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"This is the most potent robot we have seen thus far in this Grand Final, in this series of Robot Wars, perhaps ever!"
— Jonathan Pearce, during Carbide's Series 8 battle against Thor

Carbide is a heavyweight robot which competed in Series 8-9 of Robot Wars. It reached the Grand Final in Series 8, finishing runners-up to eventual champion Apollo after a close final-round battle. Carbide returned for Series 9 and won the championship after going undefeated throughout the entire series.

According to the official Robot Wars website, Team Carbide rated their chances of winning Series 8 at '10 out of 10', and the robot featured heavily in promotional trailers, with the BBC listing Carbide as one of the most destructive robots in the series.


"At its maximum speed, the impact of a hit from Carbide’s blade has 60 times more energy than a sniper bullet."
— Robot Wars website
Team carbide

Team Carbide in Series 8


Carbide in Series 8

Carbide yel wheels

Carbide with its yellow wheels used from the Heat Final onwards

Carbide is an invertible black and green robot with two-wheel drive and a large horizontal bar spinner at the front. Carbide's weapon is considered to be the most powerful bar spinner in Robot Wars history, measuring 85cm in length, weighing 25kg and spinning at 2300RPM. The weapon operates at 20 horsepower to inflict massive damage. The robot also features a steep wedge at the rear, used to deflect other spinners and push other robots around if necessary. Carbide's armour consists of 5mm military grade steel, and 8mm aerospace grade aluminium and a shock-mounted top panel. Though it started off with black tyres during the Group Battle and Head to Head stages, it wore yellow tyres in the Heat Final and all of the final, very similar to the tyres of Glitterbomb.

Carbide with team

Carbide with its team in Series 9

Carbide series 9

Carbide's turntable shot in Series 9

For Series 9, Carbide received a new top panel as well as a new weapon motor and an upgraded clutch assembly for its bar spinner. The new weapon motor - dubbed 'Bille-tek' by the team - is equally as powerful as the former Etek motor, but shorter, lighter and features a custom billet housing.[1] Carbide's top speed was increased from 12mph to 15mph, the tip speed of the blade was also increased from 200mph to 250mph, its top armour was cushioned and it also received a revised paint job, with yellow tips on its spinner as well as a new logo.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 8Edit

Carbide appeared in Episode 1, where it was drawn against the experienced Behemoth, Team Mute's new machine Bonk, and Third Wars footballer, The General in its first-round melee.

Angela Scanlon: "So your plan is to literally demolish everything in your way?"
Dave Moulds: "Hopefully!"
— The battle plan

Carbide removes The General's wheel

Although it sustained an initial slam from Bonk, Carbide was free to target the opponents of its choice in the first round, with Behemoth specifically avoiding it. Carbide landed its first blow on the exposed tyres of The General, knocking it back. Carbide's spinning bar spent a brief moment inactive after this, and needed to dodge its opponents, but when back at full speed Carbide charged into The General, removing its tyre completely, and also hitting Bonk with the same blow, immobilising it. Essentially victorious at this stage, Carbide grazed Behemoth's scoop before hitting The General one last time, and then landing some full-power blows to the now-inverted Bonk. Carbide qualified alongside Behemoth.


Carbide recoils away from Terrorhurtz

After its first round battle, it was revealed that Carbide's weapon motor had broken, and its team struggled to repair it in time for their next match. However, after some help from John Reid, the motor was fixed in time for Carbide's first battle of the head-to-head stage, against John Reid's own Terrorhurtz. In preparation, Team Carbide added an extra layer of polycarbonate to the top of their robot, as protection from Terrorhurtz's axe, which ironically never worked in the following battle.

Terrorhurtz vs Carbide

Carbide is pitted by Terrorhurtz

On the very first charge, Carbide's blade clashed with Terrorhurtz's scoop, sending Carbide reeling into the air, and bounced upside-down when it landed. Carbide was pushed around the arena by Terrorhurtz, although it usually landed a blow on Terrorhurtz's scoop at the same time, bending the HARDOX wedge. Carbide was pushed into the arena wall, pit release tyre, and flame pit. Carbide was unable to drive off the flame pit, so after being burnt, it was freed by Sir Killalot. Regardless, Carbide could not move freely, and Terrorhurtz pushed it onto the lip of the pit. Carbide span its blade up to full speed as a form of defence, but was pitted regardless.

"I used to be on John's team, so I knew exactly what his tactics were!"
— Dave Moulds
Carbide vs Nuts

Carbide shakes loose the outer rim of Nuts

Carbide was then drawn against newcomer Nuts. Despite the team claiming they would only do what was necessary, Carbide did not hold back, and landed two blows within the first few seconds, and disabled one of Nuts' minibots. The third attack from Carbide was a major blow which removed Nuts’ outer rim, as well as literal nuts and bolts, leaving them with no weaponry. Carbide was required to catch a fleeing Nuts, and when it did, two hits threw Nuts towards Sir Killalot.

"Oh, look at the power! This is one of the strongest, most venomous weapons I've ever seen!"
— Jonathan Pearce on Carbide's blade

The remains of Nuts after the encounter with Carbide

Another blow from Carbide threw Nuts through the air into the pit release at incredible speeds, and the following hit removed Nuts' wheel and put it out of the arena completely. Nuts was counted out, while Carbide chased a minibot and disabled its movement on one side. Carbide was awarded 3 points for its dominant win. During the battle, Carbide had flung a shard of Nuts' armour towards Dara Ó Briain and Angela Scanlon's control room, the subject of several news articles.


Carbide disables Behemoth's scoop

Carbide pits Behemoth

Carbide pushes Behemoth into the pit

In its final head-to-head, Carbide met Behemoth for the second time. Carbide wasted no time, and struck Behemoth, sending the large robot spinning away, while Carbide was the robot thrown airborne on its second and third attacks. Spinning around, Carbide landed some lighter blows, still generating many sparks. A slice through Behemoth's scoop was clearly visible, before Carbide's biggest attack yet disabled Behemoth's scoop completely, with a follow-up hit knocking it over. With its srimech already extended, Behemoth could not self-right before Carbide had already pushed it into the pit. With 6 points, Carbide had qualified for the heat final, where it would meet Behemoth once again.

Carbide vs Behemoth Final

A huge collision between the two


Carbide watches as Behemoth reverses into the pit

In the third meeting between the two, Carbide's very first hit seemed to limit Behemoth's mobility. Carbide landed further blows upon Behemoth, most of which caused Behemoth to remain immobile for seconds at a time before making another small movement. Carbide pressed the pit release, with Behemoth sat right beside it. Thinking its opponent was defeated, Carbide halted its spinning blade, and drove onto Behemoth's scoop to push it towards the pit, though Behemoth flipped in retaliation. Carbide retreated, as Behemoth could only move in circles until Carbide drew nearer, at which point Behemoth reversed into the pit, allowing Carbide to qualify for the Grand Final.

Carbide destroys the arena wall

Carbide breaks the wall

Carbide hits shockwave

Carbide slams into Shockwave

Apollo vs shockwave vs carbide

Apollo sends Carbide flying

In its Grand Final group battle, Carbide faced Apollo and Shockwave. The battle was short, but incredibly destructive. Team Carbide acted on their pre-battle tactics and immediately hit Shockwave, only for Shockwave to get underneath Carbide and push it into Shunt's CPZ, where it spun and hit the side wall blade-first. The impact tore off one of the wall panels, stopping the battle early due to safety concerns. However, before 'cease' was called, Carbide slammed into Shockwave's right-hand side, tearing its side panel apart and causing its rear wheel to become dislodged, before being flipped by Apollo. The battle was due to be restarted once repairs were completed, but Shockwave withdrew due to the damage inflicted by Carbide, so Carbide and Apollo advanced to the next round.

Carbide vs thor 1

Carbide tears off Thor's front plate

In the Head to Heads, Carbide first faced wildcard Thor. It deflected Thor's initial charge, and after its opponent was flipped by the Floor Flipper, began hammering and tearing into Thor's armour, ripping off its side panels and buckling, then tearing off, its front 'anti-Carbide plate'.

"Well, they’ve put the buffer on, they have the pointed steel top – they are being absolutely savaged and the buffer didn’t last long!"
— Jonathan Pearce watches as Carbide rips Thor’s front plate off
Carbide vs thor 2

Carbide sends Thor spinning

Carbide steered into Shunt's scoop, before charging at Thor again, tearing through Thor's front wedge and sending it spinning on its side. Another hit threw Thor over as it tried to swing its axe, and despite self-righting, Thor became immobilised after sustaining more hits from Carbide's blade, which tore more gashes into its armour and ripped one of its wheels loose. Carbide scored three points for this commanding victory.
Carbide immobilises apollo

Carbide immobilises Apollo on its second hit

Carbide vs apollo head to head

Carbide attacks the immobilised Apollo

Next, it faced Apollo. Apollo charged straight into Carbide, turning it over through the recoil of its opponent's blade. However, a second blow immobilised Apollo completely, with Carbide hitting it again and rebounding into Shunt. In the dying seconds, Carbide approached Apollo, and despite Team MAD persuading Team Carbide not to cause any more damage, hit its side as 'cease' was called.

"Underhand tactics, there!"
— Jonathan Pearce’s view of Carbide’s extra blow

After the battle, Team MAD appeared to be disappointed with the extra damage inflicted by Carbide. However, this victory gave Carbide another three points, enough to secure it its place in the Final.

"Cheap shot!"
— Dave Young to Team Carbide
Carbide vs tr2 1

Carbide sends TR2 airborne

Carbide vs tr2 floor flipper

Carbide is tossed by the Floor Flipper

In its third and final Head to Head, Carbide faced the flipper of TR2. Carbide began strongly, ripping parts of TR2’s armour off and causing it to spin into Sir Killalot’s CPZ. It hit TR2 again as it tried to dodge Sir Killalot, leaving a gash in its flipper and sending it flying onto the Flame Pit. However, Carbide's blade stopped spinning as TR2 pressed the pit release button, with TR2 flipping it over and pushing it into the wall, almost propping Carbide up against it. After a few more flips from TR2, Carbide retreated, with TR2 following it around the arena, only to drive onto the Floor Flipper three times in an attempt to re-right itself. TR2 pushed Carbide over the Flame Pit and flipped it again, but failed to flip it over, so it pushed and flipped it into Shunt.

"Carbide… is a toy for TR2! Can they survive?"
— Jonathan Pearce as TR2 harries the weaponless Carbide
Carbide vs tr2 2

TR2 flips Carbide

Carbide vs tr2 3

Carbide, sandwiched between TR2 and Shunt

Carbide retaliated by charging into TR2, steering it around as Shunt closed in. TR2 landed another flip on Carbide, before driving round the perimeter of the arena and pushing it towards Shunt again, who rammed Carbide against the wall twice and axed its underside. Another couple of shoves from TR2 saw Carbide slammed into Shunt again, who axed it again and propped it against the wall in the closing seconds. The judges' decision unanimously went in favour of TR2, while Dave Moulds revealed in the pits afterwards that one of Carbide’s clutch plates had disintegrated, causing its weapon to fail.

Apollo vs carbide GF 1

Carbide rips a panel off Apollo

Even so, Carbide still scored enough points to secure its place in the Final, where it faced Apollo once again. As before, Apollo charged straight underneath Carbide, tipping it onto its side and deflecting it into Sir Killalot, who grasped it with his claw before Apollo flipped it up against the wall. Carbide recovered, landing a few blows on Apollo which dislodged one of its top panels, before a violent hit sent both robots spinning. Carbide tore another of Apollo's panels off, but its weapon clutch failed again as Apollo launched it into the air, the blade stopping completely as Carbide hit the floor.

"They can get in underneath that blade, they can flip, they can cause trouble and they’ve done it! They’ve done it! Sparks flew, as the blade crashed against the arena floor, and Carbide in real trouble!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Apollo begins flipping Carbide over and over
Apollo vs carbide GF 2

Apollo launches Carbide into the air

With its weapon disabled, Carbide was left helpless as Apollo flipped it several times around the arena, almost being thrown out at one point. Eventually, Carbide pressed the pit release button, almost getting flipped by the Floor Flipper as it rode up Apollo’s wedge again. The two machines continued nudging each other, with Apollo getting under and flipping itself onto its back trying to flip Carbide again. Carbide was flipped again close to the pit release, but escaped as Sir Killalot closed in to attack both it and Apollo.

"And it’s all Apollo, and there is no shuttle to safety, for Carbide."
— Pearce as Apollo and Carbide escape Sir Killalot
Apollo vs carbide GF 3

Apollo assails Carbide

Apollo vs carbide GF 4

Carbide is locked in a deadly embrace as time runs out

Apollo's flipper was wedged open by this point, but it used the open flipper to grab hold of Carbide and push it into Shunt. Carbide steered out of Shunt's CPZ, then got flipped by Apollo again, before cornering Apollo into Shunt as it sustained damage from the House Robot. It chased Apollo around as it drove around the edge of the pit, before riding up Apollo and closing its flipper. Carbide steered Apollo into a CPZ before getting flipped by the Floor Flipper, than after one last flip Apollo grabbed hold of Carbide again and pushed it into Shunt, who axed Carbide’s underside as time ran out.

The battle went to a judges' decision, with both robots suffering equal amounts of damage and having lost use of their weapons. However, after a close and thrilling fight, the judges unanimously voted for Apollo, with Carbide emerging as the Series 8 runners-up.

Series 9Edit

"Carbide will start as the favourites, I would imagine."
— Jonathan Pearce as Carbide's first battle in Series 9 commences

As the Series 8 runner-up, Carbide competed in Episode 5, where it faced newcomers Crackers 'n' Smash, Meggamouse and Trolley Rage in its Group Battle. Confident that they could defeat their rookie opponents, Dave Moulds planned for the future, knowing that the reigning champion Apollo was in the same episode.

"It'd be good to have another crack at Apollo, definitely!"
— Dave Moulds
Carbide vs trolley rage

Carbide immobilises Trolley Rage

Carbide vs crackers

Sparks fly as Carbide attacks Crackers

In the opening seconds of the battle, Carbide immediately slammed into Trolley Rage, ripping one of the latter's front panels loose, before hitting Smash, immobilising Meggamouse's minibot Charles and hitting Meggamouse itself in rapid succession. Carbide continued shredding the sides of Charles before immobilising Trolley Rage with a second hit; ripping Trolley Rage’s front panel clean off and sending it spinning into the middle of the arena in the process. Moments later, it slammed into Smash a few more times, causing more damage to its weapon and already-warped front wedge, before chasing Smash across the arena and attacking Crackers.

"You can see here the effect of Carbide. Any impact from that mighty spinning blade will cause so much damage."
— Jonathan Pearce observes the destruction caused by Carbide during the Group Battle
Carbide destroys meggamouse's wheel

Carbide destroys Meggamouse's wheel

Sparks flew as Carbide's blade hit Crackers' sides and top, the latter attack destroying Crackers' lifter as the two robots drove away from each other. Carbide then attacked Smash once again, before slamming into Crackers and Meggamouse, destroying the latter's wheel in doing so. With both Trolley Rage and Meggamouse now immobilised, Carbide progressed to the Head-to-Head round along with Crackers 'n' Smash, as a result of this commanding performance.

Dave Moulds: "Too many robots in there; I was spoilt for choice, really."
Sam Smith: "Yeah, we're pretty happy with how it kept spinning up. It seems to be all running nicely at the end, so it's definitely a good start for it."
— Team Carbide discuss their performance in the Group Battle
Carbide vs apollo s9 h2h 1

Carbide survives Apollo's first flip...

Carbide vs apollo s9 h2h 2

...before ripping the top of Apollo's flipper off

Carbide's first Head-to-Head battle saw it face the defending champion Apollo, in a rematch of the previous series' Grand Final. It immediately dodged Apollo's charge before being pushed around the arena, but survived as Apollo flipped itself trying to throw Carbide over. Carbide drove underneath Apollo as the latter self-righted, and caused substantial damage as it hit Apollo’s sides and flipper. Another succession of hits ripped the top panel of Apollo's flipper off and deflected Apollo towards the Arena Tyre, before Carbide immobilised Apollo completely as the latter tried to push it sideways.

"Smash it."
— Sam Smith orders Dave Moulds to deal more damage to the immobilised Apollo
Carbide vs apollo s9 h2h 3

Carbide deals more damage to the concussed Apollo

Carbide hit Apollo several more times in spite of this, buckling its flipper and sending showers of sparks flying as it repeatedly damaged its wedge, sides and rear. Apollo regained mobility just as 'cease' was called, but Carbide hit it one more time, causing Apollo to throw itself onto its back, and allowing the reigning champion to be held over the Flame Pit by Sir Killalot. Carbide was declared victorious, and scored three points for this knockout victory.

"The champions are in trouble... and that death hum is a glorious noise for Carbide now."
— Jonathan Pearce as Carbide emerges victorious

Next, Carbide faced the clusterbot Crackers 'n' Smash, in their second encounter between each other. Initially, Team Conker were forced to withdraw Crackers 'n' Smash from this battle, as their strategy to remove its weapons contravened the active weapons rule, and would've resulted in it being automatically disqualified. However, when informed by the production crew of these circumstances, Team Carbide requested that the battle went ahead anyway.

Carbide vs crackers 'n' smash

Sparks fly as Carbide's spinner hits Smash's wedge

Carbide vs crackers 'n' smash 2

Smash pushes Carbide off Crackers

Carbide immediately hit Smash as all three robots gathered in the centre of the arena, sending sparks and debris flying as it hit both halves of Crackers 'n' Smash. However, it bounced up on top of Crackers in the process, and got stuck as it tried to drive off. In doing so, Carbide's spinner hit Smash’s replacement wedge several times, causing more sparks and debris to fly, before Smash pushed it around to point its spinner away from the arena floor. After spending some time wedged on Crackers, Carbide was pushed off by the inverted Smash, and proceeded to hit both halves of Crackers 'n' Smash several more times. It attacked Crackers as Smash pressed the Arena Tyre and activated the pit, before sending Smash spinning into the wall with a powerful blow.

"Well, the Carbide spinning blade is capable of thrashing these two little bots – Whoa-ho-ho! How about that? They caused massive problems to the arena wall as well, look!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Carbide flings Smash into the wall
Carbide vs crackers 'n' smash big hit

Carbide sends Smash hurtling into the wall

This was enough to break off a wall panel and send Smash flying into Shunt, which forced the battle to be stopped immediately after Carbide hit Crackers again. While the arena was successfully repaired, Crackers 'n' Smash forfeited the battle in order to prevent both halves from sustaining any more damage, granting Carbide an additional three points.

Carbide Coyote 2

The first hit from Carbide sends both machines flying aside

Leading the results table with six points, Carbide faced the newcomer Coyote in its third and last Head-to-Head battle. It drove out of Coyote's way as the latter charged towards it, before the two robots turned round and collided, sending Carbide recoiling and flipping violently into the air as its spinner hit the floor. The impact also caused Coyote to recoil into Sir Killalot's CPZ, allowing Carbide to slam into its front again as Coyote tried to escape. Carbide waited as Sir Killalot grabbed and held Coyote over the Flame Pit, before hitting Coyote a third time; the impact sending Coyote spinning and ripping its left-hand wheel out. Despite Coyote being immobile, Carbide continued to damage its chassis and weapon right until 'cease' was called, and once again scored three points for this knock-out victory. This ensured that Carbide topped the Head-to-Head leaderboard with nine points, comfortably securing its place in the Heat Final.

"Apollo took the trophy in the last series. Can Carbide get their revenge? They look the more improved machine here."
— Jonathan Pearce before the start of the Heat Final
Carbide vs Apollo HF2

Carbide throws sparks by hitting Apollo

Carbide vs Apollo HF3

The flurry of attacks that won the battle for Carbide

There, it faced Apollo for the second time, in what would be their fifth battle together. The two robots drove straight into each other, with Carbide driving up Apollo's wedge and sending sparks flying as the latter pushed it around. Carbide ripped one of Apollo's top panels off as it was deflected away towards the Flame Pit, with more sparks flying as it again drove up Apollo's flipper. It continued hitting Apollo as the latter pushed, drove into and deflected it away, but briefly stopped moving across the arena after this succession of hits. Carbide turned round, however, and eventually immobilised Apollo again after hitting it several more times; at one point, it held its spinner against Apollo's flipper, sending sparks flying and ripping a large chunk of the latter's armour out.

"Oh, look at the disc, now up to speed – the banshee hum!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Carbide batters Apollo's front

As a result, Apollo was counted out and sustained more damage from the House Robots, while Carbide advanced to its second consecutive Grand Final.

In the Grand Final, Carbide was first met with competition from Episode 4 winners Ironside3, as well as newcomers Concussion.

Carbide vs Concussion

Carbide sends Concussion spinning

Carbide got up to speed straight away and darted towards Concussion which backed towards the Arena Tyre. Carbide connected with a hit to Concussion's left-hand side, which severely limited Concussion's mobility. Carbide then moved away from Concussion and towards Ironside3, and as both machines moved past each other Ironside3 exposed its back which Carbide took advantage of by severely damaging Ironside3's srimech. Then, both Carbide and Ironside3 swarmed around the limping Concussion and took turns in creating further damage to the winner of Episode 3. Carbide then lined up an attack from range before charging in on Concussion, with the contact from Carbide's bar sending Concussion spinning into the Arena Tyre, which deflected it into Shunt's CPZ.

"Oh, Carbide - goodness me! More pushing power, more venom in the blade."
— Jonathan Pearce as Carbide hurls Concussion into the Arena Tyre
Carbide vs Ironside3 selfrighter

Carbide damages Ironside3's srimech

At this point, Concussion was completely immobile and the countdown started. In the time remaining Carbide and Ironside3 eyeballed each other from a distance, with a twitch forward from Carbide triggering Ironside3 into a slight retreat. Concussion's elimination was then confirmed when the timer reached ten, and Carbide progressed to the Head-to-Head stage of the Grand Final with Ironside3.

Angela Scanlon: "Carbide, textbook for you?"
Dave Moulds: "Yeah, went really well what I can remember of it. Bits were flying everywhere so it's pretty fun."
— Dave Moulds reacts after an explosive Group Battle performance from Carbide

After progression from the Group Battle, thoughts turned towards Carbide's first Head-to-Head opponent, Aftershock.

"Our only real option - he's quite well defended - is just go weapon to weapon. Hopefully we'll come out on top. It's going to be a big bang either way."
— Dave Moulds
Carbide vs aftershock 1

Carbide rips away one of Aftershock's panels in the first hit between the two

Both machines made contact in the opening seconds of the battle, with Carbide sending Aftershock aside and ripping away one of its protective panels in the process. Aftershock attempted to recover quickly by darting into Carbide, but two quick slashes from Carbide's weapon left Aftershock immobilised.

Carbide vs aftershock 2

Carbide rips away one of Aftershock's side panels...

"Listen to Carbide's death hum - it's a death rattle for Aftershock!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Aftershock panel arena wall

...and embeds it in the arena wall

With its opponent unable to move, Carbide lingered around before smashing into the side of Aftershock. This impact sent one of Aftershock's panel arrowing off into the distance where it penetrated one of the polycarbonate arena panels and became embedded, stunning the hosts and teams alike as they inspected the scene themselves after the fight.

"I think we should leave it there - a little memento!"
— Dave Moulds

With three points under their belt after dismantling Aftershock in staggering fashion, Team Carbide were keen to double their tally against their next opponents, Eruption.

"So we've noticed on Eruption the side armour is attached directly to their wheels and their bearings and shaft, so if we give them a good hit there it should immobilise their drive train. If we can do that we'll be able to come out on top."
— Dave Moulds before Carbide's second Head-to-Head battle
Eruption vs Carbide H2H

Eruption deflects an early Carbide attack

Carbide arched to the side before engaging with the onrushing Eruption, with contact between the two sending Carbide flying away. Carbide was then thrown around again as Eruption crashed into the front of Carbide for a second time.

"And the power of the Carbide spinning blade sends both robots rocking across the arena floor!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Carbide vs Eruption H2H

Sparks fly as Carbide and Eruption collide

Carbide then retreated before turning around and connecting with a blow to the front of Eruption. Carbide quickly followed up this attack with a rally of quick blows which collapsed one of Eruption's side panels underneath it and ruptured its CO2 system. With Eruption now showing little signs of movement, Carbide came in again. Eruption desperately fired its flipper in an attempt to defend itself but only managed to throw itself over. Eruption then self-righted but landed on top of Carbide which connected with one final blow. Eruption was left overturned and immobilised, and Carbide spun around in victory as it confirmed another knockout victory and a place in the Grand Final championship battle.

"You've won every fight so far. Not one of your fights has lasted over a minute!"
— Angela Scanlon

With its passage out of the Head-to-Head stage navigated, Carbide went into its final Head-to-Head battle against Ironside3 looking to end another battle quickly in an attempt to not sustain damage before the final.

"Watching their fights, they're quite slow to spin up. If we can get in there before they're up to speed and damage their bar or chassis, or something around there, hopefully that'll be all it'll need."
— Dave Moulds
Carbide vs ironside 3

The weapons of Carbide and Ironside3 collide

Carbide approached Ironside3 backed away slightly to get its own bar up to speed. Ironside3 then turned towards Carbide and the two machines traded blows with each other. Once again Ironside3 moved away, but Carbide continued to pursue its opponent and crashed into it. After Ironside3 was chucked up by the Floor Flipper, Carbide connected with two attacks in a row. Ironside3 then connected with a clean blow to the top of Carbide, but Carbide quickly replied with a strong hit of its own, which also put paid to Ironside3's weapon.

"Ironside3 worn down into submission - the weaponry has stopped."
— Jonathan Pearce
Carbide KOs ironside 3

Carbide immobilises Ironside3 in a shower of sparks

With Ironside3 rendered impotent, Carbide thrashed it into Shunt's CPZ and then dealt the final knockout blow after Ironside3 was axed by Shunt.

Despite recording another victory, Team Carbide were concerned with the welfare of their machine, and after trundling it around the arena in the remaining seconds of the fight against Ironside3, the team inspected the damage to their machine.

Carbide damage Ironside3

Team Carbide inspect the damage inflicted by Ironside3

Dave Moulds: "We've had a bit of a clocking on the front."
Sam Smith: "It was super lucky there because it was literally millimetres from hitting our chain. We did have a couple of motor cutouts towards the end of that match - I don't know what that was. We don't want that in the final."
Dave Moulds: "To go out now for something silly would be stupid really, wouldn't it? So we're just going to check absolutely everything - make sure it's running perfect."
— Team Carbide look to iron out any problems before its Grand Final fight

After Eruption edged out Aftershock in the final battle in the Head-to-Head stage, Carbide's Grand Final opponent was confirmed. Against a flipper for the second championship deciding fight in succession after their defeat to Apollo in Series 8, Team Carbide were eager to right a wrong and come out with the Robot Wars title.

"We've been here before; we came a little bit short last year. If we can do it this year it'll be absolutely brilliant. We've got to give it our best shot and dish out some damage hopefully."
— Dave Moulds
Carbide vs Eruption GRAND FINAL

Carbide hits Eruption's side

Carbide started the Grand Final battle strong, as a hit to the front of Eruption sent it into Shunt. As Eruption moved away from the House Robot's CPZ, Carbide hit Eruption with a couple of glancing blows. Carbide then raced around to the front of a retreating Eruption and Carbide's spinning bar churned out sparks from contact with Eruption's flipper, causing visible damage in the process. Eruption then lost drive on its right side, and Carbide continued to slash away at Eruption, which missed with two attempted flips. After turning itself over with its second flip and then self-righting, Eruption forced Carbide around in a circle, while the Series 8 runner-up continued to sends sparks flying off the front of Eruption. Carbide then crashed into the side of Eruption and hurled it onto the Floor Flipper, which lifted Eruption up before it landed back onto its wheels.

Eruption vs Carbide GRAND FINAL 2

Carbide tears into Eruption once again...

"Carbide spinning away. The red-hot favourite for this, slamming in on Eruption!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Eruption vs Carbide GRAND FINAL final blow

...and finally beats it into submission

Carbide attacked the injured Eruption again, but after a strong hit on the front of Eruption, Carbide left its sides vulnerable and was flipped away by Eruption. With the threat of Eruption still alive, Carbide continued to dish out punishment, ripping away chunks of Eruption's armour. Eruption desperately tried to defend itself with its flipper, but Carbide didn't let up in its mutilation of Eruption and after causing more bodywork and internal damage, Eruption lost drive completely. With only its flipper functioning, Eruption laid beaten, and one final shattering hit from Carbide left Eruption crippled next to the Arena Spikes. With its opponent beaten and the countdown started, Carbide moved into the centre of the arena and spun around in delight.

Carbide Sir Killalot Shunt

The House Robots exact their revenge on the new champion

"Carbide: the strongest of the strong!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Carbide celebrates its Grand Final victory

With its position as champion confirmed, Carbide decided to attack Sir Killalot after it came in to pick on the beaten Eruption. Carbide was then attacked in a pincer move by Shunt and Sir Killalot, and although its weapon had now stopped working, Carbide managed to move away and spun around in celebration one final time. The battle was over, and Carbide was the champion of Robot Wars: Series 9.

Carbide Grand Champion

Carbide, Series 9 Champion

Team Carbide Dara Angela trophy

Team Carbide pose with the trophy in a promotional shot involving Dara Ó Briain and Angela Scanlon

Angela Scanlon: "Carbide... What... What is there to say? An unstoppable force throughout this whole competition."
Dave Moulds: "Yeah, it's working pretty well now!"
Angela Scanlon: "It is working pretty well! I mean, it just seems to be faultless, really!"
— Post-battle thoughts after a victorious Grand Final battle for Carbide


Series 8
Series 8 - UK Championship
Episode 1, Group Battle vs. Behemoth, Bonk, The General Qualified
Episode 1, Head to Head vs. Terrorhurtz Lost (0 points)
Episode 1, Head to Head vs. Nuts Won via KO (3 points)
Episode 1, Head to Head vs. Behemoth Won via KO (3 points)
Episode 1, Heat Final vs. Behemoth Won
Grand Final, Group Battle vs. Apollo, Shockwave Qualified
Grand Final, Head-to-Heads vs. Thor Won via KO (3 points)
Grand Final, Head-to-Heads vs. Apollo Won via KO (3 points)
Grand Final, Head-to-Heads vs. TR2 Lost via Judges' decision (0 points)
Grand Final vs. Apollo Lost
Series 9
Series 9 - UK Championship
Episode 5, Group Battle vs. Crackers 'n' Smash, Meggamouse, Trolley Rage Qualified
Episode 5, Head-to-Heads vs. Apollo Won via KO (3 points)
Episode 5, Head-to-Heads vs. Crackers 'n' Smash Won via mid-match forfeit (3 points)
Episode 5, Group Battle vs. Coyote Won via KO (3 points)
Episode 5, Heat Final vs. Apollo Won
Grand Final, Group Battle vs. Concussion, Ironside3 Qualified
Grand Final, Head-to-Heads vs. Aftershock Won via KO (3 points)
Grand Final, Head-to-Heads vs. Eruption Won via KO (3 points)
Grand Final, Head-to-Heads vs. Ironside3 Won via KO (3 points)
Grand Final vs. Eruption Won


  • Wins: 17
  • Losses: 3

Series RecordEdit

  • Carbide entering the arena
  • Carbide in the pits
  • Carbide without its top armour
  • Team Carbide with the Robot Wars trophy
  • Team Carbide with their title winning machine
Main Series Carbide Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Entered with Tiberius
The Fifth Wars Entered with Tiberius 2
The Sixth Wars Entered with Tiberius 3
The Seventh Wars Entered with Tiberius 3
Series 8 Runner-up
Series 9 Grand Champion
Entered Battle of the Stars with Arena Cleaner
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 Entered with Tiberius 3

This Series Record incorporates the history of both Sam Smith and Dave Moulds as individual roboteers

Outside Robot WarsEdit


Team Carbide's BattleBots entry Cobalt

After Series 8 of Robot Wars ended, Carbide attended a Robots Live event in Stevenage in October 2016, appearing as a static display outside the arena. It has yet to compete at a live event, due to the regulation ban on spinning weaponry.

For more information on Team Carbide's achievements outside of Robot Wars, including their BattleBots entry Cobalt, see here.


  • Due to the nature of the Series 8 format, Carbide became the first robot to lose a battle in its qualifying episode and then go on to win it.
  • Carbide is the only runner-up to go on to win the next series it competed in.
  • Carbide is the only robot to fight two robots (Behemoth and Apollo) a total of three times within a single series.
    • It has also fought Apollo a total of five times - three in Series 8, and twice in Series 9.
  • Carbide was the third robot in Series 9 to go undefeated in the Head-to-Head round without requiring a Judges' decision, along with Aftershock and Eruption.
    • In Series 9, it also became the fifth robot to score the full 9 points in the Head-to-Heads, after TR2, Kadeena Machina, Aftershock and Eruption.
    • Carbide is also the only robot to score the full 9 points twice in the Head-to-Head rounds.
    • In Series 9, Carbide scored a unbeatable record of ten victories in a single series.
  • Carbide was one of three UK champions to win its title by knockout, the others being Panic Attack and Chaos 2.
    • Carbide is also one of three UK champions to win all of its fights in its grand champion series by knockout, alongside Panic Attack and Chaos 2.
  • Carbide defeated all five finalists from Series 9 by knockout at least once during the course of the series.
  • Carbide is the second UK Runner-up (after Hypno-Disc) to reach a subsequent Grand Final, and the only runner-up to both reach and win the final itself.



  1. Carbide Facebook post detailing the 'Bille-tek' motor used in Series 9

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