or on paper. We decided that the new robot needed to be narrower, lower, and have thicker armour and a larger weapon."
— Fluffy website on designing Fluffy[1]

Fluffy from Series 5 & Extreme 1

Fluffy S6

Fluffy in Series 6

Fluffy Spinning

Fluffy with its blade spinning in Extreme 2

Fluffy Qualifiers

Fluffy, attending the qualifiers for Series 7.

Fluffy was a low heptagonal-shaped robot which was capable of reaching 8 mph in Extreme 1 and Series 5, but 20mph in later series. It was built to be as compact as possible to allow for a very thick chassis and armour and two rubber wheels. It was shaped very much like the Series 6 guise of Disc-O-Inferno, only smaller and, instead of a conventional flywheel, its main weapon was a 20kg horizontal double-headed spinning axe that spun at 1500-2000RPM. Fluffy proved to be extremely destructive in its battles, even managing to disarm the number two seed Pussycat, and it was also well armoured in 16mm polycarbonate with a brazed steel frame. However, it suffered from having a petrol driven weapon and a 2cm ground clearance.

For Series 6, Fluffy was rebuilt, with a slightly larger chassis and weapon, a petrol engine to power the weapon and thicker armour. This version of Fluffy was known as Fluffy 2 by the team, but was still known as Fluffy on-screen.[2]

For Series 7, Fluffy was redesigned to be wider than before, sporting a more solid black colour scheme, and the pointed front of the robot was rounded off.

Jayne Middlemiss: "Doesn't look very fluffy to me, why is it called that?"
Richard Johnson: "Because it's cute and cuddly!"
Jayne Middlemiss: "I don't know what you've been cuddling but I ain’t want to cuddle that!"
— The team give an ironic description of their robot in their pre-battle interview in Series 7


Fluffy qualified for Series 5 after beating Kat 3 in the qualifiers. The two teams had fought at the Series 4 qualifiers with their previous entries, Charybdis and Kater Killer. Kat 3 also received a discretionary place, despite receiving severe damage.

"One thing that nearly put an end to us before we got onto television this year was when we had to fight Fluffy in the try outs. ... they gave us a good thrashing - thanks lads. Keith had to spend all weekend getting us back into shape."
— Team KaterKiller website
Series 7 Qualifier

Fluffy fighting in its Series 7 qualifier battle

In its Series 6 qualifier, Fluffy was drawn against future champion Typhoon 2, debutant Prime Evil, and body spinner Velociripper, unrelated to Team Mouse. Prime Evil was withdrawn from the arena shortly before the battle started, leaving only three robots. Fluffy was the victor of the battle, and qualified automatically for the Sixth Wars.

When qualifying for Series 7, Fluffy inflicted major damage to the armour of Terror Turtle and another robot, slicing into Gyrobot's weapon, before breaking down. All three of Fluffy's opponents survived for the remainder of the qualifier, leaving Gyrobot as the winner. However, Fluffy still received a discretionary place to qualify.

Robot HistoryEdit

Extreme 1Edit

Arnold A Terminegger vs Wild Thing vs Fluffy

Fluffy is pounded by Arnold A. Terminegger

Fluffy's only appearance in Extreme Series 1 was in a Mayhem qualifier battle where it was put up against Arnold A. Terminegger and Wild Thing. Fluffy started by backing away from its opponents, before twisting round and hitting the side of Wild Thing, causing only minor damage. Their two weapons were briefly locked together as they circled each other, before both machines broke away, with Fluffy's spinner appearing to have stopped. Wild Thing proceeded to push Fluffy into the arena side wall, immobilising it completely. Fluffy was hit by Arnold A. Terminegger's axe a few times, and also absorbed a slam by Wild Thing, though no damage was caused.

Fluffy pitted floor flipper

Fluffy ends up in the pit after being thrown by the Floor Flipper

"Fluffy's out of it, of course, and is onto the arena flipper. Any second now... one, two, three, sails through the air, a bang and a crash - ha-ha-ha-ha-ha - and down into the pit. They got their wish."
— Jonathan Pearce

The immobilised Fluffy was pushed across the arena by Sir Killalot after being counted out by the Refbot and eliminated from the Mayhem. Fluffy was then placed on the arena floor flipper, and due to Fluffy's odd shape, Fluffy bounced straight into the open pit of oblivion.

Series 5Edit

"I like the look of Fluffy's weapon here, that spinning axe blade."
— Jonathan Pearce, just before Fluffy's first attack damages 101's track

Fluffy tears into 101

Fluffy's first opponent of Series 5 was the experienced number 23 seeds 101. Fluffy began by dodging 101's first attack, turning away before hitting 101's right track, breaking it and severely reducing 101's mobility. Fluffy attacked a second time, ripping the track off completely. Fluffy tore into 101's side, cutting a chunk out in the process. Their next tore a large gash into 101's front, then they focused on 101's front right corner, ripping more of the armour away. As Fluffy backed off for several seconds, 101 continued to hug the arena wall. Seeing no danger, Fluffy advanced on 101 and hit its front again, bouncing Fluffy away. Another attack bent and buckled one of 101's guiding wedges, but Fluffy could not quite finish off 101, so the fight went to the judges. Unsurprisingly, the judges voted Fluffy through.

"I think we're going to see a lot more of Fluffy in Robot Wars. I've been hugely impressed."
— Jonathan Pearce

Terrorhurtz hits Fluffy

Fluffy was then drawn up against Terrorhurtz in the second round of the Heat. The Fluffy team added an extra layer of polycarbonate on top of the robot to protect against the axe of their opponent, while their opponents added a "Fluffy launch device" to deflect Fluffy's attacks. Terrorhurtz attacked Fluffy with its axe in the opening seconds, trapping the spinner on its wedge, but Fluffy escaped quickly. Fluffy were chased by Terrorhurtz across the arena, but then Fluffy turned into Terrorhurtz's side (the side without the "Fluffy launched device") and tore away the side armour, crippling Terrorhurtz's mobility and cracking one of Terrorhurtz's gas valves. This caused CO2 to leak from the machine and left the internals exposed. Fluffy drove into Terrorhurtz, ripping some of its internals out. Another attack from Fluffy bent the "Fluffy launch device" out of shape. Refbot came in to count out Terrorhurtz, although not before Fluffy came in for two final attack, causing minor damage to Terrorhurtz's front wedge, and deflecting Fluffy into Refbot.
"I am so impressed by Fluffy, their first time in Robot Wars, and Terrorhurtz are discombobulated!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Fluffy rips off Pussycat's blade

In the Heat Final, Fluffy faced the second seeds, Pussycat. They began by colliding with Pussycat's front deflecting both machines away. Fluffy retreated, with Pussycat in hot pursuit. Fluffy sustained minor damage as Pussycat rammed into their side, bouncing the seeds up onto all four wheels and over again. Fluffy circled around, giving itself a wide berth from Pussycat, before dodging another Pussycat attack. Fluffy then turned back in to Pussycat and the weapons collided, ripping the spinning disc and a caster off Pussycat. Pussycat desperately rammed into Fluffy, but weren't able to push Fluffy. This seemed like an incredible win for the newcomers against the second seed, but Fluffy mysteriously broke down, while Pussycat struggled over a flame jet.

"The blade of Fluffy is moving, but they're not - they're not progressing across the arena floor! What a surprise this would be! Fluffy are being counted out! The Pussycat blade was gone, but they kept battling, and Fluffy conked out! Absolutely startling!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Fluffy are counted out
Fluffy counted out

Fluffy are counted out

Even though the blade was still spinning, there was no other sign of movement from Fluffy, and they were counted out by Refbot and left to the House Robots. Dead Metal cut into them, before Sir Killalot hoisted them into the air and were thrown by the floor flipper. Fluffy was then pushed into the pit of oblivion by Dead Metal, who promptly drove in as well. Thus, the surprise win was awarded to Pussycat, putting them through to the Semi-Finals and eliminating Fluffy from the competition.

"I thought we were on the brink of one of the great Robot Wars surprises."
— Jonathan Pearce as Fluffy are placed on the Floor Flipper

At the end of the series, Fluffy was awarded with the Most Promising Newcomer award, beating S3 and Crushtacean to the prize.

Series 6Edit

Fluffy vs Kan-Opener

Fluffy leaves a gash in Kan-Opener's armour

In its first round melee, Fluffy fought against three returning teams to Robot Wars, Kan-Opener, Double Trouble and Demolition Man. At first, Fluffy stayed away from the action while Kan-Opener became stuck in Demolition Man after its initial attack. Fluffy came in for an attack on Demolition Man, before backing away and tearing through Kan-Opener's sides in a second attack, sending up a shower of sparks and immobilising it.

"Fluffy - low centre of gravity - has spun away, but has caused trouble to Kan-Opener. Look at this attack here, slicing into Kan-Opener!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Fluffy immobilises Kan-Opener

Fluffy deflected off of Kan-Opener's claws as it drove into them again, just avoiding a slam by Double Trouble. By this point, Fluffy's weaponry had stopped spinning as they rammed into the side of Double Trouble. Demolition Man also broke down due to the damage inflicted by Kan-Opener, sending Fluffy though to the next round.

Fluffy vs Stinger

Fluffy comes in for the attack which momentarily damaged Stinger's drive

In Round 2, Fluffy fought 11th seeds Stinger. Both machines circled around the arena in the opening moments. Fluffy darted round Stinger's mace and hit one of the wheels, before quickly escaping an attack from Stinger. A second attack from Fluffy clipped Stinger's mace, sending the axlebot tumbling and twisting over. Fluffy scored another hit on Stinger's wheel, and Stinger appeared to lose drive on one side. Fluffy took advantage of this, and struck Stinger's mace as they span on the spot, deflecting Fluffy away.

"Fluffy, waiting its moment to come onto the attack. Stinger is going around in circles, that's just about it. Fluffy's first attack really, of this second round clash, caused so much damage."
— Jonathan Pearce, just before Stinger's wheel begins working again

As Fluffy backed off for several seconds, Stinger continued driving in circles, and Fluffy continued to strike Stinger's tyres, causing some visible damage. However when the two robots collided, Stinger's wheel began working again. Fluffy's blade had stopped working, leaving it with no offensive capability, as they were subjected to a whack from Stinger's mace. It attempted to evade Stinger, but drove onto the Flame Pit. Fluffy appeared to have slowed down near the arena wall, while Stinger began spinning on the spot, bashing into the side of Fluffy.

Stinger vs Fluffy

Stinger hits Fluffy

"Fluffy, with the steel frame, difficult to penetrate, very destructive as well, but taking punishment from Stinger. I don't know how much destructive punishment. Down comes the mace again. Bang! Slam! Where's Fluffy going now?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Fluffy withstood consecutive blows from the mace, as well as another attack with Stinger spinning on the spot, before driving into a CPZ, where Mr. Psycho hammered it. Fluffy avoided a second blow from the hammer and escaped, but Stinger got into position and slammed its top again and again, eventually immobilising it. After being counted out, Fluffy was thrown by the floor flipper, and eliminated from the Sixth Wars.

Fluffy corkscrew

Fluffy knocks out Corkscrew's weapon

Fluffy returned for the UK vs Germany Special, which was also broadcast during German Robot Wars. In the first round, it faced the Scottish full-body spinner Corkscrew. After both machines began spinning up their weapons on the spot, Fluffy met Corkscrew in the centre of the arena, the spinners clashing. Fluffy's briefly slowed down while Corkscrew's kept spinning, and Fluffy turned away, before sustaining a hit to the side. This turned Fluffy round to face Corkscrew, and they drove into the full body spinner, causing Corkscrew to bounce into the arena wall, stunning it.

"What you will see is, with the Fluffy blade once it has struck its opponent, the blade will stop. Mind you, Corkscrew, has stopped dead!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Fluffy attacked again while Corkscrew remained vulnerable, tearing into the armour. By this point, Corkscrew were no longer spinning, or mobile, and were slammed into the pit release button by Fluffy. Corkscrew were counted out, meaning that Fluffy was through to the next round.

"No pants? It was pants! It goes spinning out of the competition, whereas Fluffy, they display the spirit of 66!"
— Craig Charles
259 fluffy

Fluffy's attack causes significant damage to 259's drive

There, it met the similarly destructive 259. Both machines avoided each other during the opening seconds of the fight, with 259 chasing Fluffy around the arena. Fluffy's extra speed meant it was easily able to evade 259's lethal spinner for some time. Eventually, the two machines collided head-on, causing minor damage to the front of 259. Fluffy caught the edge of 259's left side skirt, lifting it up and exposing the wheels, before quickly tearing into the right side and ripping out 259's right drive belt.

"259's in all sorts of bother here. It was the extreme strength of Fluffy's onslaught - and another massive attack has sent 259 toppling! What ease! They simply tossed 259 aside!"
— Jonathan Pearce

While its opponent lay helpless in the middle of the arena, Fluffy slammed into 259's exposed side, damaging one of its exposed wheels. It struck 259 once more, and the impact flipped 259 onto its side. As 259 were counted out, Fluffy left them to the mercy of the House Robots, who pitted the beaten machine.

"Fluffy, worthy winners. A real match for anything Germany can put up."
— Jonathan Pearce
Fluffy das gepack

Fluffy cracks the spike of Das Gepäck

Through to the final, Fluffy met the German representative Das Gepäck.

"Fluffy will fight them in the arena, he'll fight them on the angle grinder, he'll fight them in the pit, and Fluffy will never, never, never, surrender!"
— Jonathan Pearce - The patriot (paraphrasing Winston Churchill's famous speech).
Fluffy bash C02 Das Gepack

Fluffy and Das Gepäck end up a little too close to Sergeant Bash's CPZ after another attack

Initially, the two robots avoided each other, trying to get into the right position to use their weapon effectively. With its first attack, Fluffy tore off one of Das Gepäck's spikes, but did little damage to the body. A second attack on Das Gepäck's side did little damage either, and Fluffy were only able to glance off the German machine as they clashed again. Fluffy chased Das Gepäck across the arena, before driving into Das Gepäck's front, deflecting away. The two machines collided over the Flame Pit, with Fluffy's spinner appearing to rip away part of Das Gepäck's side armour, but once again the damage was only minor. Das Gepäck then rammed into Fluffy's side, and it was at this moment that Fluffy's blade stopped working.

"Very well balanced, and well set up, this final. By far and away the best two machines we've seen."
— Jonathan Pearce, as the battle continues to show no clear winner
Das depack fluffy

Das Gepäck pushes the weaponless Fluffy

The two spent the rest of the match ramming and pushing each other around, with neither appearing to gain any sort of edge. Das Gepäck activated the pit release and darted after Fluffy. Both machines came together and became embroiled in a brief push-and-shove near the pit. Fluffy and Das Gepäck broke away again, before ramming into each other over a CO2 vent. The final attack saw Fluffy pushed over the Flame Pit and cease was called.

"Has the Fluffy weaponry stopped? That could be decisive, if it does go to the judges. Mind you the Das Gepäck weapon has hardly been effective throughout."
— Jonathan Pearce

It went to the judges, who declared the final a draw, much to the audience's displeasure.

Extreme 2Edit


Fluffy is caught in Tiberius 3's grip

In Extreme Series 2, Fluffy's only appearance was in the University Challenge, where it represented University College London. Fluffy was favoured to win the whole competition, and its first round battle was against Infinity and Tiberius 3. Tiberius 3 and Infinity immediately clashed on activate, with Fluffy holding back. Tiberius 3 backed into Fluffy, who weren't able to cause significant damage to Tiberius 3's tough armour. The attack also appeared to have stopped Fluffy's weaponry.

Tiberius III vs Fluffy

Fluffy is hoisted into the air by Tiberius 3

"The Fluffy team, in the jaws of a dilemma, and the jaws of Tiberius 3."
— Jonathan Pearce
Tiberius vs Infinity vs Fluffy

Fluffy is dropped into the pit

Infinity rammed into the back of Fluffy, before Fluffy became beached on Tiberius 3's wedge. Tiberius 3 pierced a hole in the top of Fluffy and held it into an angle grinder, before being dragged over the Flame Pit. Tiberius 3 then proceeded to carry Fluffy into the air across the arena. Infinity attempted to grab onto the side of Fluffy with its pincers, but Tiberius 3's grip was stronger. Growler activated the pit release, but Tiberius 3 couldn't let go of Fluffy over the pit. Fluffy fell to its demise after Sir Killalot pushed into the back of Tiberius 3, taking Tiberius 3 with it.

"Now who's gonna go down? Fluffy, Infinity? Infinity, Fluffy? Which one? Someone's got to fall here... It's Fluffy! They're out!"
— Jonathan Pearce

As a result, Fluffy was eliminated in the first round. The team revealed backstage that their petrol engine had stalled shortly before the match began, reducing the weapon's power, contributing to its loss.

Series 7Edit

"Has to lose its soft image from its previous defeats in the wars..."
— Jonathan Pearce as Fluffy is introduced
Fluffy Scarey Go Round

Fluffy cuts into Scarey-Go-Round

Fluffy was in a first round melee with the rebuilt Killer Carrot 2, Team UK Robotics Constrictor and newcomers Scarey-Go-Round in Series 7. Fluffy targeted Scarey-Go-Round early on, tearing a huge gash into them. Scarey-Go-Round then drove into Fluffy's spinning blade, deflecting Fluffy away and causing more damage to Scarey-Go-Round, with a side panel left visible on the arena floor. Soon afterwards, Fluffy burnt out its motors on one side. It was still moving, but only in circles.

"Fluffy is smoking, something's burning out inside. They're spinning, but they're not moving forward."
— Jonathan Pearce
Fluffy smoke

Smoke pours out of Fluffy

Scarey-Go-Round drove into Fluffy again, and the spinning blade connected with Scarey-Go-Round's, slashing through the weak armour. Fluffy began spinning on the spot as Killer Carrot 2 edged towards it. This resulted in Killer Carrot 2 being spun away by Fluffy's still-powerful spinning blade. Fluffy then began to emit smoke, and its spinner stopped working, before the machine seemed to cease functioning altogether. Sergeant Bash grabbed Fluffy with his front claw while Killer Carrot 2 activated the pit release. As Sergeant Bash let go, Fluffy came back to life, but was still only able to spin in circles.

"Fluffy had no pushing factor on Killer Carrot 2, but has suddenly found some life, and zip, Fluffy. Too little, too late, perhaps, should it go to the Judges."
— Jonathan Pearce
Sgt bash grabs fluffy

Sergeant Bash grabs hold of Fluffy

Killer Carrot 2 wedged its flipper on top of Fluffy while Constrictor bumped into the side of Fluffy. The battle ended with Killer Carrot 2 and Constrictor both pushing into Fluffy, who had appeared to have lost all drive again. All four machines survived to the Judges' decision, despite Scarey-Go-Round being immobile on the flame pit. The judges eliminated Fluffy, along with Scarey-Go-Round.


Extreme 1
Mayhem & Annihilator
Mayhem Qualifier vs. Arnold A. Terminegger, Wild Thing Lost
Series 5
The Fifth Wars - UK Championship
Heat Final
Heat L, Round 1 vs. 101 (23) Won
Heat L, Round 2 vs. Terrorhurtz Won
Heat L, Final vs. Pussycat (2) Lost
Series 6
The Sixth Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 2
Heat F, Round 1 vs. Demolition Man, Double Trouble, Kan-Opener Qualified
Heat F, Round 2 vs. Stinger (11) Lost
UK vs Germany Special
Representing UK, Joint Champion
NOTE: This competition was also broadcast during German Robot Wars
Round 1 vs. Corkscrew (UK) Won
Round 2 vs. 259 (UK) Won
Final vs. Das Gepäck (GER) Drew
Extreme 2
University Challenge
Round 1
Round 1 vs. Infinity, Tiberius 3 Eliminated
Series 7
The Seventh Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 1
Heat F, Round 1 vs. Constrictor, Killer Carrot 2, Scarey-Go-Round Eliminated


  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 5
  • Draws: 1

Series RecordEdit

  • A computer-aided design of Fluffy
  • Fluffy without its top armour
  • Fluffy in the pits during the Series 5 qualifiers
  • The team with Fluffy during Series 5
  • Fluffy 2 in construction
Main Series Fluffy Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Failed to qualify with Charybdis
The Fifth Wars Heat Final
The Sixth Wars Heat, Round 2
The Seventh Wars Heat, Round 1
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered
Series 2 Entered


  • Fluffy is one of only ten robots to debut in Extreme 1 and then fight in one of the main competitions, not counting Typhoon. The others were 3 Stegs to Heaven, Axe-Awe, Comengetorix, Fighting Torque, NEAT Machine, Spawn Again, Sub-Version, The Executioner and Draven.
  • Of all the robots to be awarded Most Promising Newcomer, Fluffy was the only one who beat out a robot that made it further in the competition (S3).
    • It was the only Most Promising Newcomer that failed to reach the Semi-Finals the series they were awarded the honour (Tornado and Dantomkia both reached the second round of the Semi-Finals).
    • It was also the only Most Promising Newcomer who weren't knocked out of the competition by the Number 1 seed in the series they won the award (Tornado were beaten by Chaos 2, while Dantomkia were beaten by Razer, whereas Fluffy were beaten by the second seeds, Pussycat).



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