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Participation Information
UK Series Extreme 1
Team Information
Team Members John Shepherd
Liam Ryan
Robot Statistics
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 1.10m x 1.10m x 0.25m
Power 12V motors
Weapons 4 x flailing arms

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

"Big weaponry, 4 expanding flail arms that retract into the body... yeah, I'll wait to see them in action, these are first time competitors."
Jonathan Pearce introducing Ajjay

Ajjay was a grey and red circular shaped robot from Tilehurst in Reading that competed exclusively in the Wild Card Warriors in Extreme Series 1.

It was meant to be a full-body spinner, with four flailing arms that could retract into the body, but the set-up did not work out, so Ajjay was converted into a sit-and-spin design instead. It nevertheless had a high top speed, and in its only battle, managed to hold former grand finalist Stinger to a judges decision.

Robot HistoryEdit

Extreme Series 1Edit

Ajjay was fighting against Stinger in the Wild Card Warriors. Straight from the start, Ajjay's weaponry failed to function, meaning it had to resort to brute force against Stinger, slamming into the large wheels several times. During one attack Ajjay hit the pit release, but shortly after it drove into Sir Killalot. Stinger kept slamming down with its mace but failed to make contact with Ajjay. Bad driving then saw Stinger driving into Sir Killalot, who picked it up between its wheels. Sir Killalot made its way towards the arena wall, but cease was called just before Stinger was dropped out of the arena. Despite this late setback, Stinger still managed to win on a close Judge's decision.


Extreme Series 1
Other Battles
Wild Card Warriors
Wild Card Warriors vs. Stinger Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

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