Close Enough was an American competitor that fought in Season 1 of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. It was entered into both the Robot Rebellion and the US Championship by Team Critter from Omaha, Nebraska, although it failed to progress beyond the first round in either of its appearances due to reliability issues.

Team Critter also fought in the second season of Extreme Warriors with The Termite.



Close Enough in the Pits

Close Enough was a large four-wheel drive, box-shaped robot powered by a gas engine. At 53 inches (134cm) in width, it was one of the widest robots to compete in any version of Robot Wars to date, and featured sets of spiked ramming 'teeth' along its front frame which formed its primary weapon.

Robot HistoryEdit

Season 1Edit

Close Enough was involved in the US championship against Mad Cow, Manta, Rosie The Riveter, Rippa Raptor and Tiger Cat. It tried pushing Manta at the start, but then broke down and was never seen again during the rest of the battle, which Manta won.


Close Enough on fire

Close Enough also fought in the Robot Rebellion, where it faced loanerbot Silver Box. However, it had electrical problems when hit at the start by Silver Box, and was counted out, before being placed on the floor flipper, and onto the flame pit, where its engine caught fire.


Season 1
Robot Rebellion
Round 1
Heat vs. Silver Box Lost
US Championship
Eliminated in Heats
Heat vs. Mad Cow, Tiger Cat, Rippa Raptor, Manta, Rosie The Riveter Eliminated


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2

Series RecordEdit

Main Series Close Enough Record
Season 1 Heat (Round 1)
Season 2 Entered with The Termite

Outside Robot WarsEdit

Team Critter also fought in Robotica with The Tick.

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