"We spent a couple of weeks scribbling on beer mats but had not really come up with anything decent until I was sitting, waiting to have my hair cut. I looked at the the barber's pole rotating outside and imagined it several thousand times faster and covered in sharp, spiky barbs. The name 'Barber-Ous' came to me at the same time. After the haircut, I rushed home and drew what became Barber-Ous."
— Simon Rafferty in the Robot Wars Club magazine, on the inspiration of Barber-Ous' name and design

Barber-Ous was a uniquely-shaped robot that competed in three series of Robot Wars, also competing in the second series of Robot Wars Extreme. The original robot lost to Series 2 champions Panic Attack in the first round of Series 5, but not without damaging the latter's lifting forks. Barber-Ous 2 was more successful, making the Heat Final in Series 6, before being "mashed" by Hypno-Disc, while the third and final version, Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit, also fell in the first round of Series 7 after its outrigger shattered, causing its removable link to detach.

Versions of Barber-OusEdit


Barber-Ous during construction

The team decided to design Barber-Ous after their previous entry, Rotraktor, failed to qualify for Series 4, with a producer explaining the robot looked boring. The team wanted to build a robot with an unusual design, and Simon Rafferty was inspired by seeing a rotating barber's pole.

"We wanted a design that combined the versatility of a flipper with the destructive force of a spinner. The obvious answer is a vertical spinner with the barbs on the spinning weapon arranged so as to hook under your opponent and either flip them over, or tear through their armour."
— Simon Rafferty in the Robot Wars Club magazine
Barber-Ous 2 internals

The insides of Barber-Ous with the drum removed

All versions of Barber-Ous that appeared on Robot Wars shared the same theme and design. It was a unique, two-wheeled cylinder-shaped robot with a top speed of 10mph and a full-bodied spinning drum painted red and white to resemble a barber's pole. The 'full-body drum' acted as both Barber-Ous's weapon and body, and was fitted with metal barbs in order to flip and cause tremendous damage to other robots.

"The strengths; it's made of plastic, the weaknesses... oh, it's made of plastic. Curious."
— Jonathan Pearce on Barber-Ous 2's statistics

Barber-Ous 2, unpainted, during testing

The robot's main body was made out of plastic, a rare choice of material for robot armour.

"I had seen another robot on Robot Wars that used half a plastic barrel as Armour. Axe weapons just seemed to bounce of it rather than piercing. I realized that reflecting or deflecting the energy of weapons was potentially more effective than making something strong enough to absorb it. I talked to a local company who after some explanation kindly gave me a length of plastic (polyethylene) water pipe, which they said was flexible, elastic and very resistant to damage. This pipe became both the armour and weapon thus saving some weight."
— Simon Rafferty in the Robot Wars Club magazine


""A vicious twisty-turny spikey barber's pole on its side and on wheels" one description. A horizontal rotating drum covered in barbs with a hammer mace. Lack of experience though - could bring a "close shave" or two!"
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Barber-Ous


The original Barber-Ous that competed in Series 5 featured a much narrower drum than its later incarnations, as well as thin transparent wheels and two large yellow guiding bars with wheels, which presumably helped the robot steer forwards and backwards if it was inverted. The robot was powered by 2 Iskra 800 Watt motors, and featured a solid-state gyroscope to help it drive in a straight line. Each wheel was made from two 6mm sheets of polycarbonate, with a spiked rim in the middle to give more traction. The team had help from two local blacksmiths to build the motor to gearbox couplings, the drive shafts on the wheels and the mountings for the Land Rover Stub axles which held the drum. The plastic drum and poly-carbonate wheels were provided to the team by a company called QuadPlas LTD.

The robot had a "float switch", which detected which way up the robot was and reversed the controls when the robot was flipped. [1] Work on the original Barber-Ous began in September 2000, along with the team's other robot Office Party, with the robot being finished in August 2001, in time for the Series 5 qualifiers the same month.[2]

Barber-Ous 2Edit

Barber-Ous Arena

Barber-Ous 2 in the arena during Series 6

Barber-Ous 2 was rebuilt for Series 6 with a much wider drum and smaller, but thicker wheels, enabling it to have a greater surface area to attack robots more effectively. It also initially had red, black and white frames with castors which surrounded the wheels, similar in purpose to the previous guiding bars and offering both wheels some degree of protection. It could reach 10mph.


Barber-Ous 2 in Extreme 2

For Extreme 2, Barber-Ous 2 was fitted with flexible rubber wheels in order to better withstand side-on impacts, making those frames obsolete, and a pair of small yellow flanges were added in between the wheels and the drum to aid the robot's steering.

"I figured that it was probably better if we could deflect an impact, rather than trying to absorb it, so I've made the wheels even more flexible, and ... it's untested!"
— Simon Rafferty on the new wheels

Barber-Ous 2'n a BitEdit


Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit in the pits

"So, a twisty-turny full-body spinner, now with rubber wheels and those barbs and teeth, 250 watt bicycle hub motors, it's made of plastic - HA HA HA, IT'S MADE OF PLASTIC!"
— Jonathan Pearce sums up Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit

Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit remained largely identical to the Extreme 2 version of Barber-Ous 2, however it featured a tougher construction and more flexible removable links which were intended to make it more resilient against the impacts of its own drum. However, the recoil of Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit's drum was still enough to immobilise it in the first round of the main competition in Series 7.


At the Series 5 Qualifiers, Barber-Ous fought Razer first. It also fought Invertabrat in another qualifier battle. It started well, throwing Invertabrat in the air with its drum, but then broke down and was pitted by Shunt. However, Barber-Ous was still chosen to compete, unlike Invertabrat.

"We've just competed in the trials at Wembly (Sun 12th Aug). I thought it went quite well, but nobody there was prepared to say anything other than that we would receive a letter in the next week. We were up against Razer (Why? It's seeded - but still did us some damage, but you could see them avoiding the rotating drum. ... There was also Invertabrat (sorry if it's not spelled right). We threw Invertabrat up in the air and it sustained superficial damage. Our drive failed and Shunt nudged us into the pit after trying to axe our drum. The drum was still spinning and only sustained a scratch - a testimony to the resiliance of polyethalene armour! The radio worked a treat (Thanks to Paul Hills) and although we sustained a fair bit of damage, we can rebuild it if need be."
— Barber-Ous website on the Series 5 qualifiers.

Barber-Ous was chosen for Series 5.

"We now have only nine days to make a new drum, drive system and armour. Time to contract a bad dose of flu from the point of view of work me thinks (Just joking Mark - I'm sure David will cope without me!) ... It's fantastic news, although I feel sorry for all those (in my opinion) better robots that seem to have been rejected. I was so sure we'd not made it through, I went & blew my remaining budget (plus a bit) on a new(ish) Land Rover (V8 Defender 90) to abuse off road. The day after the trial I felt a huge void, not really having anything that pressing to do. I've lived Robot wars for two years now and had decided not to do it again - but you never know what fate is going to chuck at you! We went & downed many pints of Abbot, London Pride & Landlord this evening to celebrate!"
— Barber-Ous website on qualifying for Series 5
Barberous and cakes

Barber-Ous 2 in the pits at the Series 6 qualifiers

Barber-Ous 2 fought Demolition Man and ICU at the Series 6 qualifiers. It was also scheduled to face Killer Carrot 2 in the same battle, although that robot would be removed from the melee. The winner of the battle is unknown, but all three robots qualified.[3]

At the Series 7 qualifiers, Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit was drawn against Alchemy, Colossus and Lightning. Alchemy broke down at the start of the battle. Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit lost to Lightning when it lost a wheel and broke down, but both it and Colossus recieved discretionary places.

"Alchemy (spinner & grabbers) broke down going in. Barber-Ous (tough uprated spinning Barber's pole design) inflicted damage to our front scoop and a rear spike that can be hammered out and gave us lots of scratches and in the early part of the fight he was winning on damage. But we knocked the wheel off of Barber-Ous and he was immobilised after lots of contacts. Colossus was the other robot. Having flipped them earlier and them self-righting, we then got the chance to flip them again and this time they never recovered. So at the end of the fight no other robot was moving. Fantastic!"
Laurie Calvert on the qualifier battle[4]

The team had previously failed to qualify for Series 4 with Rotraktor after it lost to The Steel Avenger, also attempted to enter Series 5 with Office Party, but Barber-Ous was the successful qualifier out of the two.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 5Edit

Barber-Ous made its Robot Wars debut against sixth seeds and former champions Panic Attack.

"Fun-looking machine, Barber-Ous, but will it give Panic Attack a short hack and off the sides of the arena? We'll wait and see..."
— Jonathan Pearce at the start of the battle
Panic Attack vs Barber-Ous

Panic Attack grips Barber-Ous' axle

Barber-Ous vs Panic Attack

Barber-Ous nullifies Panic Attack's forks

The two robots charged at each other, but just before the two made contact, Barber-Ous swerved to avoid Panic Attack. Barber-Ous turned around to bring its drum into play, and charged at the front of Panic Attack. However, it drove at the wrong angle, driving up the forks on one wheel, so the drum was spinning away but not making contact with Panic Attack. Panic Attack lifted Barber-Ous up, and though Barber-Ous was easily able to turn off the forks and get down from Panic Attack, one of its guiding wheels was still caught on the forks. This allowed Panic Attack to pull and push Barber-Ous around the arena. Panic Attack lowered its forks, allowing Barber-Ous to get free. Panic Attack charged at Barber-Ous, but Barber-Ous went straight over Panic Attack's top, breaking off the bulb for Panic Attack's light, and causing the forks to stop working. Panic Attack turned and charged Barber-Ous again, but Barber-Ous bounced up and off the forks. The two robots turned to face each other. Panic Attack got under Barber-Ous again, and Barber-Ous' spinning drum caused it to bounce off the forks and over Panic Attack again. Barber-Ous turned and attacked the front corner of Panic Attack, bouncing over the front. Panic Attack charged Barber-Ous again, which caused it to bounce up, and when it came down, the drum had stopped, with tears visible on the surface.

"And has the drum ceased? Well it's ripped, you can see that. The weaponry has stopped of Barber-Ous."
— Jonathan Pearce

Barber-Ous is pitted by the former champion

Panic Attack nudged Barber-Ous, and as Barber-Ous tried to move away, it was only moving on one wheel. Panic Attack pushed Barber-Ous towards the pit release button. When the two robots got close to it, Barber-Ous drove off Panic Attack's forks and pressed the pit release button, but could not get away, struggling to make any movement. Panic Attack pushed it into Sgt. Bash, and smoke came out of Barber-Ous as it did so. Bash gripped the yellow axle of Barber-Ous.

"Lovely, innovative design for Barber-Ous, and plenty of work would have gone into that - in the design room! Very different from the arena itself. "Oh dear, we might've made a few mistakes!" they think. Well, getting into close quarters with Sergeant Bash was certainly one, and I think that Barber-Ous is just about to be rendered totally harmless."
— Jonathan Pearce as Sergeant Bash attacks Barber-Ous

The drum spinner was then pitted by Panic Attack, eliminating it from the Fifth Wars.

Craig Charles: "It's a very, very tough robot! I think it was an unfortunate draw for Barber-Ous, really, because your shape and design is probably the worst thing it could come up against!"
Kim Davies: "Yeah, it's very difficult to actually get in and damage it. It took our weapon out, we couldn't lift the forks at all."
— The post-battle interview with the Panic Attack team

Series 6Edit

"An odd bod, it's the Robot Wars Sweeney Todd!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Barber-Ous 2 enters the arena.

Barber-Ous 2 returned much improved since the last series. Its first battle saw it against 4x4, Granny's Revenge 2 and Hypno-Disc.

Simon Rafferty: "The one thing we're most susceptible to, I would say, is horizontal spinning weapons. The one robot that I didn't want to be pitched against is Hypno-Disc!"
Philippa Forrester: "Lucky you! That's all I needed to hear!"
— The pre-battle interview
Barber-Ous 2 vs Granny's Revenge 2

Barber-Ous 2 nearly manages to get Granny's Revenge out

Hypno-Disc Barber-Ous R1

Barber-Ous 2 is immobilised by Hypno-Disc

Nevertheless, Barber-Ous 2 went straight on the attack, chasing Granny's Revenge 2 into the corner. As it closed in, 4x4 came in behind it and got under Barber-Ous. Sparks were sent out as 4x4 hit the spinning drum, and Barber-Ous 2 continued to chase Granny's Revenge 2 into the corner. Granny's Revenge stopped by the arena wall, and Barber-Ous knocked it up with its drum, almost causing the whole robot to fall over the fence. Sergeant Bash came in to corner Barber-Ous, and Barber-Ous escaped, leaving the immobile Granny's Revenge to be attacked by the House Robot. Barber-Ous targeted 4x4, which had stopped moving by the CPZ. As it got close, 4x4's cloth snag became tangled on the drum. However, this did not stop it spinning, so Barber-Ous knocked into 4x4, knocking it to the arena wall. As Hypno-Disc came in, Barber-Ous turned to fight it, butHypno-Disc landed a blow on Barber-Ous, shredding the cloth and the armour and causing the weapon to stop. Barber-Ous 2 had survived the attack, but after another blow from the disc, Barber-Ous 2 broke down. Smoke poured from the machine and Hypno-Disc hit it again. Hypno-Disc continued to attack the three immobile machines until "Cease" was called. As the last robot to have broken down, Barber-Ous 2 went through.

In-between battles however, it was revealed that the wheels of Barber-Ous 2 had been severely damaged by Hypno-Disc. The team could not repair them and were forced to equip a new, untested system.

"'s lighter, and the wheels actually run more truly!"
— Simon Rafferty on the new wheels

However, these wheels proved to be better as it effectively beat Kat 3.

Barberous kat 3

Barber-Ous 2 knocks Kat 3 over

At the start of the battle, Kat 3 missed with its first axe blow and Barber-Ous 2 struck Kat 3's side, knocking it up and removing a chunk of its side armour, before overturning it with a second blow from the drum and pushing the axe-wielding robot towards the wall.

"When Barber-Ous 2 moves with a menace, it can thrust anything away. It has just tossed 97 kilos of Kat 3 across the arena. I think if they could truly modify Barber-Ous so it was more better controlled, they could have a deadly weapon here!"
— Jonathan Pearce on Barber-Ous 2's impressive onslaught
Barber-Ous 2 vs Kat 3

Barber-Ous 2 prevents Kat 3 self-righting

Kat 3, on its side, attempted to self-right, but was unable to because Barber-Ous drove up against it, preventing it from getting back on its wheels. Barber-Ous backed off, and Kat 3 retracted the axe to try again, but Barber-Ous drove back in as Kat 3 fired, and the axe hit it. Barber-Ous pushed Kat 3 against an angle grinder, and Kat 3 was stuck on its side, as it could not get the axe to grip the floor and get the machine over. After a few more swings, the side spikes on the axe broke off, making self-righting impossible. Refbot came in and counted out Kat 3. Sir Killalot then dragged Kat 3 onto the floor flipper where the end of its axe was almost torn off by Sir Killalot's claw. Kat 3 was then thrown thrown through the air, and cease was finally called.

Craig Charles: "Surely, there's a way, there's a tactic, there must be some how you can beat them."
Simon Rafferty: "We have a plan."
Craig Charles: "What is the plan? come on, tell me, I won't tell anyone!"
Simon Rafferty: "I reckon the top shell of it is much thinner than the chassis and base, so if we can get up on top, we'll take it from behind, so to speak, and sort get up over on the top it may shred enough of the protective stuff for the motors and the radio and stuff like that. That's the plan!"
— Post-battle interview about the Heat Final

In the Heat Final, Barber-Ous met Hypno-Disc again.

Hypno-Disc vs Barber-Ous

Barber-Ous 2 gets a good opening hit

Both robots got their weapons up to speed and circled around each other, before Hypno-Disc hit Barber-Ous 2, also getting thrown by Barber-Ous 2's drum, but Barber-Ous 2 had lost mobility after the hit from the 3-time UK Grand-Finalist.

"Has the one spin of the disc knocked Barber-Ous still? ... The drum is quitening, is stopping, has stopped, is being tattered! Plastic against metal? Hate to say we told you so, but we told you so!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Barber-Ous 2 aftermath

Barber-Ous 2 is shredded

Barber-Ous 2's drum was still spinning, so Hypno-Disc bashed it again which stopped it and also damaged the robot, which was left tattered. Hypno-Disc hit Barber-Ous two more times, edging it closer to the pit, where Refbot counted out the immobilised Barber-Ous 2, whilst Hypno-Disc opened the pit.

"Well, they've done brilliantly to get this far. I love the innovative design of it, I hope they come back with a stronger robot, but the basic principle seems sound to me."
— Jonathan Pearce as Refbot counts Barber-Ous out.

Shunt finished it off by finally shoving it into the pit.

"I think actually, the first hit they got was onto the end that had the power cut-out on it. There's the power cut-out goes through the axle that the wheels and the drum run on. Took that off and we had no power all of a sudden!"
— Simon Rafferty

Extreme 2Edit


Iron-Awe 2 is dragged over by the weight of Barber-Ous

Barber-Ous singularly competed in the Challenge Belt competition. In the eliminator, Barber-Ous was drawn against Iron-Awe 2, Terrorhurtz and Vader. Barber-Ous 2 initially stayed out of the action whilst the other three fought, coming in after Iron-Awe flipped Terrorhurtz. Barber-Ous threw Iron-Awe 2 over with its spinning barber's pole weapon, but it self-righted. Barber-Ous pressured Iron-Awe to the arena wall by Shunt's CPZ, and all four robots fought in that corner. Vader pinned Iron-Awe aganst an angle grinder, and Barber-Ous backed away. Vader was battered by the two axes of Terrorhurtz and Shunt, leaving it immobile. With Vader out, Barber-Ous was picked on by Iron-Awe and Terrorhurtz. The three robots fought by the flame pit, with Terrorhurtz axing Barber-Ous first, before Iron-Awe came in behind and also axed it. Iron-Awe pushed Barber-Ous into an angle grinder, then left it to chase after Terrorhurtz. Barber-Ous moved away from the wall, but its drum was not spinning, the robot appeared to be struggling to move forward properly and smoke was pouring from one wheel. Iron-Awe came back to attack Barber-Ous, axing the drum and pushing it into the centre of the arena.

"The plastic shell ripped apart there, I thought it might be suspect, Barber-Ous 2 taking damage"
— Jonathan Pearce as Iron-Awe axes Barber-Ous
Terrorhurtz vs Barber-Ous

Terrorhurtz pits Barber-Ous

Iron-Awe 2 then flipped Barber-Ous 2, but ended up balancing on its rear after Barber-Ous 2 remained stuck in its axe. Terrorhurtz attacked Barber-Ous 2 as Iron-Awe 2 threw itself onto its back, with both it and Barber-Ous 2 still stuck together while Vader was thrown out of the arena by Matilda's flywheel. Once freed, Iron-Awe 2 was left unable to self-right and Barber-Ous 2 lay immobile, the latter being pitted by Terrorhurtz. With Terrorhurtz being the last robot still mobile, the judges were called to determine which other competitor would progress with it. The Judges ruled that Barber-Ous 2 was immobilised before Iron-Awe 2 was turned over, allowing Iron-Awe 2 through to the next round along with Terrorhurtz.

Philippa Forrester: "It was spectacular, and I was quite suprised you were out!"
Simon Rafferty: "Well, I'm not unhappy with the way it went. I think it was six and half a dozen, so I'm happy for them to go through."
— Post-battle interview

Series 7Edit

"Got a short back and sides in the Sixth Wars..."
— Jonathan Pearce as Barber-Ous enters the arena
Barber-ous vs leveler 2

Barber-Ous sends Leveller 2 flying, but breaks down

In its first round battle, Thunderpants broke down on entry to the arena, leaving Barber-Ous to fight Leveller 2 and Tetanus Booster in a three-way battle. It started by attacking Leveller 2, but due to the front wedge, Leveller 2 bounced off, seemingly undamaged. Barber-Ous tried to get side-on to attack Leveller 2 again, but Tetanus Booster came in, briefly blocking Barber-Ous from attacking Leveller 2. Tetanus Booster backed off, and Barber-Ous hit the side of Leveller 2, knocking Leveller 2 over and sending a bit of armour flying off.

"No orthodox flipper, but it has those barbs and teeth to flip an opponent over!"
— Jonathan Pearce on the weapon of Barber-Ous
Psycho Barber-Ous

Barber-Ous is held over the pit

Leveller 2 self-righted, but Barber-Ous got behind it and knocked it over again before it could get away. However, as Leveller self-righted again, Barber-Ous was not moving, and the drum slowed to a stop. As Tetanus fought Leveller, Barber-Ous was immobile. Leveller pushed it a bit, but it was still not moving, so it went back to fighting Tetanus.

"Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit ... is moving? Is it? Refbot, you'd better check on that, I'm not too sure if Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit is still mobile. I think the effort of spinning and flipping has taken too much out of the motors there, the two 500 watt bicycle hub motors of Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit I don't think are moving! Do you?"
— Jonathan Pearce

It was counted out by Refbot and left to the mercy of Mr. Psycho. Barber-Ous was carried through the air, and dropped into the pit.

"Good start by Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit, but a horrible ending."
— Jonathan Pearce sums up Barber-Ous' run in Series 7 as Mr Psycho attacks it

Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit also featured in the "Battle of the Spinners" special event of Heat C alongside Infernal Contraption and Shredder Evolution.

"They're all quite evenly matched, I reckon. They'll all run the other way up, they have a certain similarity in the designs of them, so I think that it should be a good match!"
— Simon Rafferty on the opponents
Barber-Ous pitted

Barber-Ous is pitted during the Battle of the Spinners

At the start of the battle, Infernal Contraption went straight for Barber-Ous. Barber-Ous turned away, which allowed Infernal Contraption to push it across the arena. Barber-Ous turned to try and use its drum, but Infernal Contraption turned to avoid the drum and attack the wheel of Barber-Ous. Barber-Ous turned again, trying to use its drum, but Infernal Contraption drove away. As Barber-Ous got around the other side of Infernal Contraption, Shredder Evolution hit Infernal Contraption with its discs, knocking it into Barber-Ous' drum. Barber-Ous hit Infernal Contraption a couple of times, but despite flipping it over, did no real damage. Shredder Evolution drove around Barber-Ous and pushed Infernal Contraption back, ripping off part of one of its wheels. Shredder chased Infernal Contraption into Mr. Psycho's CPZ, and Barber-Ous came in behind it, knocking it up with the drum. Shredder turned to attack Barber-Ous, targeting a wheel, but Barber-Ous knocked Shredder up again with the drum, then drove away. Shredder followed Barber-Ous into the arena centre, where Barber-Ous dodged its charge, then knocked it up. Shredder opened the pit, and Barber-Ous drove into the CPZ to attack Infernal Contraption. However, this proved to be a mistake, as Mr. Psycho started attacking it. Barber-Ous narrowly missed the first hammer blow thanks to a push from Shredder, but the second hammer blow hit the drum. the drum was tattered, but the robot was still perfectly mobile. As Barber-Ous escaped the CPZ, Mr Psycho turned around, but because his claw was in the lowered position, it knocked Barber-Ous into the pit, leaving Infernal Contraption and Shredder Evolution to fight.

"A close shave for Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit. Close sh... never mind. It's out into the arena floor AND DOWN INTO THE PIT!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Mr. Psycho misses his first hammer blow, before Barber-Ous is pitted

Shredder Evolution went on to win the battle.


Series 5
The Fifth Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 1
Heat J, Eliminator vs. Panic Attack (6) Lost
Series 6
The Sixth Wars - UK Championship
Heat Final
Heat K, Eliminator vs. 4x4, Granny's Revenge 2, Hypno-Disc (4) Qualified
Heat K, Semi Final vs. Kat 3 Won
Heat K, Final vs. Hypno-Disc (4) Lost
Extreme Series 2
Challenge Belt
Round 1
Round 1 vs. Iron-Awe 2, Terrorhurtz, Vader Eliminated
Series 7
The Seventh Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 1
Heat E, Round 1 vs. Leveller 2, Tetanus Booster, Thunderpants Eliminated
NOTE: Thunderpants broke down in the entry gate and never made it into the arena, leaving the other three robots to fight alone.
Special Events
Battle of the Spinners
Battle of the Spinners vs. Infernal Contraption, Shredder Evolution Lost


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 5

Series RecordEdit


Team Rotraktor in the pits

Main Series Barber-Ous Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Failed to qualify with Rotraktor
The Fifth Wars Heat, Round 1 as Barber-Ous
Failed to qualify with Office Party
The Sixth Wars Heat Final as Barber-Ous 2
The Seventh Wars Heat, Round 1 as Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 Entered as Barber-Ous 2

Outside Robot WarsEdit

Barber-Ous was originally built for a Discovery Channel competition called Robots Revenge but was deemed too powerful to compete.

"We were contacted by the Discovery Channel who were making a series called 'Robots Revenge' following the build of a number of Robots culminating in a big battle at the end. They filmed both - though they needed to be separate. So I was filmed building Barber-ous and Guy Radford with The Office Party. In the end, Barber-ous was deemed too dangerous to fight, but The Office Party won the event."
— Simon Rafferty on Robots Revenge

After Robot Wars entered its hiatus, team captain Simon Rafferty kept Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit until 2015, in the hopes that Robot Wars would return to TV. The robot was eventually scrapped, just one year before Series 8 of Robot Wars was announced. However, he has stated his intention to build Barber-Ous 3 for a potential future series.

"Ironically Barber-ous 2 went in the scrap bin last year! I decided RW's was never going to happen again and wanted the space under my bench back! Probably time to build what we intended as Barber-ous 3 anyway!"
— Simon Rafferty on Facebook


  • In all five of its losses, Barber-Ous was pitted.
  • After the Series 6 Heat Final, Simon Rafferty claimed he was planning to add "skirts" to the side to absorb blows from spinning weapons, but this idea was never implemented.[5]
  • Barber-Ous 2'n a Bit, Iron-Awe 2.1, Sub-Version 1.1, Malc 1.5 and Judge Shred 2½ are the only robots to be named part sequentially, with Barber-Ous being the only one not to specify a decimal or fraction.


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