Dynamite was a loanerbot which participated in the UK vs Germany Special, broadcasted as part of German Robot Wars, and Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars in the UK. It represented Germany during this special, and was one of two loanerbots not to be used in the American series tournaments. Dynamite was lent to Team Dynamite, who for unknown reasons were unable to compete with their own robot, and was named as such to match their T-shirts. It was eliminated in the first round of the UK vs Germany Special, despite being favoured by Jonathan Pearce.


Dynamite official image

Official shot of Dynamite

Dynamite was a grey two-wheeled robot equipped with a strong pneumatic lifting scoop and protected in metallic armour. However, it had a high ground clearance, no self-righting mechanism and wheels which were exposed from the side, while the armour proved thin and fragile in its only appearance.

Robot HistoryEdit

German Series / UK Series 6Edit

Delldog dynamite

Delldog rams Dynamite

"Thin armour, no self-righting mechanism, a high ground clearance, but the weaponry very strong, should win this one."
— Jonathan Pearce's initial assessment

Dynamite was up against the full-body spinner Delldog in Round 1 of the UK vs Germany tournament. Delldog's disc was not working, but it was able to push Dynamite into Dead Metal. The House Robot sawed through Dynamite's shell, and when it was released, it stopped moving. Refbot counted Dynamite out and Sir Killalot placed it on the floor flipper. Dynamite flew through the air and shards of armour shattered off as it hit the floor. The House Robots came in and badly damaged Dynamite. All of Dynamite's armour was sheared off by Sir Killalot, who eventually dropped it outside of the arena.

Dynamite over wall

Sir Killalot lifts Dynamite out of the arena

"Dynamite? Well, that's what they came into the arena with to protect the mechanics."
— Jonathan Pearce as Killalot has destroyed Dynamite's armour and is about to put him out of the arena.
"Dynamite? More like Dyno-Rod, totally toilet!"
— Craig Charles after Dynamite's only battle


German Robot Wars / UK Series 6
UK vs Germany Special
Representing Germany, Round 1
Round 1 vs. Delldog (GER) Lost
Yellow bot qual gahra

Dynamite at the Series 5 qualifiers.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

Series RecordEdit

Main Series Dynamite Record
German Robot Wars UK vs Germany Special

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