"No metal shall be spared."
— Don Kwast

Enderbot was a robot that competed in the first series of Dutch Robot Wars. Enderbot reached the heat final in Dutch Series 1, where it was beaten by the eventual champion Slicer. The team pretended to be a secret socialist government organization, and captain Don Kwast carried a riding crop and dressed like Che Guevara.



Enderbot in the arena

Its body consisted of two parallelogram box-sections welded together, with a SMC rotary actuator/Kos gearbox powered pneumatic hammer in between. The robot was invertible and its hammer could be fired in either direction, but not upside-down.

Robot HistoryEdit

Dutch Series 1Edit

Slicer vs Enderbot

Enderbot takes damage from Slicer

In its first battle, Enderbot was immediately turned over by Slicer's spinning drum, rendering its axe useless. It wandered around aimlessly, unable to turn itself right-side up. Slicer pushed it into a CPZ, where Sir Killalot picked it up and dropped it. Enderbot was not moving, so Refbot counted it out.

In the losers' melee, Enderbot focused on Flextreme, bringing its hammer down several times on the clear robot. It did not manage to cause much damage, but its demonstrations of aggression earned it the Jury's decision.

Blue vs Enderbot

Enderbot attacks Blue

Reinstated in the competition, Enderbot faced Blue. Its first blow tore off Blue's top, and subsequent attacks ripped away one of its sides. Enderbot continued to hack at Blue's sides, eventually dislodging all of its armour and immobilising it.

Slicer vs Enderbot2

Enderbot slammed in to the arena sidewall by Slicer in the Heat Final

In the Heat Final, Enderbot met Slicer again. Enderbot kept its front end up so that its slanted shape deflected Slicer's drum. However, Slicer eventually managed to catch its side, loosening one of its tyres on impact. Enderbot was pushed into a CPZ, and Dead Metal stripped the loose tyre off. Lacking full mobility, Enderbot was counted out. Dead Metal cut into its other wheel before it was thrown by the floor flipper.


Series 1
Dutch Championship
Heat Final
Heat D, Round 1 vs. Slicer Lost
Heat D, Losers Melee vs. Project One, Flextreme Won
Heat D, Semi-Final vs. Blue Won
Heat D, Final vs. Slicer Lost


Enderbot insides

Insides of Enderbot

  • Dutch Wins: 2
  • Dutch Losses: 2

Series RecordEdit

Series Enderbot Series Record
Series 1 Heat Final
Series 2 Did not enter