"It is armed with experimental grabbing arms that can grip with over 5 times the force of a boa constrictor and an axe that can hit you with the strength of an elephant."
— The Robot Wars website

Apocalypse was a heavyweight robot which competed in Series 10 of Robot Wars. It was entered by Team Asgard, who had previously won the pilot episode in 2016 with Turbulence. Apocalypse lost the two fights its was in, as it burned down in its Group Battle, and then lost to Sabretooth in the Robot Redemption round after a strong start.


Apocalypse team

Team Asgard with Apocalypse in Series 10

Apocalypse used a low box-shaped design, with a steep front wedge, armed in HARDOX and titanium. It used a weapon system similar to that of Splinter, as it wielded two horizontal axes, designed to hold robots in place for its strongest weapon, its overhead axe, to strike. The grabbing arms exert 60kg of force. The axe could alternatively be used as a self-righting mechanism. Apocalypse was four-wheel driven, with its wheels being slightly exposed on top, and used powerful Ampflow A28-A400 24V motors. Its horizontal grabbers were a new addition to the robot for television, having been primarily an axebot on the live circuit.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 10Edit

Apocalypse competed in Heat 1 of Series 10, and faced the Series 8 champions, Apollo, as well as newcomers The Swarm, in its Group Battle.

Dara Ó Briain: "It's an intriguing role reversal that you've let a junior member of your team take control of this robot."
Chris Page: "I'm just a slave today - but it's all Ed's idea, so I'm quite happy with the role reversal at the moment!"
Dara Ó Briain: "And by Monday then he comes in and..."
Chris Page: "Yeah, we'll just go back to the other way around then."
— The experienced Chris Page gives his employee control
Apocalypse The Swarm Rubber Duck

Apocalypse drives Rubber Duck around

In the opening period, Apocalypse struggled to get into the early pace of the battle, as it followed Pinza, before bumping into the rambot, Skye, and Rubber Duck. While it drove at the latter, it became clear to the team that they were having issues with their weaponry.

Ed Wallace: "Is the weapon working?"
Miles Page: "No. I haven't got an axe."
— Early trouble for Team Asgard
Apocalypse Sir Killalot

Apocalypse is chucked into Sir Killalot

Apocalypse then reversed Blenda backwards, while withstanding slashes from the clusterbot's weapon, before functioning as a wedge again as it drove Rubber Duck backwards. After this, Apocalypse came under pressure from Apollo, and narrowly missed a flip from the ex-champion. Apocalypse tried to remain aggressive while avoiding Apollo, as it drove Blenda into the arena wall, but Apocalypse was only able to avoid Team MAD for so long, before a massive flip sent Apocalypse cartwheeling towards the arena gate.

"Apocalypse with the grabbing arms. Apollo comes back, and does the flipping damage there!"
— Jonathan Pearce
Apocalypse flame pit

An immobile Apocalypse burns

This was followed up by another strong launch into the CPZ, with Apocalypse sent crashing into Sir Killalot. Apocalypse tried to move away from the House Robot, but only succeeded in getting itself stuck on the Flame Pit, before it started to smoke. Apocalypse was picked up by Sir Killalot and spun around before being dumped back onto the arena hazard, where it was left to burn.

"We're actually on fire now."
— Ed Wallace

Apocalypse was immobilised as a result, and after The Swarm were beaten too, cease was called, leaving Apocalypse with a second and final chance at progressing in the Robot Redemption round. First though, repairs were needed after Apollo's damaging flips in the Group Battle.

"Apollo flipped us and we landed on that corner and it's bent chassis in slightly. So that's caused the drive to lock up. Cause and effect - melted speed controller."
— Jonathan Pearce
Apocalypse vs Sabretooth

Apocalypse connects with its axe

Apocalypse faced Sabretooth in its Robot Redemption battle. Apocalypse immediately attacked and initially sluggish Sabretooth and rammed into it - although it failed to connect with two swings of the axe. Apocalypse's next rally of attacks with its axe proved more effective though, connecting with blows in and around the drum of Sabretooth, as it drove the yellow and black machine towards the arena wall. Sabretooth backed into space, but Apocalypse continued to pursue, and forced Sabretooth to retreat dangerously close to Shunt.

"Apocalypse, very experienced out there. Chris is the oldest person in the competition at 75 - 55 years of experience as an engineer. Sabretooth using their experience to dodge away from the House Robot."
— Jonathan Pearce
Apocalypse Sabretooth

Apocalypse strikes Sabretooth's wheel

Apocalypse then got close to the House Robot itself in attempting to carry out a follow-up attack, but it moved away quickly as it darted over the Arena Spikes. Sabretooth then decided to activate The Fog of War for the first time in Robot Wars, which Apocalypse dealt with by remaining stationary during the time the new arena hazard was active. Once vision was clear again, Apocalypse charged into Sabretooth again, and got another hit in with its axe as it drove Sabretooth over the Flame Pit.

"Is the vision clear through to the Semi-Final. For whom though?"
— Jonathan Pearce as both machines continued to tussle
Sabretooth vs Apocalypse

A strong drive leaves Apocalypse immobilised

Suddenly though, Apocalypse started to spin around inside its own circumference, with a drive chain dropping onto the arena floor soon after. Apocalypse continued to attack Sabretooth with its axe, but a strong Sabretooth drive left Apocalypse crippled and on fire against the arena gate. With two defeats in a row, Apocalypse was eliminated from the competition.


Series 10
Series 10 - UK Championship
Robot Redemption Knockouts
Heat 1, Group Battle vs. Apollo, The Swarm Lost
Heat 1, Robot Redemption vs. Sabretooth Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2

Series RecordEdit

Apocalypse S10

Apocalypse in Robot Wars: The Official Handbook

Series Apocalypse Series Record
Series 1-7 Did not enter
Series 8 Pilot only with Turbulence
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Heat, Round 1

Outside Robot WarsEdit

  • Turbulence Mk2 at a Roaming Robots Event at Stoke On Trent 2008
  • Turbulence Mk2 rebranded as Apocalypse at a Robots Live! event at Huddersfield 2008
  • Apocalypse in its 2009 specification
  • Apocalypse Mk2 with a yellow flipper in 2011

Prior to its conversion into an axebot, Apocalypse first debuted on the live circuit as a rebuilt version of Turbulence mk2, the successor to Ed Wallace’s former UK champion Turbulence. This version of Apocalypse was a flipper, but it did not enjoy a great deal of success, and was eventually sold to Alex Shakespeare who renamed it AAK and entered the 2015 Robot Wars World Championship with it. AAK lost its first round and a six-way melee there due to various mechanical problems, and has since been sold to Team ACE.


Apocalypse as it appeared on the live events circuit, circa 2016

The current version of Apocalypse was initially armed with the axe only, and has fought exclusively at Robots Live! events. It made its competition debut at their Stevenage event in October 2016, participating in the FRA UK Heavyweight Championship as well as various whiteboard battles. In one particular battle, Apocalypse’s top panel was damaged by Gabriel, so Ed Wallace donated this piece to Alex Brown's charity auction in 2017.

  • C.B.F. Mk2
  • C.B.F. Mk 3
  • C.B.F. Mk 4
  • DB5
  • DB5 Mk2
  • DB5 Mk3
  • DB5 Mk4
  • Secret Weapon
  • DB10
  • Asgard

Team Captain Ed Wallace has also fought on the live event circuit with a few featherweights, some of which had multiple versions with the same name. They are listed below:

  • C.B.F.: While it is unknown what the first version looked like, all four versions were completely different machines. The second version was a pointed triangular wedge-shaped robot, the third version was a two-wheel drive, wedged box-shaped robot with two ramming spikes, and the fourth version was a four-wheeled pushing robot.
  • DB5: A series of four-wheel driven box-shaped robots, some armed with spinning drums or egg beaters.
  • Secret Weapon: A two-wheel driven, octagonal-shaped featherweight with a front vertical spinning drum.
  • DB10: The successor to DB5, with a powerful vertical spinning disc.
  • Asgard: A featherweight armed with a pneumatic axe and with a strong resemblance to heavyweight Thor.

Vulcan at King of Bots

Ed Wallace also collaborated with Alan Young and Kevin Cleasby to compete in the Chinese TV show King of Bots with a heavyweight robot named Vulcan. The robot was black, and was armed with a large bladed axe. In the first round, it fought the Chinese flipper, Saber. However, after being flipped in the early stages, Vulcan struggled to land axe blows. Vulcan was turned over by the floor flipper, and later lost the use of a wheel. Towards the end of the second minute, Excalibur flipped Vulcan over, and after struggling to self-right, its axe became stuck in a flame jet, leaving it stuck. Thus, Vulcan lost in the first round.


  • Team member Chris Page was the oldest competitor in Series 10, and the rebooted Robot Wars as a whole, at the age of 75.

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