Bamm Bamm was a heavyweight robot which competed in both series of Dutch Robot Wars, as well as Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars. On home ground, it reached the Grand Final in Series 1 and lost in its first battle in Series 2, but received a wildcard to progress to the Grand Final again, allowing Bamm Bamm to place third on both occasions. However, it was eliminated in the first round of Series 7 by Firestorm 5.

Bamm Bamm had somewhat of a rivalry with Lizzard, the only other robot to reach the Dutch Grand Final on several occasions, after Bamm Bamm faced it three times in the main series. The rivalry stands at 2-1 to Bamm Bamm.

Bamm Bamm was named after Barney Rubble's son from The Flintstones, who liked to smash things with a giant club.



Bamm Bamm in Dutch Series 2.

  • Bamm Bamm with its club, around its axe
  • Bamm Bamm with its axe
  • Bamm Bamm with its hammer
  • Bamm Bamm with its flipper

Bamm Bamm was a circular machine themed around the Flintstones character and armed with an axe mounted on a 360-degree rotating turret. This weapon allowed Bamm Bamm to strike opponents on all sides without having to turn, but caused balancing problems which left it unable to self-right effectively on occasions.

In Dutch Series 1, Bamm Bamm's axe was also interchangeable with a hammer, a flipping arm, and a novelty "club" which consisted of a foam and felt cushion placed around the axe, the latter keeping in with the Flintstones theme. It is unknown if Bamm Bamm's interchangeable weapons were still usable in Dutch Series 2 and UK Series 7, but it used the axe on all occasions in those series.

Robot HistoryEdit

Dutch Series 1Edit

Bamm Bamm vs Rat

Bamm Bamm and Rat locked together and in flames.

In its first battle, against Rat, Bamm Bamm wielded its comical club. After firing its weapon and missing, Bamm Bamm was trapped by Rat, who engulfed it with its raised body and locked the club in place. It pushed Bamm Bamm over to the flame pit, where the club was set on fire. The robots remained locked together, and the fire spread to Rat, before Refbot separated the two. Bamm Bamm struck Rat with its flaming weapon, shaking off the smouldering remnants of the club and revealing the axe underneath. Time ran out, and the match went to the jury, who ruled in favour of Bamm Bamm.

Bamm Bamm vs Philliper

Bamm Bamm nearly goes over the wall.

In the second round, it met Philipper, but could not get into position to strike the silver fish with its axe. After a few minutes of touch-and go, Bamm Bamm strayed too close to the arena wall, so Philipper picked it up and attempted to lift it over and out of the arena. After failing to drop Bamm Bamm out, Philipper turned and accidentally drove into the pit, allowing Bamm Bamm through to the Heat Final.

Bamm Bamm vs Lizzard

Bamm Bamm hammers Lizzard.

There, it faced Lizzard, and was again equipped the axe. However, the team had forgotten to remove the sharp-edge guard, eliminating all potency of Bamm Bamm's weapon. Indeed, as it brought its axe down on Lizzard, it did not appear to do any damage apart from breaking Lizzard's boggle-eye. After a few strikes, the axe's cover fell off, and Bamm Bamm went for the pit release, but it didn't matter, as Lizzard was being counted out, having broken down. Bamm Bamm was declared the heat winner and advanced to the Grand Final.

Bamm Bamm's Grand Final melee was against Botwok and Sater. Equipped with the hammer, Bamm Bamm did not have to do much in the melee; It got the occasional hit on Botwork and Sater, but the deciding factor was Botwork's flywheel, which tore apart Sater and cost it the resultant Jury's decision.

Lizzard Bamm Bamm Semi Final

Bamm Bamm lifts Lizzard onto one side


Bamm Bamm is defeated.

Bamm Bamm next faced Lizzard again, but this time the team opted to use their flipper weapon. As the slower robot, Bamm Bamm found it difficult to get underneath Lizzard, and took several blows from Lizzard's tail. It eventually managed to lift Lizzard a few times, removing one of its tail segments, but the flipper then became jammed in the up position, leaving Bamm Bamm in a familiar situation: against Lizzard with no offensive power. Lizzard went back on the attack, ramming Bamm Bamm and smacking it with its tail. Bamm Bamm had slowed to a stop, so Refbot counted it out. It was flung by the floor flipper, and then picked up by Sir Killalot, who accomplished what Philipper couldn't and dumped Bamm Bamm out of the arena.

Dutch Series 2Edit

Flepser vs Bamm Bamm

Flepser pins Bamm Bamm against an angle grinder.

Bamm Bamm was at a serious disadvantage in its opening battle when its axe would not fire, leaving it at the mercy of Flepser. Flepser exposed Bamm Bamm's ground clearance and got underneath it many times, but could not flip it over, so Bamm Bamm was instead pushed into the CPZ. After five minutes passed, the match went to the Jury, who ruled in favour of Flepser, eliminating Bamm Bamm in the first round.

Lizzard vs Bamm Bamm

Bamm Bamm takes on Lizzard yet again.

Despite its lacklustre performance in its heat, Bamm Bamm was given a wild card into the Grand Final, allowing it a second chance to vie for the title. Its first match was against its rival Lizzard, against whom it had an even 1-1 record. Bamm Bamm's axe was working now, and it used it to great effect, grabbing hold of Lizzard and pushing it into the CPZ. It quickly retreated as Shunt came in and hammered away at Lizzard's top, finishing it off. Bamm Bamm was victorious, having prevailed over Lizzard for a second time.

Philipper 2 vs Bamm Bamm

Philipper 2 flicks Bamm Bamm over.

Bamm Bamm's next match was another vengeance battle, this time against Philipper 2. Bamm Bamm found it difficult to get its axe into striking position, allowing Philipper to flip it several times without much resistance. It managed to self-right each time, but Philipper used its crusher to grab hold of Bamm Bamm's axe, which prevented it from running away or attacking. Bamm Bamm couldn't free itself until there were just seconds left in the match. It lost the resulting Jury's decision.

UK Series 7Edit

Firestorm 5 flips Blue and Bamm Bamm

Bamm Bamm is thrown over with Blue.

Bamm Bamm pit

Bamm Bamm descends to defeat

In Round 1 of the Seventh UK wars, Bamm Bamm competed in the final heat and put against the 2nd seeds Firestorm 5, the clusterbot Black and Blue and newcomers Daisy-Cutter. Firestorm 5 immediately targeted Bamm Bamm and flipped it over straight away, which left Bamm Bamm immobilised. Steering Bamm Bamm onto the pit, Firestorm 5 then activated the pit release and left Bamm Bamm to descend into oblivion, eliminating it from the competition. It was later joined in the pit by one of the Black and Blue clusterbots when Firestorm 5 pitted it.


Dutch Series
Series 1
Dutch Championship
Grand Final, Semi-Finals
Heat A, Round 1 vs. Rat Won
Heat A, Semi-Final vs. Philipper Won
Heat A, Final vs. Lizzard Won
Grand Final, Round 1 vs. Botwork, Sater Qualified
Grand Final, Semi-Final vs. Lizzard Lost
Series 2
Dutch Championship
Grand Final, Semi-Finals
Heat C, Round 1 vs. Flepser Lost
NOTE: Despite losing in the first round of its heat, Bamm Bamm was given one of the three wildcards into the Grand Final.
Grand Final, Round 1 vs. Lizzard Won
Grand Final, Semi-Final vs. Philipper 2 Lost
UK Series
Series 7
The Seventh Wars - UK Championship
Heats, Round 1
Heat P, Round 1 vs. Black and Blue, Daisy-Cutter, Firestorm 5 (2) Lost


  • UK Wins: 0
  • UK Losses: 1
  • Dutch Wins: 5
  • Dutch Losses: 3

Series RecordEdit


Bamm Bamm without its top in Series 7

UK SeriesEdit

Series Bamm Bamm Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Heat, Round 1
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter

Dutch SeriesEdit

Series Bamm Bamm Series Record
Series 1 Grand Final, Round 2
Series 2 Grand Final, Round 2


  • Bamm Bamm is one of only four robots, along with Hammerhead, NEAT Machine and Scraptosaur, to have competed in both Dutch Championships and the Seventh UK Championship.