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"This nippy rodent threatens all opponents with a mean right hook, left cross combination!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Eubank the Mouse (shortened to The Mouse) was a lightweight robot which competed in Series 1 of Robot Wars.

As a stock robot, Eubank the Mouse went out in the Trial round, like its fellow stock robots W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G. and Grunt, after it allegedly broke down, thus allowing future grand finalists T.R.A.C.I.E. through, despite it having barely moved at all.

The robot is named after British middleweight boxer Chris Eubank, with the boxing gloves attached to the robot also being a further reference.


Eubank the Mouse was a pyramid-shaped robot, and had a head designed like a mouse's with a pair of glasses on. It also had a pair of boxing gloves on its arms for decoration, which were listed as its weapons on the statistics board as a 'right hook & left cross'.

For its time, it was very fast, but this was at the cost of weight. At a total weight of 20kg, Eubank the Mouse was considered to be a lightweight. The robot also suffered from being top-heavy.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 1Edit

Mouse gauntlet

The Mouse dodges Matilda

Eubank the Mouse's speed and maneuverability took it straight through the House Robot route. Dead Metal was the only House Robot to cause it much trouble forcing it back half way through the course, but The Mouse still managed to complete the course in the quickest time. As a Stock Robot, Eubank the Mouse wasn't allowed to qualify from the Trial stage, so it was driven into a side wall and then was announced to have broken down irreparably, thus eliminating it from the competition.


Series 1
The First Wars - UK Championship
Heat Trial
Heat F, Gauntlet Completed (1st) Qualified
Heat F, Trial (Snooker) 0 Balls with least activity (5th) Eliminated

Series RecordEdit


Steve Dove driving Eubank the Mouse

Series Eubank the Mouse Record
The First Wars Heat, Trial
The Second Wars Entered with Challenger
The Third Wars Entered with Challenger 2
The Fourth Wars
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter

This Series Record is reflective of Steve Dove, driver of the loanerbot. He also jointed Team Joint Effort in The Sixth Wars.

Before televised Robot WarsEdit

The Mouse 95

The Mouse fights for England during the 1995 UK Open Championship

Eubank the Mouse was originally created by Derek Foxwell for the 1995 UK Open Championship, under the Robot Wars brand. Eubank the Mouse, like the other British robots, did not fare too well and was eventually toppled over. However, during the same championship it was known as House Mouse and it served as a makeshift House Robot.

Outside Robot WarsEdit

Eubank the Mouse remained on static display until the end of Robot Wars' original run.


At the Bordon Charity Event, organised by the Plunderbird team in May 1999, Eubank the Mouse took on Cassius and Chaos.




The Mouse on display alongside Matilda and Shunt

  • Eubank the Mouse is one of 20 robots never to fight in robot combat, having only ever been in the Gauntlet or Trial.
  • Eubank the Mouse was the only one of the three Stock Robots to complete the Gauntlet in the quickest time.
  • According to the original weight-limits, Eubank the Mouse was the only Lightweight in the first series.
  • Eubank the Mouse could be seen in the pits in Series 2 next to Ramrombit.
  • Chris Eubank, the inspiration for the robot's name and design, took part in the Fourth Wars Celebrity Special episode, where he drove Killertron.

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