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"It's also made of titanium and therefore, indestructible."
— Anthony Pritchard before the Extreme 1 Antweight Championship

Anty B was an antweight robot which competed in the Antweight Championships of both series of Robot Wars Extreme. It was essentially a miniature version of Team Make Robotics' heavyweight, Behemoth, and while it was eliminated in Extreme 1 after falling into the mechanism of the Floor Flipper, Anty B won the Antweight Championship in Extreme 2 after dominating the final round.



Anty B in Extreme 1

Anty B was essentially a miniaturised version of Behemoth, featuring a large lifting scoop resembling that of its heavyweight counterpart, as well as a pair of claw-shaped self-righting arms either side of the scoop. The scoop was claimed to be powerful enough to lift 150g and lift other antweights out of the arena, although it was never able to demonstrate the latter in combat. The robot also featured checker-plated Lexan and titanium armour, along with two outside wheels which were actually Lego Technic pieces. Three versions of Anty B were built, with Evo 2 and Evo 3 being the models seen on television.

Robot HistoryEdit

Extreme 1Edit

Antweight battle combat ant pants oota

Anty B (centre, background) pins Razzler against the wall as Combat Ant hurls Pants out of the arena

Anty B floor flipper

Anty B falls under the floor flipper

Anty B fought exclusively in the Antweight Melee, facing Anto, Pants, Combat Ant, Legion, Little Nipper and Razzler. It started strongly, lifting one half of Legion onto its back before being pushed aside by and lifting Anto. Anty B then attacked Razzler, pinning it against the wall as Combat Ant flung Pants out of the arena, before converging with Little Nipper and the other half of Legion. After a while driving around the arena, Anty B drove under the Floor Flipper just as it fired on Combat Ant, and fell into the flipper mechanism as a result. This instantly eliminated Anty B from the Antweight Melee, which was eventually won by Combat Ant.

Extreme 2Edit


Anty B and Combat Ant (right) attack Anty Geddon and Chroma

Anty B returned for the Antweight Championship, and fought defending champion Combat Ant in its heat as well as Hades, Chroma, Mesmer 2 and Anty Geddon. It immediately turned Hades on its side over the pit square before attacking Chroma and Anty Geddon, at one point pushing both of them together as Anty Geddon pushed Combat Ant partially into the pit. Chroma flipped Anty B onto its back before Anty B shoved it back and both robots attacked Anty Geddon. In doing so, Chroma got its lifter wedged in Anty Geddon, allowing Anty B to throw both robots onto their sides as the unpitted Combat Ant flew into them. Anty B and Combat Ant teamed up to attack Chroma and Anty Geddon, with Anty Geddon being destroyed by Combat Ant’s bludgeoner as Anty B pushed Chroma away. Anty B finished the battle by buffeting Combat Ant's spinner and pushing it into the pit for a second time, although both robots qualified for the Final anyway.


Anty B with its antweight trophy

There, Anty B and Combat Ant faced Pants and Lower. Anty B immediately lifted Combat Ant into Lower, causing the defending champion to recoil and spin across the arena, before Pants pushed Anty B near the Floor Spinner. It briefly caught the Floor Flipper with its scoop, before colliding with Combat Ant’s spinner, immobilising the latter. Anty B then lifted Lower and Pants over in rapid succession, before concentrating on Lower, at one point attempting to hoist it out of the arena.

"Look at the work done here, by Anty B! They say ants have a prodigious work rate, and he’s doing just that!"
Jonathan Pearce as Anty B relentlessly attacks Lower

Anty B repeatedly slammed and lifted Lower before leaving it near a CPZ, and proceeded to shove and lift Pants around until it became immobilised over the Floor Flipper and was thrown across the arena. Anty B finished the battle by pinning the now-immobilised Lower further into the CPZ, before spinning in victory as ‘cease’ was called. Following this dominant performance, Anty B was declared the Extreme 2 Antweight Champion, the first trophy for Team Make Robotics.


Extreme Series 1
Antweight Championship
Antweight Championship vs. Pants, Razzler, Little Nipper
Combat Ant, Legion, Anto
Extreme Series 2
Antweight Championship
Round 1 vs. Hades, Chroma, Combat Ant
Mesmer 2, Anty Geddon
Final vs. Pants, Combat Ant, Lower Won


  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 1

Series RecordEdit

  • The original Anty B, which did not appear on Robot Wars
  • Anty B in Extreme 1 with Anthony Pritchard
Main Series Anty B Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Entered with Behemoth
The Third Wars Entered with Behemoth
The Fourth Wars Entered with Behemoth
The Fifth Wars Entered with Behemoth
The Sixth Wars Entered with Behemoth
The Seventh Wars Entered with Behemoth
Series 8 Entered with Behemoth
Series 9 Entered with Behemoth
Series 10 Entered with Behemoth
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Antweight Championship
Entered with Behemoth
Series 2 Antweight Champion
Entered with Behemoth

Outside Robot WarsEdit

An earlier version of Anty B, Evo 1 (also unofficially referred to as Ickle Behemoth), competed in live events prior to its televised appearance, showing a great resemblance to the Series 3 version of Behemoth.[1] After Robot Wars entered its hiatus, Anty B was upgraded into Anty B Evo, which showed more of a resemblance to later versions of its heavyweight counterpart. It continued to fight competitively for several years, before being placed into storage along with Make Robotics' Antweight Championship trophy.[2]


  • Anty B fought the Extreme 1 antweight champion Combat Ant in every battle it competed in during both series of Robot Wars Extreme.
  • Like Gravity, there was a model of Anty B that competed only in live competitions.
  • Robot Wars Extreme: The Official Guide did not mention Anty B as a competitor in the Extreme 1 Antweight Championship, despite featuring an image of it.
  • All three versions of Anty B used Lego pieces in their construction (Evo 1's "antenna" and Evo 2 and 3's wheels).



  2. Team Behemoth Reddit AMA, 26th October 2017

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