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Bodyhammer was a competitor robot entered by the Cold Fusion Team in the first two series of Robot Wars. It advanced to the Grand Final in the first series and was the only other robot to survive to the end of the battle, losing the judges' decision to champion Roadblock. It fell at the Gauntlet stage in Series 2, before being retired for Pussycat.

Following their appearances, both models of Bodyhammer resided in the late Alan Gribble's workshop - alongside the chassis of Pussycat's Series 3 and 4 models - although the original model's shell, wheels and many of its internal components were still left in the possession of Robin Herrick. Herrick would later build and enter two new robots for the rebooted series; Kill-E-Crank-E in Series 8, and Crank-E in Series 9.


"A copper-coloured coal scuttle!"
— Jonathan Pearce's recurring nickname for Bodyhammer

Bodyhammer in its Series 1 incarnation

In the First Wars, it was armed with a small hammer at the front of the robot. When the weapon did not work, it was later covered over for the arena battles. It featured a 9mph top speed, steep wedge and had significant pushing power driven by four 18V domestic drill motors. The chassis and shell were made of a very tough polypropylene-glass composite material supplied by Andrew Dayton-Lovett, an expert in thermoplastic composites, with the shell being covered in stainless steel sheet used to make razors. This was heat treated producing a light oxide that gave the copper colouring. cone-shaped robot with a flat side on the front.

Bodyhammer (II)

Bodyhammer during the Internet Insurrection

A brand new Bodyhammer returned for the Second Wars with new weaponry. It was rebuilt over three months. Despite being still being called Bodyhammer, it no longer had a hammer- it was now armed with a fast reciporating spike (mistakenly referred to as a "flipper" by Jonathan Pearce) powered by a garden strimmer and a 6" circular saw blade, both concealed in its front wedge. This new Bodyhammer consisted of a very lightweight plywood chassis, mounted into a steel shell some 5mm thick. This was made from a special steel used for military armour plating that was very hard to bend. This was formed and welded by an engineering fabricator in Bath.

The low ground clearance ultimately proved to be its undoing, since it was eliminated in the Gauntlet after getting stuck on the ramrig. It also entered the Internet Insurrection in the Grudge Match special, where it lost to Griffon after immobilising and getting stuck under Dead Metal.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 1Edit

Bodyhammer trial

Bodyhammer blocked by Sergeant Bash in the Trial

Dubbed 'The Copper-Coloured Coal Scuttle', Bodyhammer was a favourite due to its interesting design, fearsome weapon and team of nuclear engineers. It completed the Gauntlet, its minimal turning circle allowing it to navigate the maze relatively well. It ran into temporary trouble with the grills, but was ultimately able to reach the end with a burst of speed.

In the Trial Labyrinth, Bodyhammer was able to push ahead strongly in the beginning. Choosing to turn left, it ran into Shunt and Sergeant Bash, who blocked its chances of reaching the end zone. In the final moments, Sergeant Bash pushed Bodyhammer back several metres whilst blasting it with fire. Bodyhammer placed fourth, behind all the other contenders, but ahead of Psychosprout, who had not moved at all.


Bodyhammer rams Torque of the Devil onto the side bars

Philippa Forrester: "Bodyhammer! Where's your hammer?"
Team Cold Fusion: "We had a small problem...the weapons pod is now a destructor"
Philippa Forrester: "Ok...I hope it works!"
Jonathan Pearce: "Well they've been my tips throughout, but I wonder if that will make a difference in this semi-final."
— Before the battle

Bodyhammer's weapon broke before the first arena battle, and was converted into a ramming spike. Regardless, it was able to defeat Torque of the Devil by ramming the spinning disc until it stopped. After the House Robots attacked, Bodyhammer pushed Torque of the Devil into the side bars and cease was called.

Bodyhammer reali-t shunt

Shunt frees Bodyhammer as REALI-T intercedes

In the heat final, Bodyhammer was able to push REALI-T into a pyramid but ultimately got stuck on the grille. Whilst this would normally count as a knockout loss, Shunt came forward and pushed Bodyhammer free. REALI-T rammed Shunt as it was doing so, and broke off a wheel in the process. Sergeant Bash pushed REALI-T onto the side bars, and Bodyhammer finished it off.

Roadblock bodyhammer

Bodyhammer flees from Roadblock in the dying moments of the Series 1 Grand Final

Bodyhammer progressed to the Grand Final with the remaining heat winners. It launched a thrust on Robot the Bruce, but ultimately remained clear of Roadblock's purge of the arena. With T.R.A.C.I.E. and Cunning Plan already immobilised and with Roadblock responsible for the demise of Recyclopse and Robot the Bruce, Bodyhammer was the only robot left in the final moments. Roadblock pursued Bodyhammer, who was just able to stay ahead of the wedge. With cease called, Roadblock won the championship.

Series 2Edit


Bodyhammer's surprisingly early Series 2 exit

"Seeded third, for this series and returning from the First Wars, where it was copper coloured."
— Jonathan Pearce as Bodyhammer enters

Bodyhammer, seeded third, returned for the second series, but this time the hammer was replaced with a strimmer-powered reciprocating spike made from a plugging chisel running on an engine crankshaft (Strangely referred to as a flipper at one point) salvaged from a garden rotavator and 6" circular saw. The robot was not able to repeat its success of the previous series as it got stuck at the start of the Gauntlet and was eliminated, having only travelled 3 metres after getting wedged on the ram rig before being attacked by Sir Killalot.

"It seemed like a clear road at the time..."
— Robin Herrick on the Ramrig

Bodyhammer returned with a new design on its front for the Internet Insurrection. Throughout the fight Bodyhammer charged around the arena ramming its opponents. Soon Killerhurtz and Corporal Punishment were immobilised, which left itself and Griffon. However Bodyhammer drove at Griffon and missed, instead hitting Dead Metal and getting stuck underneath the house robot. The judges decided that Griffon was the winner.


Series 1
The First Wars - UK Championship
Grand Finalist
Heat E, Gauntlet Completed (3rd) Qualified
Heat E, Trial (Labyrinth) Fourth Furthest (4th) Qualified
Heat E, Semi-Final vs. Torque of the Devil Won
Heat E, Final vs. REALI-T Won
Grand Final vs. Recyclopse, Robot The Bruce,
Cunning Plan, Roadblock, T.R.A.C.I.E.
Series 2
The Second Wars - UK Championship
3rd Seed, Heat, Gauntlet
Heat D, Gauntlet 3.0m (6th) Eliminated
Grudge Matches
Internet Insurrection
Internet Insurrection vs. Griffon, Killerhurtz, Corporal Punishment Lost
Team cold fusion 1

Cold Fusion Team with Bodyhammer in Series 2


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 2

NOTE: Bodyhammer's Gauntlet and Trial runs are not included

Series RecordEdit

Main Series Bodyhammer Record
The First Wars Grand Final
The Second Wars Heat, Gauntlet
The Third Wars Entered with Pussycat
The Fourth Wars Entered with Pussycat
The Fifth Wars Entered with Pussycat
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Entered with Pussycat
Series 8 Entered with Kill-E-Crank-E
Series 9 Entered with Crank-E
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered with Pussycat
Series 2 Entered with Pussycat


  • Bodyhammer is sometimes seen as the First Wars runner-up due to it being the only robot still mobile along with champion Roadblock.
  • Bodyhammer was the first of eleven seeds to lose in Round 1.
  • Bodyhammer is both the highest seed to fall in the heats, and the highest to go out in Round 1.
  • Bodyhammer is one of 23 robots to have completed The Gauntlet.
    • However, it is also the only robot to have completed it in one series, then placed last and been eliminated by it next time.
  • During Heat E's Trial, Bodyhammer, despite being the furthest away from the end out of the four robots in the maze, it was listed as 2nd place, ahead of both Torque of the Devil and REALI-T. It is unknown why this error occurred.

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